Monday, November 3, 2008

I'm Moving

No, not really. I'm just generally grumpy today and the weather is an easy target. No sun again this day but temperatures that are too warm for my taste this time of year. Here it is several hours past sunset and the thermometer still reads 52.9°. I fully realize there are non-winter lovers out there who think I may be short a few marbles, but Roy and I both love the snow and cold weather and are getting pretty cranky about the winter season not starting until January each year, or so it seems.

I can remember growing up in Illinois and having snow for Thanksgiving many years. And here we are today in northern Minnesota, for Pete's sake, where the ticks are proliferating like crazed bunny rabbits because we no longer have a cold enough climate to kill 'em off! Cold weather and snow go a long way toward creating a cozy, slower paced time of year to say nothing about making Thanksgiving and Christmas more seasonally festive.

My grousing today probably stems from having one of those days of two steps forward, three steps backward. Plus, I don't feel super-good. Our daughter is really down and out with the bad flu/cold bug that is going around, and I was with her when she was contagious. Fortunately, I don't get sick. (Idon'tgetsickIdon'tgetsickIdon'tgetsick.) So I'm sure my physical-ness today has more to do with my mental-ness than anything else. I did lie down and nap for two hours this afternoon though which is an unusual rarity (as a silly friend is fond of saying) for me.

I'm bugged that I don't have my fall shower curtain done yet. (I know, I know, if THAT'S my worst problem . . . ) I have found some time to work on it lately, however, I'm 1/3 of a yard short on fabric for finishing it. I started piecing scraps together, but I'm even short doing it that way. The quilt store where I purchased the fabric is over an hour's drive away. I kept thinking I would get a chance to go there, but today I gave up the idea and e-mailed the owner asking if she would send the needed fabric to me in the mail.

I've always wanted some fingerless gloves so started knitting a pair with this beautiful yarn. It's Koigu Premium Merino and it's BEAUTIFUL stuff. (Knitters out there, give it a try if you haven't already.) I'm up to the increase for the thumb and I cannot make the pattern work. I'm a fairly good knitter so I should be able to figure it out. (Never do I think the pattern could be wrong; I'm always sure I'm not reading it right, or have forgotten how to count correctly.) But I've diddled with this for so long that I've decided it has to be a misprint in the directions. Fortunately, I have a good friend who is a knitter extraordinaire and absolutely delights in solving knitting problems so she and I just have to find a time to sit down together and get me back on track.

Well, in a couple of months when I'm putting on my fingerless gloves to go out and shovel the paths to the livestock pens for the second time of a day, remind me how much I love winter and snow and how much I complained about having temperatures in the 50s in November. I may even have my fall shower curtain hanging in the bathroom by then.


Annie said...

I just pulled a tick off the cat yesterday! We don't get enough snow anymore to insulate the septic lines, so they freeze unless I insulate them, bagged leaves this year. It just isn't right!

RuthieJ said...

We had record highs here in Rochester for the last 2 days--too hot for deer hunting. It wasn't that many years ago I remember there was always snow on the ground when we deer hunted......

Good luck with your knitting project and shower curtain!