Friday, January 20, 2012

Remembering To Appreciate . . .

. . . sunshine

. . . goals and plans to look forward to

. . . a husband who will eat anything I put in front of him

. . . a source for raw milk products

. . . excellent garden soil

. . . not having to work a job off the homestead

. . . chickens that are laying in this Arctic cold weather

. . . Minnesota-raised granddogs who like being outside on cold, sunny days

. . . enough $$ to purchase garden seeds and plants (within reason!)

. . . our fantastic local library and staff

. . . new glass frames that are so light (Flexon) I forget I have them on

. . . enough kitchen cabinets that I still have one EMPTY drawer!


  1. What a nice list of gratitude! I think you should add yourself to the list - we all sure do enjoy your sharing nature and great sense of humor!

    An empty drawer? Don't be sharing that kind of information - just savor the time you have it!

    P.S. Found the pie recipe and also your Almond-Cranberry cake - yumm! Gonna be baking that cake this weekend! Thanks!

  2. Quick,fill the drawer or it will become a catchall,thats what we had growing up,still do. You know a "junk drawer"Your fridge looks empty,must be your extra.milk looks cold and delicious. My sister in Brainerd used to get whole milk ,with cream on top,from the dairy. than to make it go around to her 4 sons ,she would mix up powdered milk,I never new the difference. Here is to "cold milk" and eggs that looks pretty enough to be Easter eggs,Martha Steward would be envious .

  3. I have some stuff I can put in that drawer for you. I have been trying to rid my house of so much 'stuff'. I was on a roll but the day after I took a ton out, I missed it. So if I knew it was living at your house, I would feel so much better :)

  4. So---do you have a "junk" drawer? If so---let's see it!

  5. Nice list, but how do you have an empty drawer? Would love to have one of those. LOL

  6. 2 Tramps - 1st - You are too, too sweet! 2nd - I still can't believe it's there . . . and EMPTY. 3rd - Oh, that Almond-Cranberry cake is a good one. I think you'll like it!

    judy - Ha! Martha no doubt has chickens that lay every color of egg possible. Ours are just brown!

    Carolyn Renee - I think I have a problem surrounding that drawer. I mean, I could easily fill it but then . . . I wouldn't have excess drawer space in my kitchen! Pretty dysfunctional, huh?

    Jane - Scratch the empty drawer, Ladies. It is soon going to be full of Jane's stuff!

    Sue - Eeeep. Yes, I have a junk drawer. Actually a junk box within a drawer and another big junk box. I will take pictures and put them up on the blog right after I finish dishes tonight.

    Peggy - I think I did succeed in designing my new kitchen with enough drawers and cabinets! How cool is that??

  7. Really liking the idea of these Appreciation Posts that you are doing. Wake-up call for me every time you do it. Sounds like I am a bit like your husband. I would like and eat everything you cooked for me also ... well, except pickled beets. Yech! Ah, if only you could .... or anyone for that matter. Oh well, guess the cook doesn't ever get to retire. Bummer!

  8. What a great list. I like the one about the granddogs. And an empty drawer. Oooo... how dreamy.....


  9. Fabulous list of things to be grateful for Mama Pea:)

  10. Karen L. - WHAT? No pickled beets?? They are something I make jars and jars of (dozens, no foolin') every year! I love 'em! I know what you mean about wanting to eat someone else's cooking. Sometimes I get so tired of mine I can't even taste the food!

    Judy - Doesn't take much (an empty drawer) to make us go all ga-ga, does it? ;o}

    Stephanie - Thank you, m'dear!

  11. Ohhhhhhhh and empty drawer! I dream of that. Isn't it nice to just open it up and know you have room for stuff if you need it? Ya, I dream of that and of having a closet for my clothes.

  12. Sparkless - I know where you're coming from being closet-less. I've had my share of bedrooms that didn't have a closet!

  13. You just reminded me that I too have an empty drawer in my kitchen - the deepest and lowest in a row of three. Why empty? Apparently the landlord used it for keeping plastic bags (she left a few) and it has a sliding door on the top of the drawer I find inconvenient. I may have to see if I can remove the slider and reclaim that empty space!!!

  14. Jen - Yup, I'd get that sliding cover off so the drawer would actually be convenient to use!

  15. I sooo love your appreciation list. No matter where we are in life, there are things to appreciate. Even when things get bad, there are always a few flowers to be found in the midst of weeds.
    Think I might have to look up your almond cranberry cake. Hubby and I are trying to live a little healthier, but there are always people at work that appreciate a home cooked goodie. I can bake at home and send it off.

  16. Got the slider off and stowed in a closet and already lined the drawer. Think it will be a drawer for plastic storage containers so I can use the cupboard where they now live for baking dishes and mixing bowls!

  17. Lori - I appreciate your appreciation of my appreciation lists! (Does that sound as bad as I think it does?) I always kinda fear they might seem like drivel to other people so it's good to have your reinforcement. (Did I just hear four other people groaning?)

    Although I love to bake, it's not too often the two of us consume all of anything I make whether it's a pie or cake or cookies. I think folks still eat those things but so many people BUY them ready made and that stuff is soooo inferior. So you're right, anything you might want to bake and share at work is probably appreciated more than you know!

    Jen - Watch out, folks. More reorganization going on in that Ohio kitchen!

  18. I love these photos, each one represents such possibilities!

  19. Erin - What a delightful way to look at the photos!

  20. As a librarian I say "thank you" for remembering the library. It adds so much to any community, but is under fire in so many places. Thank you!

  21. Hopewell - Welcome and thanks for commenting! We are so, so fortunate in our small community to have such a wonderful library. It is always busy and the staff is warm and friendly. I know libraries are suffering in this economy and it's a stressful situation for you librarians. Books are wonderful and we have to fight to keep libraries funded and strong.