Thursday, May 17, 2012

Taters Planted!

Well, I finally got it done. The potatoes are planted. In the ground. Buried in lovely, friable soil. (I should say lovely, friable, DRY soil.) Methinks we will be getting the hoses out tomorrow, if rain doesn't materialize tonight.

It was hot and uncomfortable in the garden today, but the (self-imposed) thought of needing to report back to you all tonight that the deed was done kept me going. That and numerous trips inside to get something cold to drink. (I switched from kombucha to straight bourbon about 3:30.)

Thinning lettuce (that DID germinate) also got done along with the replanting of the varieties that failed to show their little green (or red) spouted heads. It seems weird that some lettuces sprouted and others didn't. Why would conditions be too dry for some but not for others? Or why would some seed be bad and some not? All were purchased from the same place. I will attempt to keep this batch watered and cross my fingers for much better results.

Did some more weeding of raised beds that have yet to be planted and then called it a day outside. Now I'm waiting for hubby to return home from a day spent at our daughter's dismantling a snowplow and all it's rigging from an old truck she's no longer going to be using.

'Scuse me now while I go find my To Do List and use a heavy, black marker to cross off Plant Potatoes!


DFW said...

Good job! Can't wait to see how the taters turn out. Bourbon at 3:30p is early, even for me, except when I am on vacation ;). But,I completely understand ... some days are better than others.

Mama Pea said...

DFW - Welcome and thanks for commenting! Okay, I have to confess that I really didn't start drinking bourbon at 3:30 today. Matter of fact, I'm what some might call a cheap date. My idea of drinking is to fill a wine glass with ice cubes, then pour it half full of wine. That usually lasts me for the evening. (I love to crunch those wine-flavored ice cubes when the wine is gone.) This was a good day. Just as soon as I finished planting those potatoes and stopped working in a bent in half position!

Sparkless said...

I had thought that all that gardening would bend you back from working on your ceiling but sounds like you're bent in the other direction now. I think you need a day of straight work just for good measure.

I think it may rain tonight. I'll send it down when we're finished with it.

Leigh said...

Here's where location envy comes in. I would love to be able to be planting lettuce!!! Instead, ours is all bitter and has bolted, though the goats love it anyway.

And I can't believe your potato bed. Not a weed in sight!

Stephanie said...

Well done Mama Pea! I have had situations where I have said something on my blog too, and the though of posting without doing it has really motivated me:) Love the accountability aspect of blogging. Does wonders for a procrastinator like me.

Lisa said...

Love the feeling of crossing something off my To Do!!! Ah, the feeling of grand completion! Lately I've been writing my to-do-list in big colored marker and taping it on the wall front-n-center where I can't help but see it constantly throughout the day ~ a quiet (actually it's quite 'noisy') reminder of what needs to be done that week!! But what I really want to say is 'Congrats' on completing the potato patch planting - hey, another 'try to say that three times'! I'm with Stephanie... where blogging is a motivation for me too. Also, your potato patch is beautiful even without the potatoes peeking through yet.

gld said...

Congratulations on getting the potatoes in! I felt the same way when I got the pepper and tomatoes planted.

Funny how blogging boosts us in doing something.

I am impresses by that very neat bed and the one I see in the background. Mine are what you might call 'informal'.

Mama Pea said...

Sparkless - Ha! You had such a good thought about my body getting bent in both directions and coming out "normal." I was tired last night but feel fine this morning. No muscles complaining so I shall be back out there in the garden doing more bending again today!

Leigh - No weeds in the potato bed right now. See me again in a month!

Stephanie - I think we ALL can procrastinate over things we really don't want to do. If blabbering in Blogland about something we want to be held accountable for works, I say let's do it!

Lisa - I may borrow your idea of posting the list where I see it constantly as I can so easily overlook it lying quietly on the counter. My refrigerator may have a colorful list taped to it later today!

gld - Your gardens may be "informal" but they have the grace and charm of times gone by. I feel so serene looking at your pictures!

Cat Eye Cottage said...

I have days where a shot of bourbon is the only answer!

Mama Pea said...

The Weekend Homesteader - There are days when I WISH a shot of bourbon would be the answer! ;o}