Saturday, September 1, 2018

View of the Garden on the First of September

Here we are on the first day of the new month of September, and I'm getting this post up on time rather than two or three days late!

After a day yesterday of gray clouds and constant rain, we've got sunshine and a delightful breeze today.  No problem getting pictures to document the garden today.

Going way back . . . 

The First of March

The First of April

The First of May

The First of June

The First of July

The First of August

And the First of September

Considering I'm trying to get the garden ready for winter early this year, there's still a lot of greenery showing today, isn't there?

However, I do have 8 (of the 26) raised beds completely cleaned, fertilized and tilled.  Fertilized with the most wonderful, black compost Papa Pea has ever made!

The two cold frames in the back contain sweet peppers and slicing cucumbers.  Our nights are getting cool enough that we're shutting them down at the end of the day.

The "New Plot" East of Raised Beds

I planted potatoes down this 40' stretch.  The vines have mostly flopped over but are still showing a lot of green in comparison to the 20' row I planted in the field garden.  Those vines are completely dead already.  Why the difference?

As Much of a View of the Field Garden as I Can Get 

The green you see is primarily Brussels sprouts, cabbage, sunflowers (looking bedraggled and not so sunny anymore) and pickling cucumber vines I'm in the process of pulling out.

By the first of next month, the garden should look very different.  And I hope I'll be well on the way to having 90% of it ready for winter.


wisps of words said...

If you put all these plots, together, how much land do you farm? A whole lot, I'm sure. Amazing really.

Congratulations on getting the monthly pic, on the first! Weather cooperated, this time.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Lynne said...

Everything looks so neat and clean. Clearly a lot of work. The compost dose look nice and rich. Great job Papa Pea !! Still can't believe its Sept.

Mama Pea said...

wisps of words - I've never measured and figured out how much land is actually in production (fruit, hay, veggies, etc.) but including the poultry yard, we probably have a little under two acres cleared. The rest of the land is heavily wooded. Papa Pea would like to clear more because 1) we could use more sunlight in the growing areas, and our little hay field needs to be expanded.

Hope you have a great Labor Day Weekend (in any way you wish to spend it), too!

Lynne - Thank you! I must be pooping out at the end of the season (End of the Season Poop Out? No, that just doesn't sound right.) because it was up in the 80s in the garden today (where is the autumn weather we've all been waiting for?) and pulling out all the pickling cucumber vines 'bout did me in. Didn't do anything else except cut and bring in some parsley that's in the dehydrator right now.

I think August was only about two weeks long 'cause September sure did arrive in quick order!

Anonymous said...

How do you keep the bugs and worms off your cabbage and brussels sprouts? I can't grow cabbage and brussels sprouts for the bugs eating them.

Lisa French said...

Thanks for doing these posts - I am starting a journal today if my growing adventures as well as the weather and what seems to be thriving or not in nature. From year to year I forget!

Mama Pea said...

Coni - Believe me, it's easier some years than others! My husband sprays regularly with organic, non-poisonous sprays and dusts with various concoctions, often diatomaceous earth. In a summer of frequent rains, it gets to be a real chore as the rains wash off whatever he applies. I usually end up with a few holes in the outer leaves of the cabbages but the heads aren't bothered. Same with the Brussels sprouts. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for everything this year. The larvae that eat the brassica are from the white cabbage moths and we didn't have our usual number of them flitting around this year, but some years they really wreak havoc! You could try covering your cabbage and Brussels sprouts with fabric for that purpose . . . to keep out bothersome insects.

Lisa French - Keeping track of the weather during the growing season is something I've been lax about . . . but know it would be good to compare from year to year. I, too, easily forget!!

Mark said...

I'm always impressed and inspired my pics of you garden. It's clear there is a whole lot of work that goes into keeping look great. Nicely done!

Mama Pea said...

Mark - Thanks, Mark! I've got it down to a science now and although I have to make sure I keep on top of it (I'd probably run crying off into the woods never to return if it ever got totally ahead of me!), I don't feel it's a burden. I still love doing it.

Goatldi said...

I envy your garden and that after all this years it is important and you press on. It is a passion. Like the goats I can't imagine getting up and not having something to feed and milk. It is what gets us out of bed each morning even if we are known to on occasion udder (or in your case utter) "I am done!"

The Wykeham Observer said...

Everything looks nice.

Mama Pea said...

Goatldi - It's called responsibility and you know what that's all about!

Phil - Thank you!

Leigh said...

I love these pictures. Gardening in a nutshell! I admire how nice yow two keep it all up. It's inspiring and a challenge to the rest of us (messy) gardeners!

Mama Pea said...

Leigh - You know I've said before it doesn't really matter much what our gardens look like if they give us the nutritious food we're striving for. That's the whole point and why we do it however we do it. 'Course, Mother Nature sometimes has a say in it . . . we had strong winds gusting up to 40+ mph all night and continuing this morning. Haven't ventured out into the garden yet but can see a couple of flattened Brussels sprout plants. Arrrgh. We have no reason to whine or complain though . . . just think of the devastation Japan is suffering.

Susan said...

It must feel good to be so far ahead. This way you are guaranteed to have more time in your quilt room!