Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Another Snowstorm Warning

We're expecting to get some more snow starting later tonight and all the way through tomorrow (Wednesday) until 6 p.m. But I can't help but wonder if anyone really knows what's going to happen because depending on the source you check out, we're told to expect 4 to 14" by the end of the storm heading our way. Hmmm, would I want to shovel 4" if I had the choice or 14"? Quite a bit of difference, wouldn't you say?

Chicken Mama, who seems to have a knack for reading radar weather maps, says most of the storm and snowfall is going to be south of us. (Frankly, I'll be a little disappointed if that is what happens.) I guess we'll just have to wait to see what actually comes to pass.

But juuuust in case, Papa Pea went to the farm today to pick up fresh milk and cream . . .

. . . and we filled the wood box on the porch . . . um, ah, plenty full!

A short while ago, I got a new post up on my quilt blog. Go take a look if you would like to do so.

See ya after the snowstorm!


Poppy said...

Looks cozy Mama Pea! I am envious! We're getting tornado watch bulletins here in Kansas right now....

Enjoy your weather!

Erin said...

I think you are going to get LOTS! Mother Nature has got something up her sleeve and since we are supposed to hit 71 tomorrow I think you will get tons of white stuff! Soup, wood stove and do something relaxing and enjoy it for me please :)

Mama Pea said...

Poppy - Ugh, tornadoes! I am so glad we left them when we moved here from Illinois. I'd take a HUGE snowstorm any day over a tornado.

Erin - I'll make you a promise. If we get the snow, I'll take the day off and ENJOY it . . . just for you, my girl!

Carolyn said...

Ah, the wonderful feeling of having the wood box filled!! Our winter has been so mild that we've yet to pack the porch full of wood....just getting it as we need it.

Sparkless said...

I'm hoping we get at least one more snow storm before winter ends. We've had a few but right after it usually warms up or rains and melts all the lovely snow.
I hope you get just the right amount of snow.
I didn't make the soup because we had other leftovers to eat but it's on my menu plan for the week.

judy said...

At least you know what you got ,SNOW,old boots up there can't decide what we will end up with,Dan works till 2:00 am and drove home about5-10 mph on a ice rink for 20 miles.I have to go get some nourishment at Aldis's today for Jerry and how did I forget to tell you ,yesterdays appt went so good again. I know why I forgot ,because Jerry is doing so well,we almost forget he has the big ugly"C" His forcast continues to be"no news is good news" [ meaning,they don't see any changes in fact,this other dr. we saw [ not his original onoculogist ] suggested they are noy sure what they are lookinfg at in the liver.it hasn't grown.if it isn't a tumor than maybe it would not be stage 4 anymore,hallelujah one more funny story from a old vet--we talked ,I asked where are you from,,he says Wisconsin,he explains he lost 2 wife's and this is how he put it,"after the second one ,we hatched another kid" what,you been farming too long,I asked him" you hatched a kid,or are you sure you didn't pull him from the cabbage patch"but also I felt quit dumb.I asked" what do you farm--in Wis?" what else,cows?---lol

mtnchild said...

The weather channel says the midwest storm is moving in your direction! I sure hope you get more than 4". Right now I have 6 and it will continue through tomorrow (Thurs). It's about time and I'm thrilled. I don't mind shoveling.
Happy snow to youuuuuu.

Laura S Reading said...

Far north WI has over a foot of wet heavy stuff right now. Our predicted 6" so far has all been rain, nasty and cold. However it is cleaning up all the dirty leftovers from the last storm.

I keep reminding myself of the benefits of snow to the soil.
Hope you do not get all your benefits in one day.

Susan said...

We are bracing for the same. We must have the same weathermen - the forecast is for 2-12 inches! I am heading home early, as I don't fancy getting slogged down going over the mountain tonight. Keep cozy! (BTW, I L.O.V.E. your cowie potholders - are they for sale? Pleeze???)

dr momi said...

We only got 7 inches....but from the looks of the weather map...you maybe got the 14 inches?? :-)

Lisa said...

Hi Mama Pea ~ Did you get (are you getting?!) your snowstorm? So interesting reading these comments as so many are receiving so much snow yet here in SC it's warm (60's) but rainy. I so LOVE your woodbox! Particularly all overflowing with your seasoned firewood. I am envious.

Mama Pea said...

CR - Even way up here in the north, we can't believe how little wood we've burned this year. Very mild temps.

Sparkless - We can get a good amount of snow in March . . . but we also get a lot of melting in the month, too. Don't push yourself on the soup. Wait until it's the right time.

judy - Such good news about Jerry. I still say it's all the TLC he gets from you! I'll bet you get to talk with some very interesting people at the VA.

Yvette - Ah, good to hear you got a nice amount of snow. As far as I'm concerned, I'd like winter to hang on a little longer.

DogsMom - Ha, I have to laugh. If ONLY we could order how we want our snow to come, when and where. Oh, and please no ice!

Susan - Smart girlie, heading home early with that kind of weather coming attcha! Hunker in at home and enjoy it. Your furry critters will be THRILLED to see you pull in early. (I'm sending you an e-mail regarding the cowie pot holders.)

dr momi - The weather map LIES! Post coming up.

Lisa - When you heat with wood, dry and seasoned wood is truly better than money!

I can hardly believe the warmer than usual early spring weather so much of the country (like you!) is having!

Tom Stewart said...

Mama Pea,
I do not want to rub it in, But I just herd Thunder and the rain is coming down heavy! It is warmer outside then it is in the house!
The temps today were in the 50's, and tomorrow is going to be 66!
I just went out onto the front porch and watched the lightening dance across the night sky.
Another sign of Spring?