Sunday, July 25, 2010

May I Have Some Water, Please?

What were my squash plants doing tonight?

Holding their little leaves up like funnels and calling out to the rain gods, "Please be kind and shower us with an all night steady rain that we will catch and use to quench our thirsty roots."

(Okay, so I'm getting a little funny. Too many things going on and too much to do this time of year.)

We had 85 degrees in the shade on the north side of our house today so I know it was above 90 in the garden. Still and all, it's nothing compared with the gawd-awful heat some folks are suffering through. The garden is super-dry and we'll be setting up the sprinkler before the sun gets up tomorrow morning.

Hang on, all you parched plants. Help is on the way!


Katidids said...

They looks so lush and green! Our gardens are struggling something awful. PM or morning watering is helping but the heat is just life sucking for the plants also

Erin said...

Those vines looks so healthy! Where's all the bugs and ragged holes chewed LOL? Last night as I went to bed it was thundering outside (yay! no watering!) and then when I woke up this morning there was a nice cool steady breeze blowing and it must have been about 74 degrees! I wanted to jump right into work but I couldn't seem to get out of my lawn chair with my iced coffee! I just sat there with my face in the breeze breathing cool air and enjoying! I felt like a dog hanging their head out the window LOL. Weatherman said today and Friday will be our cool days with highs of 89, I really should get out there now! Hope you get some beautiful weather too!

Susan said...

Isn't it amazing how earlier we were all complaining because it wouldn't stop raining. Now it has and we want it to start again. A little moderation would be greatly appreciated all the way around! We were getting the heat wave, no rain while you were in monsoon season. Now, it's the opposite! Your squash looks fabulous!

Mama Pea said...

Katie - The extreme heat this summer over much of the country is really taking its toll on gardens. I wonder how commercial growers are doing?

Erin - Boy, I have had a lot more of "bug-hole-damage" this year than I can remember before! For some reason, the squash have been spared. Not so the cucs and other things. Sigh.

So, so, so glad you're getting at least a little relief in the weather. Enjoy . . . but don't work too hard!

Susan - I know. It does seem like we're never satisfied . . . but having extremes like we all are sure doesn't help keep things growing and healthy. The damaging insects sure seem to have a field day when it's too hot, too dry or too wet!