Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I Appreciate . . .

Caring, sharing neighbors who would (quite literally) give you the shirt off their back.

My new kitchen cabinets that are so ample and convenient.

Good health. Amen.

Living in an area where there is still an abundance of nature's beauty.

A full pantry at the end of January.

The luxury of having the time to experiment with a new cookie recipe.

The fact that no matter what happened yesterday, today is a new beginning.

Indoor plumbing. (This may not resonate with those who have not lived without indoor plumbing. I have, and I am VERY appreciative of having it.)


  1. I happen to notice after the picture of the beautiful deer that there is an antler on your kitchen counter. Those aren't deer cookies are they? ;)

  2. I really like this one; The fact that no matter what happened yesterday, today is a new beginning.
    That can be said of so many things!
    Have a great day!

  3. Amen. I am thankful you, and that you continue to remind me to think about gratitude :)

  4. I understand the appreciation of the bathroom, You guys did a wonderful job. Would of loved to have some of your snow, our winter is really off we should be in the low 30's high 20's and here we are at 57, really worrys me on bugs this year, garden will be attacted for sure.....like always enjoy your posts...... sherry

  5. Oh I had to chuckle at this post. My husband always says that Man's greatest invention is indoor plumbing. Cannot disagree with that although there are some other things that are right up there at the top with it such as fire (therefore heat and cooked food) and good internet connection. Hey, without that I couldn't read your blog!!! And yep, today is a new beginning; thank goodness sometimes. So, what cookies did you bake and were they any good? Inquiring minds (and Cookieaholics) want to know.

  6. Oh yes, I am very thankful for indoor plumbing. I'm usually reminded of this every year when we go camping.

  7. A lovely list of blessings, Mama Pea. Thank you for sharing. :o)

  8. Jane - Ha! No deer cookies, but we are having venison sausage for dinner. Just kidding! I'll post a picture for you later today of what you saw.

    Lori - I think the fact that every day is a new beginning is what keeps us going sometimes.

    Erin - Thanks, Friend.

    Sherry - Unfortunately, we don't have enough snow to give any away. We've gotten about 3" in the last couple of days but today the forecast is for freezing rain. This is northern Minnesota, for heaven's sake! We want snow, not rain!! It has been SUCH a wonky winter all over, hasn't it?

    Karen L. - Haven't actually gotten around to the cookie baking today yet, but do have about 4 new recipes marked to choose from. We're down to a paltry 4 oatmeal cookies and with that Cookie Monster I live with I don't dare run out!

    Sparkless - They say we don't really appreciate what we have . . . until we don't have it. The lack of a toilet and showerat the end of a day is a definite disadvantage of camping!

    Mooberry Farmwife - You're so welcome!

  9. Thanks so much for the nudge in the right direction. I woke up feeling a bit out of sorts from something that happened yesterday. You have helped me wipe that slate clean and start this day fresh with hope again! Since I am in a different time zone, I still have plenty of time to do it!

  10. Hallelujah for indoor plumbing!!!! I SO know what you mean!

  11. Having lived with a biffy myself, years ago, I am right there with you on the indoor plumbing. The nicest thing about your post? It reminds us of how many good things we have in our life as well. Thank you.

  12. Awesome list! Indoor plumbing is SO something to thankful for! :)

  13. Indoor plumbing.....I definitely appreciate that!! ....and hot showers!

  14. 2 Tramps - Your comment really touched me.

    Claire - Don'tcha think it's kinda unique that you and Chicken Mama are each other's oldest friends . . . and you both grew up without indoor plumbing? How often would that happen in today's world??

    Susan - Yupper! That's why I think it's important for all of us (me especially, I'll admit) to remember to take the time, slow down and appreciate all the wonderful things in our lives.

    Patty - Another thing that we have so much easier than the strong, admirable folks who settled this area, worked so hard and had so little.

    dr momi - Oh, yes! Hot showers, for sure. I wouldn't care if I never had a tub bath the rest of my life but I loves my showers!!

  15. Oh yes for the indoor plumbing. And running hot water too! I'm still thankful for that after all these years.

  16. I appreciate all my good friends in blog world,and thankful Jerry's good cond. continuing,and i appreciate when our rides shows up on time at 5:00 am and I appreciate you.

  17. Leigh - I remember shortly after we got running water and I mentioned to someone how much I appreciated a hot shower. They replied that I'd get used to it and take it for granted like everyone does. Nope, all these many years later, I still truly appreciate the shower every single time I step into it! ('Course, the person I was talking to had never gone a day in her life without all the amenities!)

    judy - Amen! You are such a sweetie!