Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Yesterday's Progress

I considered titling this post, "I'm Suing the Weather Forecasters." We were promised a sunny day today with temps warmer than they have been. Ain't happenin'.

It's true, it's not raining, but boy-howdy, is it cold, dark and damp out there. A wise person once said that it doesn't have to be sunny to be a good day. And I know that's true. (Somebody needs to give me a whop upside the head and make me shape up.)

The main reason I wanted a sunny, warm day was to start putting the coats of polyurethane on this piece B made yesterday. It's the new top for the unit that will hold the TV, stereo, etc. in the living room. It may not look like much sitting here in the garage, but it looks fantastic when mounted on the base cabinet. I can hardly wait to get the finish on it and put permanently in place.

I may go to Plan B and work on it in the garage today. It could be August before we see the sun again. The sooner I start, the sooner it will be done. (I think somebody else came up with that profound statement a while back, too.)

While she was here, we also coerced B into putting up the brick facing on the side of the TV cabinet nearest the wood stove. She slapped it up in no time and we are officially done with all the bricking. Hooray! (Ain't gonna do that anytime soon again.)

We got the paint chips in the mail yesterday for the high-temp paint to spiff up the wood stove that will get reinstalled back in the living room. Dang and drat, after much deliberation hubby said he really didn't care what color we chose and that I needed to make the decision. I said, "So if it turns out looking like h-e-double-hockey-stick, it will be my fault?" "Right," he replied.

If I can talk Papa Pea into helping me heft furniture from various and sundry places in the house where it's been stashed, I may even get the living room put back into halfway usable order this afternoon. Wouldn't that be somethin'?


Carolyn said...

Wow! What will it feel like to have a living room again??!!

Sue said...

And then you could plant your duff on the couch, relax and do NOTHING all afternoon.
Good one.

Susan said...

I am tired of wishing for 'normal' weather. The new 'normal' is 'abby-normal', as far as I am concerned. It sounds as if you are almost back to 'normal' yourself! Living-wise, that is. Your living room is going to be glorious! And well worth all the pain, tears, gnashing of teeth and soreness of muscles, right? Right?

Sparkless said...

What?!! You're almost finished with your living room? I bet that's going to be a big picture post, can't wait.

Tina - Our Rustic Roots said...

What colors have you narrowed it down to? Yes, I'm nosy, I know. I'm thinking we need to start a pool to see how long after you put the living room back together it takes you to tear another room apart. :)

Mama Pea said...

CR - How will it feel to having a living room again? Weird.

Sue - I have completely forgotten how to do nothing.

Susan - Huh? What did you say? Was what worth it? We're both having trouble remembering how to function without climbing over air compressors, ladders, tools, bricks, paint cans, furniture in inconvenient places, etc., etc. This afternoon we put things back together (as best we could at this point) and are trying to get used to a house looking halfway normal. Hubby no longer has to climb over two living room chairs to get to his spot at the table. Imagine that!

Sparkless - I actually am thinking of a post asking for suggestions as to what I should do regarding actually decorating the living room. Soon. I probably should finish the top for the cabinet that will hold TV, stereo, etc. first.

Tina - Well, the stove originally had a baked on dark, dark green enamel finish. We got it used and it wasn't in good shape. It has a few knicks and spots where it looks like something was put up against it when the stove was hot and it melted leaving a discoloration. Sooooo, the question was do we repaint it in much the same very dark green (almost black) or do we paint it a dark brown to blend in more with the brick and tile on the floor. Today I bit the bullet, and made the decision to go with the original color of the dark green.

Methinks the finishing of the inside of the garage is going to come next. I'm betting we'll take next week off before starting on that. Maybe.

Erin said...

you and that polyurethane! LOL that's the one job I will just skip and never, ever do and you love it! Can't wait to see photos when it all gets put together!

Judy T said...

Love that shelf unit. I think you should have bought stock in that polyurethane company! I can't wait to see the finished living room.

Stephanie said...

I think your living room is looking amazing! I can relate on the weatherman though...nearly sent ours an email yesterday, telling him to look out the window at the massive cloud cover, after I saw on the website that they were claiming lots of sun and 80's. Yeah, didn't happen. Today is looking up though :)

Mama Pea said...

Erin - Ah, but sweet readers, I do not like applying polyurethane . . . but I do love the finish it gives to wood. Durable and wipes down with a damp cloth beautifully while letting the natural wood shine through.

You may have to wait until this winter to see my living room "all put together!" Now I start the search for the perfect furniture to replace the old miss-matched stuff I have. I know just what I want . . . but will I be able to find it?

Judy - Just wait until you see the shelf unit INSTALLED! It ties in perfectly with the book shelves above it.

Stephanie - I do believe the weathermen of 100 years ago did a better job of forecasting the weather than those of today do with all their advanced technological equipment!