Monday, March 5, 2012

I Am Thankful For . . .

. . . the look of my new kitchen cabinets. (Some people [ahem] didn't think my idea would work.)

. . . my comfy bed. (Hubby complains of the dip in the middle, but I don't notice it 'cause I'm a dyed-in-the-wool cuddler.)

. . . like-minded bloggers. (You make me laugh and cry, you support and cheer me on, you generously share your knowledge and offer true friendship.)

. . . a husband who is cheerful and positive 99% of the time. (We are both even-tempered; his temper is always good, mine is always bad.)

. . . friends who call to say thank you for small favors. (There are still lots of kind, caring people out there.)

. . . living in an area that has a low rate of crime. (There are many disadvantages to living where we do. These are balanced with some very big advantages.)

. . . good garden soil for growing good food. (I am all a'quiver waiting to get at my gardening this year!)

. . . lots of wood in our wood sheds and lots of wood stacked in the yard to be cut. (Our mild winter has been extremely easy on the bounty our wood sheds hold. Plus, we have a mountain of wood waiting to be cut that is paid for.)

. . . Mondays because they are the start of a brand new week. (Every day is a new beginning --- especially Mondays!)


  1. Lovely list of thankfuls. Thank you for sharing. It's a great start to the week.

  2. Every day is good when you stop to appreciate it, isn't it? I sure do enjoy reading your positive comments. Being "all-aquiver" to start the gardening describes my feelings exactly. We had such a warm day last week that I got out and planted a few early things in the raised beds and put hoops and plastic over them. Good thing, since the world is all white out there again this morning. It'll melt though, and spring's a-comin' still. One of these days.

  3. You certainty do have a lot to be thanful for ,but I think you worked for it by cuddling ,do you mean spooning,I miss that,too long of a short story and you just did make me lol,on your comment that you are both even tempered ,Jerry and I are too but now we did a reverse, he is even temped and I'm just plain wacko,have a nice week,mine should be interesting g ,Jerry has a new wound on his foot/ ankle,it started very simple ,but with his severe diabetes he gets a little mole hill and turns in to a mountain fast and if anybody remembers ,they put him in the hospital last fall ,for that reason ,if sepsis sets in to his would and travels up his leg where the metal is in his knee [ never mended knee ] it would be fatal ,so I an thankful his new nurse [ did I forget to tell you,Jerry has a in home nurse now,another time ] SHE IS A WOUND SPECIALIST

  4. HA, love the even tempered one. I think we have a some of that at our house.

  5. Thanks for reminding me to stop and be thankful. I tend to look at the list not done and forget the blessings. I need to start a new list. :)

  6. Judy - You're so very welcome!

    Trailshome - Thanks! We'll all be out in the garden before we know it . . . then the busy times really start!

    judy - Jerry's new nurse sounds like she was sent to you for a specific reason! Hoping all turns out well on that front.

    Jane - Well, knowing what to expect makes it easier all around, doncha think? ;o)

    odiie - Oh, gosh, we ALL tend to look at what we DON'T get accomplished and that's not a good thing. Wonder what would happen if we made the effort to ALWAYS think the better thoughts?

  7. Thanks Mama Pea--good way to start the week!
    We do okay here, seems we stay balanced (if one is snotty the other is not) lol Works okay, over the long run...

    You have last years garden energy combined with this years garden energy--no wonder you're all a twitter!!

  8. Akannie - Your comment reminded me of this: A couple who was celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary was asked what was the secret to their long marriage. The woman replied, "Well, I guess it's because both of us never wanted a divorce at the same time." Give and take, support and be supported. It takes a lot, doesn't it?

  9. Thankful for Mondays is a good way to start the week!

  10. I love the "even tempered" bit! And I am thankful for you and your blog. It makes me all warm and fuzzy - and we all need more warmth and fuzziness.

  11. We are thankful for you and what you share with us too. You give us a wonderful way to start the week.

  12. Nice list - I too had to laugh at the "even tempered", that describes the difference between hubby and I as well :)

  13. dr momi - A new day, a new week, a new start!

    Susan - Thanks, Pal!

    Rea - Right back atcha!

    Erin - Don't knock it . . . you and your hubby have a super-balanced relationship!

  14. Beautiful list of things to be thankful for. :)

  15. Wonderful list! Truly, gratitude leads to serenity which, in turn, imparts physical and mental health benefits. Thank you so much for your delightful blog!-"M"

  16. Patty - Thanks, Lovely Lady!

    "M" - Yay, I say, for physical and mental health!

    You are a big (well, small really) sweetheart!