Saturday, April 20, 2024

First Day In Garden of 2024

One day this past week I went out into the nearly barren garden and started to do some clean-up.  (Thanks to my daughter for all the pictures.)

This was taken from a second story window.  I was able to till up three of the raised beds before the tines of the tiller got bogged down by wet soil.  We had had some rain the night before and we were thankful for every drop of it. 

I raked up straw I used for mulch in the pie pumpkin patch last year.  Back to the main mulch pile it went and will be used again.

Our little crocuses have started to pop.

How do their delicate blossoms survive 
in this cold weather?

A bunch of lovely lavender
and white ones.
What a welcome sign of spring, even though our temp has been dropping down to freezing at night.


coffeeontheporchwithme said...

It’s the time to begin… but Mother Nature doesn’t always agree. It’s cold here again and we had snow. No tilling yet but I want to spread the old compost soon and then till up the vegetable garden! - Jenn

Leigh said...

Wow, when you say barren, you really mean it! That's an amazing sight to me because one of the downsides of living with a mild winter, is that some things never stop growing. When spring planting time comes, I have to clear out the winter's growth of weeds first!

Rosalea said...

Such a welcome sight to see you in your garden! Looking forward to seeing all the green and growing things in those garden beds.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

I am loving spring, and we did get a start on our gardens too. I am just so impatient with my foot fracture healing, it's driving me crazy. We are already harvesting some things too, and see a need for a side by side or golf cart right now. We actually had a frost warning last night. so we too are not completely ready to plant seeds or plants.

Michelle said...

Like Leigh, we never see "barren" here unless someone has used poison (ugh). Still hopeful that I might get a garden plot this year, but Rick will have to rent a tiller.

Mama Pea said...

Jenn - Sounds like the start (not yet, not yet) of your gardening season is about the same as ours except no snow here (thankfully at this point on the calendar). We have been getting little sprinkles of rain and we're happy about that.

Leigh - Yep, we all deal with those disadvantages of our own climates. I think I might go bonkers having to deal with weeds growing all year long!

Rosalea - It does feel SO good to be out in the garden again. Kind of like having a blank slate that I can play with. (And not always managing to do the "right" (or sensible) thing!

Pioneer Woman at Heart - Oh, what a terrible time (is there a good time?) for you to be incapacitated with your injured foot! I would be so frustrated, but you're making the best of the situation as you always do. Hang in there.

Michelle - Keep reminding Rick that your garden will save money and, most of all, provide so many luscious vegetables that are tons better than you could buy. Sure hope you do get to garden this year. Hugs!