Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Good Morning to You, Mr. Wolf

Two nights ago the timber wolf that seems to be staying in the vicinity was spotted walking along the curve of our driveway coming toward the house.

Because he looked a little mangy and seemed to be moving very slowly, we wondered if he was healthy.

After the curve and before it gets to our house, the driveway goes through an area with woods on both sides. We lost Mr. (Ms.?) Wolf in that area and didn't see any sign of him again . . . other than a pile of scat in the middle of the road when I drove out the next morning.

Last night hubby was pooped from a hot, busy day outside so when we got into bed, he konked out at a decent hour, but I turned on my book light and read for a while. Therefore, he was up with the chickens this morning, but I slept in a little.

Now my dear husband is in the doghouse because he didn't wake me to come see our timber wolf cavorting in the field before I woke up.

He watched for about 15 minutes while Mr. Wolf had the best time all by himself running in circles, rolling on his back with feet waving in the air, jumping and hopping, basically feeling his oats and acting just like a young puppy.

He seems perfectly healthy, but he is skinny and has a grungy-looking coat. Maybe it's his looong legs that make him look thinner than he is? We're wondering if he's one of this year's pups that got kicked "out of the nest" and told it was time to be on his own. He does seem big for being only that old but perhaps he is just a tall-for-his-age, gangly teenager.

Our neighbor on the next piece of land east of us called shortly after hubby snapped these pictures to say they saw him going up into the woods behind their house. They wanted to make sure we were aware of the situation so Zoey the Wonder Dog didn't slip off and go on one of her adventures into the woods by herself and get a big, bad surprise.


Jenyfer Matthews said...

If you are anything like me when it comes to someone waking me up, I don't blame your husband for letting you sleep :) At least he took a few pictures, right?

Anonymous said...

Amazing pictures your hubby got! I hope all your critters stay safe though

Susan said...

He does have long legs, doesn't he? And he/she looks pretty young, too. You'll have to forgive your hubby, though. At least he took pictures.

Mama Pea said...

Jen - Hey, when I wake up in the morning I am just a cheerful bundle of delight! (Cough-gag-sputter-choke.)

Stephanie - We're hoping that because he's been seen off and on for about a month now, he means no harm to our domestic critters. They're fairly well fenced and always shut in at night.

Susan - Everybody's siding with my husband! But you are all right, I'm glad he thought to get the pictures. (I sure would have liked to have seen the wolf bouncing around in the field, kickin' up his heels though!)

Erin said...

I would have been upset hubby didn't wake me too! As long as Zoey and the poultry are safely contained, I think you are lucky to be able to enjoy the wildlife that has been chased out of other parts of the country. Timberwolves have such an ethereal quality to them, the ultimate predator, and command such respect, tell your hubby thanks for getting those pictures to share with us! With that lovely piece of land and pond, no wonder he has been sticking around, I was thinking about pitching a tent and camping in that same spot LOL! Now I am sure hubby would wake you if he saw that!! Now I hope he moves on before the cold settles in and he is extra motivated to get to those poultry!

Mama Pea said...

Erin - We feel just that way about the wildlife we get to see up here. It never stops being a thrill. Sort of like the Native Americans . . . they (and the wildlife) were here first. We're the interlopers.

If you're gonna pitch a tent up here, I'd just as soon you did so INSIDE the 7' high fence protecting the gardens. Between the deer that like to graze in that field and the occasional wolf passing through, you might not get much sleep!