Thursday, February 16, 2012

Stop World, I Wanna Get Off

At this stage of my life, I should have all the time each day to do exactly what I want. (Obviously, I'm not doing something right.)

Earlier this week I started getting out and exercising each day (power walking) in an effort to perhaps lose some weight and definitely tone up some flab.

It's killing me.

I can't believe the muscles that are sore. Not just in the lower part of my body which you would expect, but should my rib cage and shoulders be stressed and strained, too? I am holding my arms in an upright position (you know, sort of like a boxer) and close to my body and working them as I waddle (I mean walk) along. Maybe I need to relax more as I'm waddling (I mean walking).

Also I have a feeling this more-than-I'm-used-to exercise is releasing some toxins from various hidey-holes in my body because since I got up this morning I've felt drugged and . . . well, just not very good. Oh, I tell ya, trying to stay in shape is H-E-!-!.

We got about 1/2" of snow overnight but the temp went back up in the high 30s today so all of it has melted. The new blog header photo I put up a couple of days ago is one I took back in 2009 and shows one heckuva lot more snow than we've seen this winter in our little portion of the county.

I'm even behind on blog reading and communication with a bloggy friend. Well, if truth were to be told, there is a list of people I need to make contact with before they start making inquiries as to whether I'm still among the living. Yes, it's that bad, and I'm that far behind.

I know! I'll quit my day job and declare retirement. I won't miss the salary, because there is none. Then I'll have all the time each day to do exactly what I want. Right?

(Obviously, I'm not doing something right.)


Sue said...

Oh, we all think you're doing just fine. A busy , full life is what we all SHOULD have. Could you imagine if life were slowed down to the point that you hear the tick tock of the clock? How dull. I'm glad you are fitting in YOU time, taking walks--even if it is to try and work off some cookies. Just don't over-do. There's a bunch of us out here that couldn't be without our dose of Mama Pea!

Sue said...

PS-Is it just me? These new word verification things are HARD to see!

Rea said...

I hope your body will get use to your new routine. As for being busy, for me the harder I try to clean my plate, the busier I get. You probably should just give in to the inevitable, you are a hard worker and there's nothing to be done about that. Hope you feel better.

And, Sue the new word verification thingings are hard to read. I tried doing the sound ones and that isn't all that easy either.

Stephanie said...

You are doing fabulous Mama Pea:) At least you are making an attempt, unlike me lol. I just cannot do the hills that surround my home...going down is a piece of cake, it's trying to get back up them lol.

Judy T said...

You will get into the swing of it soon enough. You're probably right that you are getting rid of some built up toxins. And, yes, this getting in shape stuff is HE double hockysticks!

And yes, add me into the not liking the new verification thingy.


Jane @ Hard Work Homestead said...

I have always said the slowest time of the year for me is June. The garden is planted, no big harvests to tend to, no firewood to cut, the days are long, the animals are all happy, and it is the ONLY time I have to read or do any crafty type things. The statement that winter is the slow season was made by someone who does not homestead. So dont feel bad Mama Pea, it is just that time of year. I hope you feel better real soon :)

Mama Pea said...

Sue - I simply can't imagine ever having a day where I sat and listened to the clock tick. There are so many FUN things I would be doing if I had that spare time!

P.S. Those new word verification things are AWFUL! I can't believe that's how they're going to be now. Too hard to read.

Rea - I know with just a few more days of the exercise, I'll be fine. (If I live that long.) I tend to always start out at anything like this with a little too much gusto.

Stephanie - Hills HURT!

Judy - Knowing that if I don't keep this up and get over this first hump so I don't have to start again may be just enough to keep me going!

Jane - I can always count on you to be my rooting section. Thank you!

LindaCO said...

Good for you for getting out and getting some exercise!

Sparkless said...

LOL! I think you are doing just what you want to do each day but you just want to do way more than is humanly possible.
I agree with Sue those word verification things are horrible. I get them wrong all the time and have to keep redoing them.

Mama Pea said...

LindaCO - It's kind of discouraging when you think you're an active person on a day to day basis, but find there sure are a lot of muscles that we don't use every day!

Sparkless - Yes! You've got it! Well, maybe not entirely . . . I don't like washing dishes or some (most) cleaning jobs. But I do enjoy a clean house.

Katidids said...

Mama Pea, when you walk, hold your elbows at waist will keep your shoulders & upper back from stiffening up & let you have a natural stride.
Thats not flab! It's winter insulation!

Tombstone Livestock said...

Well Mama Pea don't over do at the start, alternate exercises. Good for you for the determination to do it.

Ok I am going to try to prove I am not a robot but it does not look like it is going to be easy.

Mama Pea said...

Katidids - Thank you, thank you! I had been told by a marathon runner to keep my forearms up as if I was in fighting position. I'm doing it your way tomorrow and hopefully it will solve my upper aches and pains. And thank you for suggesting my flab is winter insulation. Ha!

Tombstone Livestock - Thanks for the encouraging words.

Now if we could all just do something about the dumb new word verification words! Arrrrgh.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there... start slowly on the exercise, don't want you to keel over from your body going into shock. LOL Please do me a favor and e-mail me at with your mailing address please... I finally pulled together the giveaway I did months ago and you won one of the books.

MaineCelt said...

MamaPea, your exercise after-effects sound similar to how my body responds when I try to practice the fiddle. I'm always amazed at how many places tension can accumulate, and how much effort it takes to relax muscles. Ever heard of Feldenkreis? (sp?) As I understand it, it's a way of analyzing and adjusting the body's posture and movements for optimum ergonomics. You can probably take the D.I.Y. route just by noticing where your tension tends to be held, then making some adjustments to your position and consciously relaxing.

Also, are you remembering to drink extra water to help "wash" away the newly-released toxins? On the rare occasions when I get a professional massage, the massage therapist always gives me a tall glass of water afterwards and practically stands over me to make sure I drink it!

judy said...

I'm with sue ,take it step by step, and I'm sorry about that last send ,and here I thought I could beat the computer ,all I did was copy 3 little letters and thats what came up. As far as the working out part,I am trying to ,I was gonna go to the courage center with Jerry but he won't go,I thought swimming would benefit us both and do something we love [ beside you don't feel the pain in water ]my aunt lived a long full life and went swimming 3x a week -Whats with needing to type 2 words now -for tighter security ?[ to publish comment,I mean ]

Susan said...

Really, you shouldn't have to retire TWICE. It's just wrong, I tell you. You need a mantra - try this, "It's good to be good to myself." If it works, let me know and I'll take it up. Love, Dr. Sweezie.

Cat Eye Cottage said...

Having time to do exactly what you want is highly overrated, right? No? I didn't think so. That's a beautiful header photo by the way.

Erin said...

I think you are doing far better than me in keeping up and keeping fit, so don't think for one minute that you aren't a total inspiration and boot in the you-know-what to me when I get to feeing un-accomplished LOL! This past winter has been unacceptable it seems, and I know I'm not alone... what happened to our down time, our hobbies, etc? Next winter has got to be more productive! At least you have a whole new kitchen and some other things to show for it :)

Anonymous said...

'Same thing happened to me when I took up weights last September. Holy Cow! I thought it wouldn't be as bad because I stacked 11 cords of wood and did homesteading chores all last summer. Those weights worked different muscles that I didn't know existed. I'm still with the weights (along with daily walks and stretching) because I want to be a bit stronger for the upcoming season. I am glad to say that it DOES get easier with time. But I had to learn to be patient, pace myself and accept my limits at the moment. Baby steps always add up and lead to something more. Keep at it! You'll do fine! And find some corner of time just for YOU. We all think you are worth it!-"M"

Mama Pea said...

Ruth - My body already IS in shock! I felt worst this morning after my walk than any of the other days! (Luckily, I recover very quickly.) I hope no one takes me seriously . . . I just like to complain and look for sympathy!

MaineCelt - Kowabunga Chief, you must do some violent fiddle work! ;o] Very good suggestion for me to remember to drink extra water during this exerting period. I get a lymph massage once a month and my therapist always has water for me and reminds me to drink lots more at home after the massage. I've taken note of your other good suggestions, too. Thanks.

judy - We have a nice community swimming pool in our town but I am so much NOT a swimmer. It's always touted as such a great exercise, but I just don't like the water.

This new Word Verification system is just plain AWFUL. Shall we rebel?

Susan - Dear Dr. Sweezie, If only that would work. Unfortunately, I have some bad habits (guilt, guilt, guilt) that I know you can relate to. I need a lobotomy in order to relax and be good to myself. (Or drugs. Have never tried drugs but do know liquor only makes me sick.) Sigh.

The Weekend Homesteader - Thanks for the compliment on my header photo. It was taken on a walk down the driveway to get the mail. I am beginning to think we'll never see that much (which really isn't much!) snow this winter.

Erin - I think there are many of us who would like a "do over" on this winter . . . both weather-wise and down time-wise!

"M" - They say if we lived a more "natural" type of life, we would get all the exercise we needed just doing daily chores. Phffffft! There are still oodles of muscles you'd never hit! I guess that's why cross-training is a good idea. I know I'm still in better shape than a lot of other females my age. (But that's not an excuse not to try to be better!) :o]

Karen L. said...

Mama P, It's not that you are "not doing something right". It's that you are doing so many "somethings". Cooking, cleaning, DIYing, garden and animal care, hubby care, making rugs, doing tutes for us, blogging, keeping up with other blogs, etc., etc., etc. It all adds up to a long day no matter how you look at it. Sure you are not doing all of that stuff in one day but a lot of it is on the list, I'm sure. And now you are trying to fit in time to exercise? Yikes! Good luck with that. Do start out slowly and build on time spent and types of exercise as the days roll by. After all, you sure don't want to pull or strain some "thingy" in your body and not be able to do the required chores around the homestead. OR ... maybe you do so you can get some rest?

Mama Pea said...

Karen L. - Oh, dear bloggy friend, you are so right. I really do have too, too many things I WANT to do. But I should not complain as that's what keeps life interesting and makes me want to get up and tackle each new day. Close to a whole week of my exercise program and I can't notice my new, fantastic figure emerging yet. What's with that? If I could see instant results, I'd be much better at keeping with the program! Thanks for your wise and encouraging words.