Saturday, June 1, 2013

I'm Not Really Here

I'm still on my self-imposed hiatus from blogging and the computer, but since this is our third day of rain and the first of June, I gave myself permission to do this little post.

A couple of years ago, I took pictures of the garden on the first of each month during the gardening season and found it very interesting to compare them and see the change from month to month.  I decided to do that again this year so here are my June 1st photos, terribly devoid of green and growing things as they may be.  Except the grass which loves this cool, wet weather and has gotten totally away from us at this point.

Here's the nekkid pumpkin patch.  (And, yes, it will be the pumpkin patch this year, as opposed to last year when it was the potato patch.)  It's been cultivated once, but has nary a plant nor seed in it yet.  Our temps have been way too cold so far.

The field garden is starting to take shape.  Although you can't see it in the above photo, shell peas and potatoes and some flowers (both transplants and seeds) have been planted.  The strawberry patch is in fairly good shape although still not yet mulched.  The local sawmill where I've been getting the wood shavings for that task no longer has them available.  (What an unpleasant surprise that was.)  I'm still in a bit of a quandary as to what to do now and have had to weed the whole blasted patch (without the mulch the weeds are way too happy and healthy) twice so far.

I was going great guns getting the raised beds planted out, but got stopped abruptly when this thunderstorm-y, heavy rain and COLD weather moved in three days ago.

The new frames you see still have to be set into the ground after the old bed frames are taken out.  Hubby hasn't been able to work on that project in the last three days either.  Right now the new frames are stored right on top of the old frames which makes anyone who doesn't know wonder what the heck is going on out there.

The rains have brought in cold weather which we can do nothing about other than remain patient (ha!) and wait it out (gnash-gnash).  This is very much like the early summer weather we experienced for several years after we moved up here in the 1970s.  Then almost all of June was traditionally cold and wet.  We're all crossing our fingers for a lovely, long fall this year so crops have a chance of maturing.

I'm missing you all, but feeling less stress in that I do have more time each day to devote to the garden . . . and since the monsoon season has descended upon us, to the usual inside stuff that never seems to go away . . . or stay done.

Happy month of June to you all!


  1. Ah HA! I knew you couldn't stay away :)
    Sorry about your lack-of-spring. Sucks for the garden. Do they sell any "30 days until harvest" seeds at the stores near you?

  2. You can send me all your green, green grass and rain and I will send you all the sunshine and heat you can handle.

  3. Okay, Sue said this would happen - you sneaking back to visit us... Sure glad you did! We have good planting weather here now but I am having trouble deciding which things to plant where...

  4. Glad to hear a snippit(sp?) from you. Take care & enjoy your summer.

  5. The happy denizens of my garden are weeds so far. Daily rain is a hardship.

  6. We are having so many showers that planting or weeding are near impossible. Cutting the lawn is a race with the rain. Glad you could pop in and show us your beautiful gardens.

  7. You can send some rain down this way in Texas cause where we are we aint getting none lol.

  8. What a great idea to take pictures of the garden each month. Where's my camera?

  9. Ha! I am planning on doing a monthly garden photo too. Only I didn't make the first of the month. Rats.
    Looking forward to watching your garden grow.
    I hope everyone does this. I love seeing gardens in their various stages of growth--or not growth.
    We are getting frost the next two nights so I still can't plant. I'm beginning to wonder if I will have a garden this year. Maybe this was the year I was supposed to travel?????

  10. Hoping the weather cooperates so you can finally get that garden going. Miss you!

  11. Love how neat and tidy everything looks right now. Give it a few months and K-Blam! I think we're ALL hoping for a nice long Fall after this past extended Winter.

    Good luck with the weeding...I'm about to give up myself.

  12. Love the idea of a monthly garden photo! And I always love to see your garden, whether it be in the 'growth' or 'non-growth' stages..... well, hopefully you'll soon be in the 'growth' stage up there! Don't worry about commenting back, just save and savor your time doing what you need to do. Hugs.
    PS We're in the rain and more rain it seems this season too.

  13. And this is not really me writing... :) I like the idea of a monthly photo journal. Even if you're getting a late start, I'm sure you will be catching up and overtaking us in no time. Enjoy your garden!