Friday, October 31, 2008

The Cement Project

I know you can hardly wait to hear the rest of the cement saga, so here goes.

Cement mixer gets hauled out of storage and put into position. Zoey stations herself where she suspects the action is going to take place.

Readying bags of cement.

The first batch. Looks like it needs just a little more water.

Round and round and round it goes. 'Bout as exciting as watching paint dry.

First batch going onto the prepped floor.

Glop, splat, sploosh!

Smoooothing it out . . . .

. . . a little more.

A few hours later, getting close to the end.

Twenty-six bags of concrete used.

"Whadda lotta work," Zoey says. "Exhausting day.”

Nice job, hon!

And so ends another thrill-packed day on the homestead. (Now I'm gonna go put on my costume and go trick or treating! Or maybe I'll just go to bed early.) Happy Halloween!


Chicken Mama said...

Looks good, Papa! Next time we pour a slab, you can be sure that we'll call! :)

But, Mom: no close-up on the heart (with initials, I presume?) on the bottom-right of the slab?

And finally, poor Dad: did he realize he'd be the model so often featured once you got the hang of this blogging thing? I can tell exactly what you told him for Picture #4: "Okay, Honey, for this shot I want you to look into the mixer like you're checking to see if the mix is ready." ;)


Mama Pea said...

How observant you are, child-of-mine. Yes, that is a heart with our initials in it, but it was his second try (hard to erase in cement) and he wasn't happy with it so I didn't highlight it.

But you are so wrong re Picture #4. I was just standing there with my camera and he had such an intent look when he was checking out the first batch of mud that I had to capture the shot. (Actually, the funny angle of his head and squinting of his eyes was because the bright sun was shining directly at him which made it hard to see into the barrel of the mixer.)