Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Welcome Winter!

Old Man Winter seems to have moved into our area.  After high winds during the day yesterday, we were warned of an overnight low of around 14° below zero with a dangerous wind chill factor of -37°.  That's cold.

Papa Pea does such a good job of banking the fires in our wood stoves last thing at night that we had half a log perking away inside each stove when we got up this morning.

School for today was put on a two-hour delay with reports saying conditions would be better around mid-morning. 

Papa Pea heading out for morning chores.

Upon rising today, our thermometer showed a low reading over night of -11° and there's only a little wind ruffling the tops of the trees.  That's all good news.

I do wish we had this much snow (old picture shown above) now as we go into the coldest part of our season, but we don't.  It was taken in 2014 and we've not had that much snow on the ground of a winter since.  Currently, there is an almost-adequate covering on the ground, which will help, but we could use more.  The raised beds in the garden are just barely covered.

More Christmas cookie baking for me on the schedule today.  And I want to (really have to) get started on wrapping the presents that will go under our tree.  Sadly, my gift wrapping skills seem to have fallen by the wayside in the last several years, and it's become a bit of a chore it doesn't seem as much fun as it used to!

Well, what am I grousing about?  This is going to be mighty fine day for staying inside, filling the house with the aroma of baking goodies . . . and wrapping presents.


Michelle said...

When I saw your post with the first photo in my reading list, thought someone had caught a burglar in the act! For wrapping (when you don't have a snoopy, sneaky teenager), just go the 'tissues and gift bags' route! It's easy and beautiful, and since I collect and reuse over and over again (for gifts outside the family), no more expensive than regular wrapping paper!

Leigh said...

And Dan and I were commenting on how cold it is to have to work out in the low 30s, LOL. You've got us beat. Still, you make your life sound cozy and snug, with baking and gift wrapping on your schedule. Just the thing as we head into Christmas.

Susan said...

I guess we'll just have to take your word for it, that Papa Pea is under all that wrapping! We're in for a frigid afternoon/night ourselves. It does make you appreciate the coziness of your home, doesn't it? I might just have to make a dozen or so cookies just for the smell. I used to go all out, wrapping gifts. Now, between environmental concerns and a rather ho-hum attitude toward gifts, period, I'm lucky if I throw a piece (used) of tissue paper at them.

Elizabeth said...

It's certainly been an unusually cold start to December for us here in Massachusetts. Children have already missed three days to snow and ice. With only 5 days built into the school calendar, it would seem they are headed for a late dismissal in June. And gawd only knows what the weather will bring in Jan. and Feb.

Ice storm yesterday and a coating of snow on top. It's been a long two weeks of weather, that's for sure.

I use gift bags from the dollar store. With tissue and a bow they look pretty festive.

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

wisps of words said...

Hooray for snow!!!! Even if it isn't quite enough.

We got some more too, and good that is. Since our last had melted away. It looks sooooo pretty. But the ice does not.

Here we were "amazed" at our next three night lows, are going to be 2, 5, and 7. And then I see yours!!!!!!!! Ho ho ho! Ours are balmy.

Of course, Papa Pea knows how to dress, for going out there!!!! Mmmmm, how about some ski goggles? To fully cover him? But they would fog up probably. Anyway, he has learned how to dress, long ago.

I never liked to wrap presents!!!!!!!!! And am so happy to not have many to do, anymore.<---Mrs. Scrooge here, I know! -grin-

Well, your day sounds pretty nice. Nothing like the smell of baking, to cozy up a home. -smile-

Happy! Happy! Happy!


wisps of words said...


I didn't realize how bad this storm was, in Mass., until I read my mail this morning. Hope you easily got cleaned out, after the ice and snow.

Naturally, if you had a blog, I'd be saying this, there. But I did not see a blog link on your Profile Page, so..... Mama Pea won't mind my hi-jacking her comments, to say this. -smile-


Vera said...

Now that's cold, and all I have to be concerned with is the river flooding, which it has just done. Stay warm, and have a good baking day.

Lynne said...

That sure is cold. Thank goodness for Papa Pea for going out in it. We've had cold ,but that really cold. I know what you mean about wrapping presents. Last night I was putting buttons on one of the sweater I knitted as a gift,and look over and saw the presents I had to wrap. Ugh!! I use to love to wrap presents. Not sure what's the matter. Cookies are good. Stay warm! ox

Mama Pea said...

Michelle - Now that you mention it, it does look like I opened the inside door to the garage and surprised someone stealing a bucket of water at the utility sink! ;o) Your tissue and gift bag idea is a good one. Next time in the big city, I may look for a stash of bags for all occasions. Already have the tissue paper!

Leigh - As promised by the weather forecasters, our temp rose today and is now at 16° above now at 6 p.m. Going up to 22° for a high tomorrow. That deep freeze didn't last long! I got lots of cookies done, but didn't get to the wrapping. :o\

Susan - I like your current idea of wrapping presents. I may try that! ;o)

Elizabeth - You gals are convincing me to go with the gift bags rather than wrapping paper! I don't mind the snow, no matter how much, but am NOT a fan of ice. Makes my tummy queasy! Plus, as you say, the kids miss a lot of school when conditions are so unsafe. :o(

wisps of words - Temps of 2, 5 and 7 above are none too warm! And believe me, Papa Pea has worn ski goggles to protect his eyes on more than one occasion over the years. Took him a while to find ones that didn't fog up. I now have all my baking done, just have to frost the sugar cookies which I'll do tomorrow. (And then hide all goodies until closer to Christmas!)

Vera - I wouldn't want to be facing the flooding threats that you've had. At least we can plow, shovel and move snow. Not much you can do about your flooding. Hang in there.

Lynne - You're doing good! A whole week until Christmas and you've finished the sweater. Good timing. I still have a pair of socks to finish . . . just coming up to the heel of the second one now.

Hill Top Post said...

Wow, that is cold! Our twenty degrees and a huge frost this morning suddenly doesn't seem like much! We haven't had much snow for the past three years, so I am kind of hoping for more this year. It's definitely perfect cookie baking weather.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Snow kept me inside too, and I got all the presents wrapped. I have not baked one item for Christmas since we have to watch Hubby's carbs and sugar. We will only bake one type of cookie this year, and no candy. Hopefully his numbers will be in check next year so we can make a few more to share as well. Stay warm. It's cold here today too, but not as cold as your homestead.

Mama Pea said...

Hill Top Post - As they say, everything is relative! Some days 20° and dampness can feel really cold while other dry days below zero with sunshine can feel warmer. And, of course, being dressed properly for the weather counts for a lot, too. Yesterday was a good day to be inside baking cookies though. Today (Thursday) is already shaping up to be much warmer!

Kristina - Anyone in the family having health concerns really dictates the menus and any making/baking of goodies, doesn't it? Although sometimes we can feel deprived, it's all worth it for good health!

tpals said...

Is it selfish of me to hope the bitter cold stays away from us for awhile longer? I hate gathering frozen eggs.

Cockeyed Jo said...

BRRR! I hope it doesn't get that low here. On the agenda today for me is cookies, and divinity. Yeast rolls for Christmas and doughnuts in my air fryer and freezer for later.

Mama Pea said...

tpals - And these days when our chickens seem to be on strike (right in time for holiday baking!), we can't afford to let even one egg get frozen. :o( Sometimes unavoidable though. Sigh.

Cockeyed Jo - What time will those doughnuts be ready? I LOVE doughnuts and haven't made them in ever-so-long! I just took a break from wrapping packages to check here. Got the sugar cookies frosted this morning. Now back to it . . .

Cockeyed Jo said...

Mama, They were ready @ 3. I made them in the air fryer. Made six and froze six for later.

Mama Pea said...

Cockeyed Jo. - Made six DOZEN and froze six DOZEN for later?? Sounds about right to me! ;o}

Nancy In Boise said...

40s today here, but windy. Wish we had snow but too warm. I don't really bake much anymore, hubby and I and kids try too avoid to much sugar/flour.

Mama Pea said...

Nancy - Truth to tell, Papa Pea and I are kinda in the same situation regarding our intake of sugars. There has been a little indulging of the cookies I've baked, but today I made up and gave away five plates of goodies so our supply is already dwindling and won't be around too tempt us much longer!

Our crazy temperature is up to 32° this afternoon and rain is threatening. What crazy weather!