Friday, May 3, 2013

Still Learning . . .

Yep, I'm still learning the ins and outs of this new computer, but also having a lot of frustration.  My computer guru daughter says I am learning and I am making progress in figuring things out, but this morning I am discouraged and grumpy.

I just tried to get some pictures from camera to computer for a blog post . . . but got nowhere.  Sigh.  I know Chicken Mama very patiently showed me how to do this and I even took notes, but they're not helping me right now.  I'll have to wait until she has time to walk me through the process again.  She's been giving up a lot of her free time lately in helping both me and her dad in our struggle on the learning curve, and we're both very grateful to her.  

This process of getting my pictures into the computer (like so many other processes with this new system) is more complicated and requires more steps than on my old computer.  Being a very simple minded gal, I prefer the old way. 

We've been told these upgraded computers would be so much faster in operation, but I'm not finding that true.  And I don't mean because of my fumbling in learning the system.  I'm talking of actual speed of the computer.  In all honesty, part of that problem could be with our older router that we may have to replace.

* * * * * * * *

We haven't received the large amounts of snow the middle and southern parts of our state has (can you believe 16" in May?!), but we've had a few days of scattered flurries with about an inch of accumulation.  Very gray, damp days but the ground (miraculously) continues to dry out little by little and more snow disappears each day.  Sure is a cold first part of the month so far though.

* * * * * * * *

I'm traveling down the road this afternoon to pick up the newly reupholstered cushions for the glider rocker.  I still haven't made up my mind on the fabric for the second chair.  The gal who is doing the work said my decision might come quicker once I have the first chair put back together with the new cushions.  It may be easier to see how it all will look with that one piece done.  Hope so.  I do want this reupholstering job (and expense) to be one we can live with (and like) forever!

* * * * * * * *

Lots on the fire in the way of things to do today so I'm off.  Or . . . no more than usual, as a good friend of ours says.


Susan said...

Upgrading is usually uphill. But, once you use it more and get comfy, it will be lots better. The creakiness may very well have to do with your older router - gee, sounds like I know of what I speak, doesn't it? SNOW? I won't tell you about our weather, then. (It's beeyewtiful). I have the hardest time choosing colors and patterns. That is why it's so difficult to have Sylvie so far away! She does it with such ease and perfection. I can't wait to see your new cushions! Bet they're beeyewtiful... :)

Sparkless said...

It is hot here today. We are getting the a/c upstairs cleaned up and ready to go. It gets so hot upstairs and the kids roast.
I hope you get your new computer figured out. I used to like getting new things and learning new routines but as I'm getting older not so much. It's not that I don't like to learn it's that it takes longer to learn new things and I get frustrated at my slowness.

LindaCO said...

I know it's uncomfortable to have learn new stuff in order to do things that were second nature with your old system. I hope you get to a point (SOON) where it's easier! I got my first Mac a couple of years ago and I love it now, but there was definitely a learning curve.

Leigh said...

16 inches of snow in May? Good grief and it's only the beginning of the month. So nice it passed you all by!

I agree about the so called faster speed of newer computers. I expected a noticeable difference when we got ours, but I'm not finding that to be exactly true. The learning curve might not be so bad if it was once and done with. But the rate they advance electronics is not for the faint of heart!

Mama Pea said...

Does Sylvie do house calls?

My connection with computers is totally illogical. I LOVE having them to use for what I want to use them for. (Blogging most of all.) But I have no patience when they take (what I deem) time away from other things I want to do. I am not happy sitting on my duff in front of a computer for more time than necessary. (Well, that was just a small rant, wasn't it?)

Mama Pea said...

Sparkless - Nuh-uh. I'm such an old fuddy-duddy (always have been) that I rarely like "change" of any sort. (How's that for cutting off my nose to spite my face?)

Mama Pea said...

LindaCO - Yeah, one of my "problems" (as my daughter points out to me) is that I don't think where the computer comes into play. I just click, space, type, type, click and I'm on to something else. Now that that second nature ability to do that is gone, I'm one big old crank. ;o)

Mama Pea said...

Leigh - It's my opinion (computer expert that I am . . . hahahaha!) that there is SO MUCH "stuff" built into each new computer that that in itself slows down the process of any little task. But I'll try to stop whining and get on with it.

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