Friday, January 20, 2012

I'll Show You Mine If You'll Show Me Yours

Okay, Sue, you asked to see my junk drawer so here it is.

I think I've done a pretty good job of slimming down what used to be a whole drawer in the kitchen. These days it's just a smallish box in the corner of a big drawer that holds . . .
. . . this.

The bulk of the stuff that would normally be in a real junk drawer is in the picture below.

This floor to ceiling unit holding pull-out baskets is in our entry room, on the left of our outdoor clothes closet.

This basket holds all my important junk including my own set of tools. And, boy-oh-boy, is there heck to pay if "somebody" borrows one of my tools and doesn't return it to this drawer within about ten minutes!

There. Now wasn't that just about the most interesting thing you've seen in ages?

Anybody else wanna get wild and crazy and reveal YOUR junk drawer?


  1. Sorry I just have a junk box. We don't have many drawers in our kitchen and no room for junk so we just have this small cardboard box we put on a shelf by the phone book. It holds all that crap you can't get rid of like elastic bands, balloons (cause you never know when you may need a balloon from your child's 8th birthday), fuses, paper clips, tacks, extra night light bulbs, string and so much more. I'll take a pic and put it on my blog for you later.

  2. I would but it's actually several junk "locations"...most of the tools are in the garage in a plastic tub, pens/pencils etc are in another location for get the idea. I am not organized in any way:P

  3. Uhm. I have at least THREE junk drawers in my kitchen. Granted, they are SMALL'ish drawers, but still. Maybe this is a sign that I should be cleaning them out, hugh?

  4. That is the tidiest junk drawer I have ever seen! You should see mine! Hey paint the handle of your hammer PINK! It will be back in the drawer toot sweet!

  5. Oh, stop with your organized self! I can only show my junk drawer to those people who can prove they are over 21. What I wouldn't do for that floor-to-ceiling, pull-out drawer unit.

  6. OMG. It's SO NEAT. C'mon-there has to be SOMEPLACE that isn't spotlessly clean and organzied???? It's a JUNK drawer, Mama Pea!!!
    Okay-I'm gonna take a pic of mine and post it. It's a JUNK drawer.
    (and it's the ONLY place that looks like it. We all NEED a messy spot. Really. We do.)

  7. I have a junk drawer, the one in the small bit of counter where the phone sits. It contains scissors, stapler, binder clips, tape, and vintage envelope and floppy disk labels (which I now use for spice jars!) I also have my own tools but they live in MY tool box :)

  8. Well, considering that my kitchen is currently spread out into 6 rooms, I have a junk house not a junk drawer! LOL

  9. Junk drawer here, junk drawer there, too many junk drawers. I want to grow up to be just like you, Mama Pea. So very organized. But wait, you just redid your kitchen so maybe show us another photo in a year or two then I will be impressed. And really, I am desperately trying to get organized this year. That's my resolution. But where to start first, kitchen or sewing room? Guess I had better flip a coin

  10. nice post thanks for sharing....blessings...soraya

  11. Neither you nor Sue know what junk is - you two are way too neat! When we had our kitchen remodeled the old cabinets were installed in the garage. The original junk draw that belonged to Tramp 1 is still there just as it looked over 5 years ago. He started another in my new kitchen... Maybe I will have him clean it up tomorrow while he watches football!! Shame might be the answer - thanks, ladies!


  13. Sparkless - You just described the contents of my junk box . . . plus a lot of other unrecognizable junk that I am going to get rid of . . . someday. Waiting for that picture of yours . . .

    Stephanie - You could take us on a tour of your home junk spots. ;o}

    Carolyn Renee - I'll bet you could consolidate all that valuable junk into two drawers, no?

    Nancy - Tidy??! That big box has stuff in it that I have no idea what it is! And to find anything other than what is lying right on top is a real challenge . . . that sometimes takes 30 minutes. Ugh. A pink hammer wouldn't faze my husband one bit. (But at least I could maybe locate it in his workshop easier!)

    Susan - I can't BELIEVE you people think that looks neat and organized!

    The house structure we originally had to work with was only 15 by 39' inside measurements (it was a bunk house!) so you can believe I designed every hidey-hole for storage I possibly could!

    Sue - That cinches it! I'm gonna take every thing that is in that box and lay it out on a table and you will be amazed at all the weird, what-the-heck-is-that junk in there! It is truly a JUNK box!

    Jen - Now, you, Jen, are the Organized One! No, I've never seen the inside of your house, but somehow I just know that.

    Leigh - With your massive remodeling, you have the best excuse in the world for not being as organized as you might wish! (Six rooms, huh?)

  14. Karen L. - Well, I gotta admit I've never had too much trouble being organized. My problem is getting done everything I set up for myself!

    soraya - You're welcome!

    2 Tramps - Huh. So shame works on some husbands?

    judy - Listen, Silly Lady. We use flannel sheets all year round. Hubby claims cotton sheets are too "clammy" in the summer.

  15. In the interest of preserving my reputation, you wouldn't even be allowed in my house at present!!

  16. I'm not the most organized, so most any drawer I opened and took a picture of would look like a junk drawer. In fact, my husband's exact words the other day were, "Why does every drawer turn into a junk drawer?" ;)
    P.S. My word verification word is inomembo. As in, I no membo much! LOL! I ammuse myself when I'm not irritating myself. :)

  17. Jen - You are temporarily excused from any semblance of organization. You have a very good excuse!

    Patty - Haha! I no membo much either! Tell your dear hubby those drawers are "workin' drawers" in a "workin' household!" ;o}

  18. Sorry, I don't have a junk drawer, I have no room for one LOL I consider that a luxury :)

  19. Erin - You probably couldn't STAND a junk drawer! :o]