Monday, July 12, 2010

Bountiful Harvest?

I found a surprise in the garden today.

These are our first edible podded peas! All TWO of them. I was just so eager for them that I had to pick them.

But . . . um . . . do you notice how BIG my hand looks? I think it might be because the pea pods are so small.

Confession: They measure only two inches long, and barely 1/2" wide. Yeah, yeah, I know. I should have left them on the vine so they could grow to a decent size. But I just couldn't help myself. (They were delicious.)


meemsnyc said...

It's exciting isn't it? Everytime I see string beans on the vine, I have to fight myself not to pick them too early!

Erin said...

LOL! I'm the same way with my grapes... I taste one every day in hopes of timing the harvest before the birds get them, even though its waaaayyy to early for them!

Mama Pea said...

meemsyn - We are strange creatures. At the end of pea or bean season, I almost cringe when I see ALL those peas and beans hanging on the vines just taunting me 'cause I have all I need already processed but can't stand to see them go to waste!

Thanks for commenting!

Erin - Just came in from the garden and found some shell peas (still very flat!) hanging on the vines. Of course, I had to take pictures of them . . . which will show up in a post a little later!