Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Free Day

We were scheduled to go to our daughter and son's-in-law today for a day of helping them get wood put by. But we got a call early this morning saying our daughter has had a relapse of the nasty flu/cold bug she battled (and thought she was over) a week ago. So here I am, handed a free day to do with what I choose.

I don't have to make a decision about doing anything outside, work or recreation, because it's raining. Even though W and T's home is an hour's drive from here, and it wasn't raining there when we spoke, it means our wood working day might have been a bust regardless of the health of the participants since the wet weather may be traveling in their direction.

Okay, inside choices for me then. Do I:

1) Snuggle on the couch with one of the good books I just got from the library?

2) Cozy up in a comfy chair in front of the open wood stove, listen to an audio tape, and make progress on one or two of the handmade Christmas gifts I've got started?

3) Put some good music on the stereo and work in the kitchen restocking the freezer with yummy food? (Who eats all the food around here anyway?)

4) Mix up and bake my mom's luscious fruitcake recipe so I can soak it with brandy and get it "ageing" for the upcoming holiday season?

5) Attack the drawers in my desk and clean, organize, sort and straighten them out?

6) Spend the day in my quilt room?

7) Give myself a headache trying to decide what to do?

Okay, what would I enjoy doing most? All of the above. (Well, except for #7.) See, that's my problem. I always want to do too much. I want to have time to do everything. And that's an impossibility. Anybody knows that. Right? Right. Dumb, dumb, dumb. Is there a book, "How to Do the Impossible for Dummies?”

I'm leaving now. I'm going to put a quilt and a book on the couch in case I get tired and need to stretch out there later and read. I'm placing the pattern and started knitted hat for a Christmas present next to the recliner rocker. I'll start some wild rice slow cooking for Wild Rice Soup for the freezer. I'll get out Mom's fruitcake recipe and drink some brandy. To hell with my messy desk. I'm going to my quilt room.

And I think my headache's going away.


Annie said...

All hail the Queen of Multi-taskers!

Mama Pea said...

Hey, Annie -

Thanks for the (not-so-deserved!) compliment. Why is it that multi-tasking usually feels more like having your fingers in a lot of pots but not doing any of them full justice? :o)

Mama Pea