Sunday, December 15, 2019

A Poultry Yard Visitor

Our daughter stopped in just before dusk tonight for a short visit and announced I should get a picture of some of our youngest Muscovy ducks sitting on top of the Samurai just outside the poultry yard.

Why are they out of the poultry yard sitting on top of the Samurai?  At almost that same time, Papa Pea called from his upstairs office to come see the fox running back and forth on the inside of the poultry yard fencing trying to get out.

Mr. (?) Fox had gotten in and harassed some of the poultry, but then forgot how he gained access through (over?) the electric fencing which isn't turned on because of the build-up of snow at the bottom portion of it.  If he had jumped in, why couldn't he jump out?

Papa Pea went out to check the situation at just about the time the fox went under the fence (we think) at a spot we couldn't see, ran down the driveway and into our thick woods.

There were some scattered feathers in evidence in the poultry yard but no casualties.  Papa Pea thinks our big Muscovy adult male probably went after the fox and discouraged him a no uncertain terms.

Tomorrow in daylight, we'll check out the fencing to see if we can figure out where the fox got in.


Michelle said...

Oh, scary! To my knowledge we have never had a predator IN the hen yard or house, and know that is totally a blessing, because raccoons could easily scale the chainlink fence.

Nancy In Boise said...

Yes scary but at least you have a good guard duck!

Vera said...

We have had foxes in the hen yard, but it was a pack of dogs which recently massacred part of our flock of hens.

Hope your Mascovy duck maintains an anti-fox campaign!

Mama Pea said...

Michelle - We do have raccoons in our area, but very few of them. I've never seen one but I know several people who have. And yes, even though they're attractive animals (I think anyway) like our beautiful foxes, they can really wreak havoc with poultry!

Nancy - It's remarkable, and fortunate, how much of a guard duck Mr. Muscovy can be! He really takes care of his girls.

Vera - A pack of dogs has wiped out many a flock of domestic birds, that's for sure. I don't think I've ever heard of a pack of them in our area, but we do have packs of coyotes and, of course, timber wolves. Not good.

Cockeyed Jo said...

You are blessed! No casualties.

Sherry said...

Those fox are tricky for sure. I don't trim wings much just so my chickens can get away.

wisps of words said...

The big male went after the intruder and saved the day!!!!! Gotta' love that "big guy"!!!!!!

And I just can't help myself!!!!!!

All this present day *malarky,* about how males have to be less male, and less all sorts of normal maleness.... Would these people, punish your big Muscovy adult male, for being *too aggressive*??????????????




Mama Pea said...

Cockeyed Joe - We figured out where the fox got in and that has been remedied. We think he must have gone after a duck and that spurred the Muscovy drake into tearing into him. If he tried to grab a chicken, one of them might not have had a chance . . . even if the drake came to the rescue. The Muscovy females are quite a good sized bird.

Sherry - We hate to take desperate measures with all the wildlife around here but if Mr. Fox seems intent on grabbing a chicken or duck dinner, we may have to do something about it. Hope not though.

wisps of words - If those people felt it "the right thing to do" to punish the drake duck, how would they deal with Mr. Fox who was doing the ultimate bullying thing, if they want to carry it to that extent?

Thankfully, the male animals and poultry haven't been pressured to be politically correct (!) and still have their natural protective instincts! ;o)

Leigh said...

Smart ducks! It did make a good picture. Good thing Papa Pea saw what was going on. I'm glad to hear there were no casualties and also what a good watchduck Mr. Muscovy is.

Mama Pea said...

Leigh - Yep, we're still kinda wondering why all of our birds escaped without injury. (Mighty thankful though!) There were only a couple/few feathers on the snow, no blood or birds with any kind of injury we could find. Ha! We now have a watchduck!!

Sam I Am...... said...

Never a dull moment at your place! Same here. I have no idea how I ever raised a family and worked full time; that must have been some other woman! LOL! Stay warm and dry and keep those chikadees safe!

Mama Pea said...

Sam I Am - Isn't it so true that we all think once we're "retired," we'll have so much time to do everything and anything we want to do? Live seems fuller than ever now. But would we have it any other way during this time of our lives? Nope. I simply cannot understand folks (at least those who are healthy) who say their days are so long. Only thing I can figure is that they don't have many (any?) interests.