Saturday, March 3, 2018

This Is What Our March First Looks Like

So, okay.  These pictures weren't taken on March 1st, but rather March 2nd.  (As usual, I'm a little slow.)

I got it into my head yesterday that I should take a picture of my raised bed part of the garden on the first of each month from now until the end of this coming gardening season.  Just to chronicle what a difference in the landscape a few months can make.   Looking out of a window in Papa Pea's upstairs office, I think I captured the whole area of the raised beds.  (Please excuse the corner of the roof line that insisted on being in the picture.)

Raised beds, you say?  What raised beds?  It took nearly to the end of our winter season for the beds to be totally covered, but covered they are now.  (The box-like structure in the back of the picture is a compost bin which is about three feet high.)  What will the same scene look like on April 1st?  Stay tuned.

This was one section of our driveway when we took a walk out yesterday to our mailbox.

Certain parts of the driveway melt sooner than others.  The gravel showing in this picture was actually dry.  Papa Pea commented that's the way you like to see snow and ice melt.  Slowly and drying out as it disappears. Unfortunately, that doesn't usually happen.  Most often (and I'm sure it will be the case most everywhere this year) we have to slog our way through the dreaded Mud Season with plenty of the gooey-gloppy stuff in abundance.

How does the landscape around your place look currently?  From some of your pictures recently, I've seen both spring flowers blooming and lush, green grass showing and, from those of you in the northeast, three feet of new snow!


wisps of words said...

Great idea! 1st of month pics of your garden! And you thought of it now, not later. So you will have a real contrast, as the seasons move along.

I used to take a picture, out our front door, at the little woods across the street, on the first of the month... On an old blog.

Do you have a Label, on this post, showing "Garden on first of month"? That way, your posts will be easy to find later, to compare.

Here... Snow! :-)

wisps of words said...

Also want to say how cute it is, that you change the color of your print, in different posts. :-)

And it is kind of amazing, that this Gray~on~White background, does show up! I would not have thought, that it would. But here, it does!

And it 'goes' with talk of snow.

I love to notice "blog looks." And wanted to tell you, that I notice what you do here.

Mama Pea said...

wisps of words - Thank you, thank you for all of the nice things you said!

I think what I will do when I post each new month's photo is to post the old one right with the new one so it will be easy to notice the difference.

tpals said...

We're in a melty weekend - here comes the mud!

SmartAlex said...

We had warm shirt sleeve weather for days and the ground was drying. Then the Nor'easter started right here on the lakeshore and we got 10 inches of heavy wet snow which will be hanging around for more than a week it appears. I need to go out and shake the lilac bush. Parts of it are still bowed to the ground with snow.

Mama Pea said...

tpals - The mud. The mud! Oh no, not the MUD! I hate mud season. :o[

Mama Pea said...

SmartAlex - Ten inches of heavy wet snow after days of warm shirt sleeve weather is just not right. (However, in many parts of our country, it's not unusual. :o[) Hang in there and go shake off the lilac bush branches!

MrsDuncanMahogany said...

Very wintery pics! :) We woke up this morning (the 5th ) to a foot and a half of snow. I am wondering if the same system found you too? Lots of shoveling today. I could not get my car out of the driveway so had to get the military to bring me in (I am married to the military :) I love the thought of taking a picture monthly!

Rain said...

The dreaded mud season...we get that in the driveway in April usually for about 2-3 weeks. This year I am going to avoid driving that entire time if I can! We got a dump of snow overnight, but the temperatures are nice, just below zero, I can handle that! :)