Saturday, July 24, 2010

I'm Just a Little Pea-Picker

Task of the afternoon? Pick them peas! Our shell peas are ready for a first picking. Looks as if it's going to be a good crop as there are a trillion yet to be filled-out pods on the vines. But also enough with a nice, plump shape that I knew I'd better get harvested.

We have two 16' long lengths of trellises for the shell peas and I planted on both sides of the supports. So that gives us 64' which is about what we require each year to give us enough of a supply in the freezer to last year round.

Just for the hay of it, today I weighed the peas after I picked them. Ten pounds and two ounces of peas in the pod. I asked hubby how much he thought the shelled peas (after removal from the pods) would weigh. He said he guesstimated they would be about one-fourth of the weight as measured in the pod. I'm going to say they will be half the weight of those pictured above still in their jackets.

I don't mind shelling peas at all. (Would rather do that any day then prep green beans!) Anywho, I'm listening to a good audio book while doing the task and time is going by quickly. The book? "Big Russ & Me," written by Tim Russert who is known to most people as the moderator of the politically orientated TV show "Meet the Press." He writes of his relationship with his father and the part of the book I'm listening to now is about his life growing up in the 50s and 60s which definitely parallels my growing up years. If I'm not mistaken, sad to say, Tim Russert died quite unexpectedly a few years ago.

Back to the peas. As suspenseful as it may be, you're gonna have to wait to see whether hubby or I guessed closer to the weight of the shelled peas as I'm not done with the shelling yet. Okay, okay, I'll get back at it right now.


Erin said...

Yes, he died 2 years ago I think, great guy! That's alot of peas! Mine never make it into the freezer for more than a week. I think I am going to try edible podded peas this fall to see if I can actually get enough bulk to freeze for later!

I actually entertained the idea of ripping out the entire garden except the tomatoes today and just forgetting about it until fall - I think I would have if it didn't involve WORK in those temps LOL!

The Apple Pie Gal said...

DUH! Why didn't I think to plant on both sides? I feel like a dunce! Can I blame it on the humidity too? Happy shelling!

Erin said...

Apple Pie Gal... I'm not laughing at you.... but that's FUNNY! And I needed a good giggle this evening! We all have times like this!

The Apple Pie Gal said...

Big sheepish :)

Anonymous said...

Ok...just one word...YUM! Looks fabulous!

And I am a fan of that book too:)

Unknown said...

I envy you your space. I have decided not to plant peas next year:( No one in my household except me likes the edible-podded types (they all complain about the strings, even when I've done my best to de-string them), and I just don't have the space for enough shell-peas for me to feel like it's worth it. I get one, maybe two meals worth. If I'm going to put the work into it, I want to have enough to freeze for later!

I've decided I'd be better off just planting my cucumbers earlier, especially with the amount of pickles DH will go through in a year!

Mama Pea said...

Erin - It is kind of depressing to realize just how many shell peas you need to grow to get a decent amount in the freezer. How DID the old-time gals with a family of eight to feed do it?? No wonder the smallest jar they used for canning was a quart!

Apple Pie Gal - Planting on both sides probably makes it a little harder to "see" all the pods when picking but I always use that method for peas and pickling cucs.

Erin and Apple Pie Gal - Hey, when we can't keep learning, life's over! :o)

Stephanie - Yeah, Tim Russert just always came across as such a NICE man. And learning about his upbringing, one can understand where that came from.

Alison - You might want to try a different variety of edible podded peas. Mine have no detectable strings at all . . . Oregon Sugar Pod.

Me and your DH . . . I love making and eating homemade pickles!

Erin said...

ohmigosh good timing on naming that podded pea! I was just wondering which to order! I research to see if that will grow well here - I've seen it for sale around here but that doesn't always mean anything LOL

Mama Pea said...

Erin - Hope that variety will work for you 'cause it's a good one.

Still haven't tried the ones I experimentally froze. I think I'm afraid to knowing deep down in my gardener's heart that they're still going to be limp and mooshy. (How's that for a bad pessimistic attitude?)