Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dry As Dust

That's what my garden soil is . . . dry as dust.

I got the potato patch (also known as the pumpkin patch, but temporarily renamed this year) completely ready yesterday (is my tendency toward OCD when planting showing?) except for actually planting the potato eyes. (Don't be discouraged. I may announce the potatoes have been planted sometime before August. With luck.) The soil is so dry I'm wondering if I'll have to start watering anything I plant now if we don't get rain soon.

I've had several varieties of lettuce fail to germinate and I'm pretty sure it's just because of lack of moisture. Do I wait longer (the seeds have been in the ground for over two weeks now), replant or get out the hoses?

Wouldn't ya know it, for some reason the lawn manages to keep growing with wild abandon even though there's been no rain. Our lawn mower is currently spread out in pieces in the garage, but Papa Pea assures me it will be back in working order soon. Sure hope so. We may have to bale that stand of green stuff out there by the time we get around to cutting it.

The weather forecasters, who seem to tease a lot lately, have proclaimed a 30% chance of rain today and a 50% chance tonight for us. Not exactly a percentage to inspire confidence, but we'll be eagerly watching the clouds today and hoping for the best.


  1. I completely dislike teasing weather forecasters! My advice is try the hose, give it a bit and see what happens. Lettuce struggles in my area because of lack of rain as well. Let's pray you get a good shower soon:)

  2. Yikes, my lettuces usually germinate in 2-3 days, sounds like a moisture thing for sure since it's always humid here this time of year (or always LOL). Hope you get some rain soon!

  3. Brother - we wouldn't have ANY weather if it wasn't for extremes. We had constant rain Monday, followed by torrential downpour Tuesday, followed by a heatwave yesterday which brought severe t-storms, followed by a cool snap, followed by frost. I am dizzy. Or ditzy. Take your choice. Hope you get some rain soon. BTW, I'd be happy to ship the sheep (say that three times, fast) up to help you and Papa Pea with that hay/grass crop...

  4. I just got a good tip from you and you don't even know about it.I received a new bird house and bird feeder as gifts. No problem with the bird house ,but the feeder ,a different story.I might try what you have done,do the squirrels get at your feeder when it is straight on top of a pole like that,I mean squirrels still climb trees ya and I like that green lush spot over yonder a bit ,looks like apple trees,so don't worry your yourself if you see a old lady napping in the grass ,I won't stay long

  5. Ahhh the joys of gardening. I wonder if there is a book out there that tells the real story of what garden is really like. A tooth and nail fight against the elements and animals. I guess that is why they created wine.

  6. We got 2/10's of an inch several days ago. And then the sun popped out, the winds started to blow and all my soil (DUST!) dried up by the end of the day. I've lost ALL my carrots. And the season is just beginning. I'm GLAD I'm leaving soon. I can't bear to watch it much longer........

  7. Get out the hoses and sprinklers. And then mulch like a mad woman to keep that moisture in. But then I'm only a beginner gardener so what do I know?
    I hope that much anticipated rain comes soon and pours down just the right amount.

  8. Wish I could find a way to push that rain we had back towards you. We finally got sun today! Hope your potatoes go in easy peasy.

  9. Simply Scaife Family - No rain this afternoon, but I'm still hopeful for tonight. If not, the hoses come out tomorrow!

    Erin - I dug up the rows where I had planted the lettuces that didn't show up and couldn't find any trace of sprouts or seeds. So I replanted and will hope the second time is a charm. I rarely have trouble with lettuce germinating so this kind of mystifies me.

    Susan - Your weather has been truly CRAZY! Go ahead and ship those sheep. I will send them back 15 lbs. heavier in a couple of days!

    judy - Oh, the squirrels and chipmunks regularly sit in that bird feeder and stuff their little bellies full. Sometimes I think they eat more sunflower seeds than the birds.

    You come on over and stretch out on our lawn any time you want. We'll be careful and mow around you!

    Jane - I'll drink to that! :o]

    Sue - Why (I ask WHY!) are we all being punished by this crazy weather? Are you sure you're carrots aren't just super-slow in coming up?

    Sparkless - From your mouth to the rain gods' ears! Yes, please, some rain, please.

    Stephanie - Can't say the potatoes went in easy peasy . . . but they are IN! Hooray!

  10. Why does grass.... or in my case, weeds... grow so fast when nothing else will!!! Your photo is so pretty with the green grass, birdfeeder, fruit trees and distant fir(?) trees towering in the background. Congrats on the potato patch prep... hey, try to say that fast three times...!!!

  11. Lisa - We struggle so hard to grow our veggies while the weeds just keep thriving no matter what the weather. What's the solution? Maybe we should learn to eat more weeds!