Friday, August 31, 2018

Feathered Friends

This is our little rooster, Shivers, and his BFF, our last (geriatric) bantam hen.  They are a pair and hang out together for much of each day.  Neither one of them are "spring chickens" but both still look pretty good.

Pictured are four of our six geese.  Geese tend to stay together in a gaggle and ours are no exception.  Where you see one, you can be sure the others are very close by.  (You can see how low our pond is because of lack of rainfall this summer.  Ugh.)

When I pulled out my green and yellow bush beans a few days ago, they were still lush and had lots of tasty beans on them so I threw all the vines into the poultry yard.  Ducks, geese and chickens were all interested in them.

Today I noticed the geese looking over what was left of the vines.  Do you know those silly birds ate all of the leaves . . . but left the beans?  You never know what's going to appeal to them, I guess.  (Next time I'll have to remember to cook the beans and add a little butter and salt before offering them to the birds.  Ha.)


coffeeontheporchwithme said...

Oh, I love your little pair of chickens! They are very pretty! I'm giving garden leftovers to our birds now too. Since I've given up on keeping up with picking cucumbers, I slice up (yes, I'm pathetic) the big fat over ripe cucumbers and they LOVE pecking at them. I haven't tried beans yet. -Jenn

wisps of words said...

I just love Shivers coloring! Black and white, with red. Very handsome.

You mention the poultry yard. Is this an enclosed space? Or just where they usually 'hang out'?

Good way to help with cleanup. Let the chickens and ducks consume what they want, and then, not much left of you to deal with. :-)

Wow! September tomorrow! Are you all ready, to take your First Of The Month pic???!!!??? :-)

Vera said...

We miss having geese but not the mess they made....for some reason they always preferred to do their toilet business in front of every gate and door entrance here, which meant endless scrapings off from the bottom of our shoes! But they were funny and great characters.
It was mentioned by Himself the other day that he would like to have geese again, but I said that it was never going to happen while he is working on his computer all day and can't look after them properly. This puts off the question of whether we should or should not get geese again for a while, or until his contract expires!

Goatldi said...

Mama Pea

I gave our extra green beans stems leaves and beans to the goats. Have for years. Perhaps you need to get your goats.

Mama Pea said...

Jenn - We haven't reached the point of sharing our cucumbers with the poultry yet. We're still gobbling them up! But I know they will gladly devour any that come their way! You can get rid of (for a good cause!) lots of kitchen scraps when you have chickens, can't you? Nothing goes to waste, and they give you eggs in return. Whadda deal!

wisps of words - The poultry yard (everybody is in there together) is a big space enclosed by electric fencing. It includes the pond (for the ducks and geese) and is maybe close to an acre in size. Maybe a little less. At any rate, they have plenty of room and always available green grass. The only weak point is that hawks can still zoom down to pick off babies if they can't get into their shelter or under a big stand of trees fast enough.

Believe it or not, this time I am ready to take my first of the month picture on the first of the month! That is if it stops raining by tomorrow morning.

Vera - You are so right . . . geese and ducks leave "calling cards" which are much different than a chicken's. And they seem to do it so frequently!

Goatldi - Ya know, that's just what I said to Papa Pea when I was telling him about the poultry and the beans . . . "Well, I know the goats would have gobbled up the beans!" They are much smarter than the fowl! ;o}