Thursday, April 5, 2012

I Hate Fiberglass Insulation

By all rights, I really should sound a little more appreciative than that, shouldn't I?

The bulk of the day today was spent putting up insulation in the living room ceiling.

We moved nearly all of the furniture out of the room and went at it. I swear we weren't into the job for more than 15 minutes when I could feel the little particles of fiberglass under the elastic of my underpants. Honest, I really could. I wore a turtleneck, jeans, denim shirt buttoned at the cuffs and collar, a respirator mask and goggles. The darn stuff still got in everywhere.

Hubby wore coveralls and didn't seem to be affected as much as I was. I think I'm just a magnet for the stuff.

We finished it all but the corner where the wood stove pipe goes up through the ceiling. The stove has to be pulled out tomorrow so we can finish.

In the ceiling just in front of the stove pipe you can see a couple of new 2 x 4s.

They are part of the framing for the heat booster fan assembly we're installing to funnel warm air from the wood stove up into Papa Pea's office. It will be the only source of heat up there but we think it will be adequate. Time will tell. (Seems I'm saying that a lot lately . . . )

More work (and progress) on the ceiling on the slate for tomorrow.


2 Tramps said...

Oh, it is going to be so wonderful when it is all done - you will be so happy! Hope you aren't itching too badly this evening. We have used disposable coveralls before with good success.

Can't wait to see the heat booster fan - we need to do that in our shop to pull heat from our pellet stove upstairs to the guest quarters. We have had snow off and on the past two days and the spring storms have the temps. dropping to 20 at night.

Leigh said...

Oh my goodness, what a way to do it. No attic? Ours has the blown in type, which Dan does not like. Maybe someday we'll just lay new batts right on top of that. I know you will appreciate all this work though. Insulation can make a big difference!

Carolyn said...

You'll really appreciate all that insulation when it's keeping the wood stove from having to work so hard (and YOU from working so hard to split the wood for the stove).

You Can Call Me Jane said...

Bless your sweet little itchy heart. Insulation is a mess, but, oh, so worth it when things are all swept up and you're snug as a bug. Nice work!

Judy T said...

I feel your pain! I really, really hate insulating ceilings. We finally sprang for some stuff that is completely enclosed, not just faced on one side. It is a little more expensive (we watched until it went on sale) but much less itchy!!

Sparkless said...

Ohhh I'm itching just thinking about it! That sounds like a great idea to heat Papa Pea's office.

judy said...

I didn't know you would be working on the house again,thought you were taking a hiatus.I know what you mean about being sensitive to the stuff(pink cotton candy) I took a job as a teen in a discount store .I worked in domestics( can you guess which store called housewares domestics ,back in the 60's and they aren't around anymore) but the dang fiberglass curtains they sold back than,about drove me crazy

Jane @ Hard Work Homestead said...

Ugh yuck! what a job. The only insulation I have in my whole house is some vermiculite in the attic. Needless to say we have been looking into putting something else up there. There is at least 100 different types of insulation around now a days. How do you pick? I like to get out of any jobs that require a mask.

odiie said...

Insulation and's progress and that feels so good. You'll be so experienced you can head on over this way and help me get the sewing room done.

Karen L. said...

Oh so that's where you were. Wondered why there wasn't any quilt post yesterday. Guess you are back to DIYing and the quilting will be put on the back burner for a bit .... maybe until next February ... since gardening will be taking up a lot of your time soon too? Oh well, it was fun while it lasted!

Susan said...

It is going to be very cozy and warm next winter - if you can force yourself to think that far ahead right now... I am with you on the fiberglass insulation - it is insidious! It goes through steel and cotton undies! What type of wood stove is that? It's wonderful!

Cat Eye Cottage said...

Installing insulation is the worst! We did blown insulation in our attic ourselves several years ago, and it was a nasty job.

Mama Pea said...

2 Tramps - I'm still itching today! Took a shower before dinner last night but apparently didn't get all those little fiberglass buggers off!

Leigh - Hubby's office is directly above the living room so the insulation isn't truly for keeping heat in but rather as the first layer for sound insulation.

CR - The living room was already an easy room to heat, thankfully. As I wrote to Leigh, the insulation for more for sound proofing the room.

I'll Call You Jane - Itchy heart, itchy belly, itchy shoulders . . . I got 'em all!

Judy - That "enclosed" insulation would be so worth the price!

Sparkless - We're thinking the heat booster fan will adequately do the job. The office has a wall of south facing windows and even in the winter, if the sun shines he's been warm enough up there.

Mama Pea said...

judy - Our little hiatus from the remodeling was just until winter weather was over so it would be possible to do our cutting outside and not track mud/dirt through the house.

Jane - When we first remodeled the original part of this house sixteen years ago, we blew insulation into the attic. Horrible job, but I must admit the house has always been warm and easy to heat. Cool in the hot weather, too.

odiie - How 'bout if I come and cook for you while you do the remodeling? I am not a fan of much about remodeling. Well, except the end result of course! :o)

Karen L. - Oh, I am so hoping I can continue to squeeze some quilting time in. I really need it to stay sane. :o\

Susan - The stove is a Jotul #4 Combifire, just like the one we have in the kitchen area. Hubby loves it because not only does it heat magnificently (holds a fire overnight with no problem) but can be used as an open fireplace, too. I appreciate all that, for sure, but the style of it is too "modern" for me.

The Weekend Homesteader - I agree with you 100% on the blown in insulation!

Carolyn said...

Mama Pea, wouldn't a pair of earplugs be easier and cheaper?? Hehe!

Mama Pea said...

CR - If only dealing with him were that simple. Sigh. ;o}

Erin said...

Yep, that stuff is awful! Ours is the blown kind so whenever we go up in the attic tufts of it come down with us, yuck! Things are looking great however!

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