Tuesday, January 31, 2012

For You, Jane

Because she thought she spotted a deer antler on my kitchen counter in one of the pictures in this morning's post, Jane at Hard Work Homestead wondered if the picture of the deer I took first thing this morning was quickly followed by me trading camera for gun and viola, deer antler on the counter and venison in the freezer.

What you saw, Jane, was a unique bottle opener Papa Pea got for Christmas from our very creative and talented carpenter and good friend, B!

I don't know how B did it, but the antler fits your hand very comfortably enabling one to open bottle after bottle of beer with very little fatigue.

I hadn't even realized the antler opener was in the picture this morning. Guess it just goes to prove you can't put anything past Ms. Jane!


Jane @ Hard Work Homestead said...

That really is a very neat contraption your friend made. It is nice to know there is a tool out there that can help with that heavy task of opening bottle after bottle. Opening fatigue is a serious affliction :)

judy said...

leave it to Jane

Karen L. said...

Wonder if this will work on a Cream Soda bottle too? Sorry, I don't like beer. And Jane sure has some sharp eyes!

Dirt Lover said...

Oooh, nice eyes, Jane! Glad you won't be getting carpal tunnel from opening all those beer bottles! Looks like I can rest easy tonight.

Wendy said...

My dad was always a great hunter and this would be something he would absolutely love. I may have to make him one with one of his antlers from past kills. He is too old to hunt now, but would appreciate something like this. Thanks for the inspiration.

Sparkless said...

My daughter found an antler but it's much too big to make a bottle opener from. The one you have looks very handy and if it makes it easy to open bottles all the better. Form and function and all that stuff.

Leigh said...

What a really neat idea. And you're right, our kitchen countertops look almost identical! Maybe made by the same company(?)

dr momi said...

Bottle after Bottle??? :-) I'll have to post my hand towel holder in my bathroom....:-) Hunters in the family....I need a bottle opener like that.

Mama Pea said...

Jane - That it is! And wouldn't want to end up with carpal tunnel syndrome or anything!

judy - Yep, we can count on her! ;o}

Karen L. - Mmmmm, I love cream soda, too!

Lori - Ha! The carpal tunnel came to my mind, too! Have to admit it's Papa Pea who is the beer lover in this family. I'll have one with pizza every now and then but it makes me too burpy.

Wendy - All kudos go to B who came up with this great idea! Good to have something to do with those little antlers, isn't it?

Sparkless - So far I've been leaving this opener out on the counter because it's too big to fit in the drawer with other gadgets of that type. I think I'll have to find somewhere to hang it. Can't you just see one made with a great, big, honkin' record sized antler. (Hee-hee!)

Leigh - We got ours through Menard's but I'm betting all the manufacturing companies tend to make ones very much alike that are "in style" at the moment. I'll have to warn you. You cannot see ANYTHING on that particular design. Everything blends right in. Crumbs, glops of food, drips of jam. I've come to the conclusion that I'll either have the dirtiest kitchen counters in history or I'll wear the finish plum off by cleaning it so often because I think I've missed something!

dr momi - Oh for sure, let's see your bathroom hand towel holder . . . I'm betting it's unique!

Erin said...

"bottle after bottle........" LOL!

Mama Pea said...

Erin - I'll drink to that! :o]