Sunday, July 11, 2010

No Garden Work Today

The rain came down so hard in the middle of the night I laid in bed wondering if the garden was going to be there this morning. Happy to report it is and doesn't seem to have suffered any real damage. Everything is still upright and looking thankful for the good drink of water. But our day has remained overcast (also hot and muggy --- yuck!) so I've not been able to do any garden work today. Just too wet!

I have found things indoors to keep me busy, if you can imagine such a thing.

Our very first two little zucchinis sacrificed themselves to the betterment of the pot of Vegetable Beef Soup I made. Hubby says the smell has been tempting his taste buds all day so it should go over well for dinner with a slice of rye bread and butter.

Thanks to Anna I'm ready with a new Zucchini Bread recipe to try this year. So bring 'em on, I'm ready to use 'em up as soon as they appear. (Ha! Can anyone EVER keep up with the production from even two zucchini plants?)

These delphiniums were casualties of the storm last night. Sure makes a lovely flower arrangement for inside though.

There are more ripe strawberries to pick but it's remained way too wet today to go crawl around in the patch. I'm hoping for a clear day tomorrow with a lot less humidity to get them under control again.


Erin said...

Have you ever put pureed zucchini or squash into tomato sauce? I have done that with eggplant since I don't much care for it plain but adds a wonderful creaminess to the sauce, just wondering if the others would do the same and maybe boost the nutrition as well without affecting flavor in a bad way. You know zucchini is the big one I haven't grown yet, I still have memories of my mom doing battle with the "great green ones"! But of course, what kind of gardener doesn't grow zucchini? - yes, I must try next year, and am wondering all the ways to get rid of it!

Mama Pea said...

Gosh, I'm just getting all kinds of good ideas for using zucchini from you intelligent readers! I've never tried putting pureed zucchini into tomato sauce but I sure think it would work. (So why do we grow the stuff if we have to work so HARD getting rid of it?)

If you do grow it next year, just put in one hill of it . . . you'll have plenty from that. I plant 5 seeds per hill (just in case I get bad germination) and then thin to 2 plants left to grow in that hill.
From that you'll have all you want!

I like Raven and Costata Romanesco for varieties.

Erin said...

Does anyone ever get "bad germination" from zucchini? hahahahaha I think they grow it on the moon!