Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mirror, Mirror on the Pond . . .

Early on this morning I was up in my hubby's office to use the copying machine. I looked out the window and saw this almost perfect mirror image of the trees reflected in our small pond.

No wind and the rising sun was blasting forth. Now a few hours later, it looks as though we are actually going to get a whole day of sunshine. Boy, can we use it!


  1. Where are the geese family? I guess they dont hit the water till they had a cup of coffee?

  2. I like the way Jane thinks! Beautiful photo... you live in such a beautiful place. Hope you're getting your sunshine today!

  3. What a lovely sight to see! Sunshine can sure make you feel a whole lot better.

  4. Beautiful photo!!! There is something about that reflection that makes you want to take a (or dozens) of photo. When we lived on our "farmette", I use to walk my dogs everyday on the neighbor's farm road. In the fall the reflection of the colorful trees in his farm pond always drew me in. Every year I would say to myself "I don't need anymore photos of the same pond reflections". And of course every year I would run back and get my camera and take several more. Glad that you had your "Isn't that lovely" glasses on and posted this photo.

  5. Jane - It was so early that everybody was still lockled up in their night time abodes! We have had three wild Mallard guy ducks (I think their wives are on nests nearby) spending much of their time on the pond but they weren't around this morning either.

    Lisa - We have had sunshine ALL DAY today! I can hardly believe it but it's such an energizer!

    Susan - I usually say that gray, rainy or overcast days make me feel cozy and happy to work inside but we've had so many of them lately that I sure have needed the chirking up I'm getting from the sunshine today!

    Karen L. - There are people who believe that water has mystical qualities . . . maybe that's what draws us to it.

  6. Hooray for a perfect wind, lots of sun. Hope you got lots (or nots) done!

    1. Sue - No wind, lots of sun, and NO BUGS! My kinda day! I really got a boost of energy from the sunshine. Hope we get another day just like it tomorrow!

  7. Very pretty! Looks like a beautiful day there.