Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What's On Your List For Today?

I had a down and draggy day yesterday.  Don't know whether the heavy rain in the morning did it to me or what.  Do you ever wonder if some days, no matter what you do, your body rhythms are simply in a state so that your body (emotionally and physically) can't be all chirky and chipper and in a happy place?  Maybe those are the days when we should just put a bag over our head and schlump through the day without fighting it so much.  Along with the bag over the head, perhaps a sign hung around the neck that says, "Nobody's home.  Please don't attempt contact," would also be helpful.

At any rate, today I'm full of energy and made a list this morning (totally unreasonable that it may be) and am ready to whip my weight in wildcats.  (Jjust how much does one wildcat weigh?)

Here's my list:

All first-of-the-month things - This entails about an hour's worth of paperwork.

Start seedlings - Time for the Brussels sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, zinnias and cosmos to be started.  Probably should repot the tomatoes, too, as long as I'm playing in the dirt.

Clean ashes out of both wood stoves - Boy, has the frequency of this job dropped drastically.  (For which I am sincerely thankful!)

Make list of computer tasks for daughter - Chicken Mama is giving me some time tonight to continue the setting up of my frustrating new computer, and I need to make a list of what I would like to have done first, second, third, etc.

Pick out fabric - I'm in the process of having two living room chairs reupholstered.  One is currently in the shop being worked on as we speak.  (I hope.)  The fabric for the second chair was on back-order for six weeks.  You can guess what the news was that I received this past Monday.  Yup.  It's not on back-order anymore.  Now it's officially no longer available.  So back to the drawing board, or rather sample books, to find another fabric.

Wash rugs - Futile task that this is this time of year here in The Land of Mud, I can't stand it anymore and have to launder a batch or two of throw rugs.

Bake rye bread - Doesn't take a lot to keep my husband happy, but homemade rye bread goes a long way toward that end.

Clean the refrigerator - What can I say?  It's a job that just must be done once in a while.  (At least every couple of years or so.)  What the heck goes on in there that makes all those gooey drips, splats and . . . and . . . dirt?  (Yes, some of it looks like gritty dirt.)

Make up bee sting kit - The season for our wonderful, delightful little honey makers to be buzzing around doing all kinds of good things in my garden is fast approaching.  But their stings have been increasingly causing more havoc in and on my body so I've done some research over the winter months and come up with some "new" natural remedies to have all set and ready to go should I need them.  Gathering everything in one place with specific directions for use seems like a wise idea.  I've also gotten an Epi-pen and both Papa Pea and I have practiced using it so that's ready should it be needed.

Change keyboard - This new keyboard that came with my frustrating new computer was obviously designed by a guy with stubby fingers and a bad nail biting habit.  Both daughter and I have noticed that the keys are in such a flat, level configuration with the board that if you have any length of fingernail at all it's nearly impossible not to hit the wrong key or slide off the correct key with every third stroke.  I am an extremely fast typist . . . but not on this keyboard.  The backspace key to delete mistakes is nearly worn out already, I'm sure.

Don't know how it happened but it's nearly 1 p.m. now . . . but I do have a couple things checked off the above list.  It's remarkable how easy it is to make a list first thing in the morning . . . and how hard it is to get it all done.  Life (and blogging!) seems to get in the way.   



Akannie said...

I had a day like yours yesterday too. And my husband said a lot of the guys at work were pissy and cussing and mad...musta been the moon. lol

Today I made an early morning trip in search of sweet potato starts--no luck. Picked up a few things, more pepper plants, jalapenos too. Stopped by a thrift store I like but don't get to often. Came home, checked chickens, watered some seedlings and started mowing.

That was 4 hours ago. I am still mowing. The grass was so high (lots of rain here, and no way to get out and mow) that it is really a job. I'm in here now, because when I put more gas in, it decided not to start. I came in, took off my shoes and am gonna rest a bit and do some things in here and then go try it again. I've only got another few hours to try to at least finish the front yard...then the boys will be home and I need to get supper.

I didn't make a list today--don't tell anyone !! LOL

Tombstone Livestock said...

Now why would you need to put a bag over your head since there is already a large pot there. My problem is I keep loosing forward motion, start to do something and another thing will pop up that needs to be done now, guess my break time is over, so need to turn off blogger and go clean my fridge........

Susan said...

I have decided that we make lists only to give ourselves some feeble feeling that our lives are not total chaos. That we actually have some iota of control. Ha. And I do agree that there are days when you are just completely out of sorts. And it's okay. Boy, that must be frustrating, having gone through all that angst trying to pick out fabric, only to have to do it all over! Did you have a second favorite? All my "Get Ready for the Goat Homecoming" items are checked off my list! Then the 75 strawberry plants that I had forgotten I had ordered in February (cruel, cruel month) arrived yesterday. Added "build new strawberry bed, fill, plant" to my list.

Mama Pea said...

We've been brainstorming ways to eliminate lawn that needs to be mowed. I think you must have more than we do!

What?! No list? You irresponsible girl, you!

Mama Pea said...

You sound like my husband. I swear he can't go in a straight line when working on a task. He keeps getting distracted by ten or so things he sees that need doing. The result? Tools and equipment for eleven jobs spread out all over and nothing finished.

Done with your refrigerator yet? How much "dirt" did you shovel out?

How did you know it was me under that pot?

Mama Pea said...

Susan - I think you hit it on the head regarding list making give us a feeling of (false) control. It feels so good to make the list in the morning but so defeating to look at it in the evening when so much isn't crossed off.

No, I didn't have a second choice picked out on the fabric. Had a hard enough time finding one that looked good with the first chair and the couch. Lucky for me, she had just gotten in some new pattern books in for my perusal.

Having to build and fill a bed before you can plant the strawberry plants is almost too much. Oh, well. Get out there and do it. (Wouldn't I make a great field boss?)

Katidids said...

Oh yes, MUST have a daily *List* Even on the rough days I can cross off a few things to feel good.
Sorry about the chair fabric, if your like us you will live with it forever so it has to be "just right" What do you mean about the fridge, are you talking about that furry stuff in the back? It's a science experiment I tell you!....honest

Stephanie said...

I can relate to the bag over the head part. It's been drizzly here for several days, and I think that has a lot to do with my lack of energy. That and not exercising for a week.

Mama Pea said...

Katidids - You're so right, I want this reupholstering job to last FOREVER so I am uptight about choosing something we really, really like. Which ain't easy until you see the piece done and in the room!

Don't cha just hate when things start growing in your refrigerator? I mean, isn't a refrigerator supposed to STOP growth? Isn't that why you put things in there? Geesh. Nuthin' works right these days. ;o)

Mama Pea said...

Stephanie - Not exercising for a week?! Stephanie, m'dear, are we going to have to report you to the Exercise Police??

Lisa said...

Your to-do list is most impressive! Were you able to get all checked off? My problems seems my to-do list is larger than the time available in a day. Or does one simply get distracted doing so many other 'important' things that are just not written down on The List?! Even on a down day, my guess is that you have more energy and get-up-and-go than the most of us!

I do have to say, I've been having a few of those down days recently too. Can't figure if it's the state of the world/country, lack of eating & exercising as I should, or not keeping up with ALL the things I so want to do. So let us know what works for you and that may just help the rest of us too. :)

Lisa said...

PS Glad you've got your bee sting kit handy and especially that Epi-Pen! That's a GREAT idea!

Mama Pea said...

Lisa - Well, I suppose your analyzing of our list making is right on. We underestimate the time it will take to get any or all of the items done, plus we never list the myriad of "things" we do each and every day that take time away from our listed items.

I do believe the state of our world and country is a stress on us even when we're not consciously thinking of it. These are not good times we're living in and we are constantly being impacted in ways we've never experienced before. It's worrisome.