Friday, February 17, 2012

My Landscape is Grayer than Yours . . .

This post is for my bloggy friend Sue who did a post this morning lamenting the shades of gray (or grey) she sees when looking out on her winter landscape.

Well, Sue, I think my pictures show that my little area of northern Minnesota beats yours in northern Michigan all to heck in the drab, gray (or grey), downright bleak-looking department.

This is a shot of some of my raised garden beds. Woebegone and bedraggled, for sure.

Here are our very attractive (not) solar panels facing straight east this morning. Do they see any sun? Anywhere? Please? Nope.

My blueberry bushes are down near the woods line where the snow is the deepest. But they aren't even covered with snow this year.

Wait! Do I detect a smidgen of color? Why yes! If you look closely, there is still a slight blush of reddish (okay, brownish) color left on this lonely apple clinging to a barren apple tree branch. Not quite as attractive as Sue's lovely blue roofs, but a little color nonetheless!


  1. LOL!!!
    Oh, you are a gem!
    Thanks for the smile. Scratch that---thanks for the FULL BLOWN LAUGH!

  2. Hang on! February is almost over! Then comes Farch! Hang on, little apple!!!

  3. well if all else fails,maybe you could get drunk off that lonely apple

  4. I'm surprised a deer hasn't eaten that apple yet :-)

  5. Think of this as the rest before the hard work of getting gardens ready and planting begins. That's always such back breaking work that we are given this time to rest up for it before it smacks us in the face.
    You will find me at home resting with my feet up getting ready for spring.

  6. What is wrong with that apple that nothing has eaten it yet? Sorry it is so gray there, we actually had sunshine for about 6 hours today! I keep looking at my garden and sighing too. lol

  7. Sue - Why do your "gray" pictures look so much better than mine? (Methinks it has something to do with the snow cover. I want some snow! She says stamping her foot.)

    Susan - Could we please get a little snow before the winter is over? Please?

    judy - It's probably plenty fermented by now!

    dr momi - Ha! A deer can't get at it. We've got a 7' high deer fence around the whole area! Otherwise, we wouldn't have fruit trees let alone fruit!

    Sparkless - I'm gonna come drag you here to Minnesota to help me plant this spring. So rest up! (Planting is my unfavoritest part of gardening!)

    Rea - As I say the deer can't get to it but I'm surprised one of our sassy Blue Jays hasn't gone for it!

    Chai Chai - Well, it sure hasn't been this winter with our lack of sunshine! You've given me a good idea for a post though. Stand by!

  8. Sorry you're feeling so gray around your place. You could replace it with what we've had here.....muddy, and poopy-muddy in the goat pens!

    Yeah, what's up with that apple anyways??

  9. I need to post the picture I took of my brocolli that is getting close to picking.

  10. You have a smidge of white there, but that isn't really a color is it? It's a lack of color. I might have you all beat...we are mud now:) But I am not complaining.

  11. I think you may be right on that, it is grayer LOL! Can't comment on Sue's post, but gosh I thought those photos were gorgeous! It's troubling the lack of snow cover at your place, I sure hope you at least get a bunch of rain this spring (not the flooding kind!). I worry about your garden and wildfires...

  12. That's what I hate about so-so winters. Either there needs to be a lot of snow to cover all the blah, or there needs to be no snow and sun shining.

  13. CR - Yay, the muddy season! NOT my favorite time of year. You're right, at least we aren't slopping around in that yucky stuff yet.

    Tombstone Livestock - Ouch! Not nice. Not nice at all! We've got 5-6 months to go before we see a head of broccoli around here. (Whadda difference, eh?)

    Stephanie - You've the first person I've met who doesn't complain about mud! Silly girl.

    Erin - I know! Sue's photos are lovely! That's what prompted me to do my post of my NOT-lovely surroundings! We've got to get some moisture around here soon or we will be in trouble coming spring/summer. If my snow dance doesn't produce something, I'll have to go right into my rain dance.

    Kaytee - Exactly! I'm always in a hurry to get from the last of the fall colors into heavy snow because that inbetween part is so drab. We can't seem to get out of the drab part this winter! Sigh.

  14. Definitely grayscale! I couldn't even begin to compete because we have too much green stuff around here. Stuff that grows and hangs in there no matter what the temperature is or the weather is doing.

  15. (Laughing...) That's one sad little apple! God...February sucks!

  16. Leigh - I'll bet you think those of us who choose to live up here near the tundra are totally whacko, right? Truthfully, I don't think I'd last too long through many more winters (or I should say non-winters) like this. Hubby and I are both snow lovers and appreciate the beauty of the winters up here. It's just that this year has been so strange! So snowless and so gray!

    tami - This whole winter has been that way! :o(

  17. And I thought it was dreary enough here in Maryland. You've got us beat by a long way. At least is almost time to start planting some seeds indoors.

  18. Tony - I'm happy to say our landscape looks a bit better today. We got about 2-3" of snow overnight . . . unfortunately, the temp is at 34 now so I'm betting most of the snow will melt. Darn.