Monday, December 5, 2011


I suppose it's especially pronounced at this time of year. Or maybe I'm just trying to do too much on a regular basis.

It's driving me crazy the way time each and every day zooms by leaving me at the end of the day wondering why another day is over and, hey, no fair! There are still heaps of things I wanted to do today and I'm. Out. Of. Time.

Draggin' my wagon is what I did all day today. Last night I woke at 1:30 from a bad dream, laid in bed trying to fall back asleep until 2:30, gave up, got up, went into my quilting studio and sewed until 4 a.m. Got back into bed and tossed and turned until . . . ? All I know is that I sure wasn't ready to bounce out of bed and whip my weight in wildcats when the alarm went off at 6.

What was my bad dream? I was repeatedly startled awake by being positive (I was positive, I tell you) I heard Zoey the Wonder Dog's single bark at the door that always meant, "Let me in!"

Now our Zoey died at fourteen years of age this past spring, but I have this totally irrational feeling she's not really dead (I'm not crazy if I know the feeling is totally irrational, right?), but is going to appear at the door as she did in my dream. Or at least I have flashes of that happening before my mind snaps back to reality and know she's gone. (She collapsed and died one night while walking between her bed at the bottom of the stairs to Papa Pea's office and her bed in our bedroom.)

She was a hunting dog, and the little devil would stick by you (as she knew darn well she was supposed to) if she was outside loose. Yeah, she'd stick by you until you turned your back for more than 30 seconds at which time she'd streak straight off into the woods to do what she was bred to do: hunt. ("You're not going to take me hunting? Fine, I'll go by myself.") I think the reason I had the dream is because I always feared we would lose her that way. That she'd run off into the woods populated with wolves and bears and the occasional trapper's trap, not come back and we'd never know what happened to her. That we'd not be able to find her and always be waiting for her to come back.

Well, anyway that was the reason I didn't get my needed amount of beauty sleep last night. Because I was operating on only two cylinders, lots of other dumb, stoopid, weird things happened today, too, but you'd really send me an application for the funny farm if I related them all to you.

I'll just end this nonsensical rambling, do what I should do and go to bed right now hoping to make tomorrow a more profitable day that maybe will have a few more hours in it than today did.


  1. It must have been a night for weird dreams. I was up in the middle of the night as well. I sat down this afternoon and almost fell asleep. Off to bed to get some sleep...

  2. Ha - you and I must have both been channeling slumpy, shlumpy weirdness today! Tomorrow will be better!

  3. Must be the season for WEIRD dreams-both Don and I are having them too. We sometimes wonder if the furnace is giving off a LITTLE carbon Monoxide-LOL. I'd love to hook a VCR up to my brain. Or maybe not! Maybe I don't really WANT to know just how weird I'm wired!!

  4. Awww, sorry to hear about the lack of sleep and the weird dream. Hope you get some much needed rest.

  5. be careful,very careful,your starting to sound like me---lol--get some much needed rest-and everyone tells me that,I want to pinch,don't they know we would if we could

  6. That sounds like a perfectly miserable night. Ugh.

  7. Aw, Mama Pea, I hate dreams like that. They just mess with your head and leave you feeling weird the whole day. Sorry you had a crummy night...and I hope your next night catches you up on sleep...times two!

  8. Judy - Even my hubby has been having bad/strange dreams which is unusual for him. What's goin' on here?

    Chicken Mama - Yepper, the shlumps are definitely floating through the air.

    Sue - Wow, you and Don, too? This is getting whackier and whackier! (Wouldn't just a little carbon monoxide make us sleep sounder? Oh criminy, let's not even go there!)

    Stephanie - I DID sleep very well last night! And isn't it amazing how different you feel in the morning when you do?! Watch out world!

    judy - And most of the time, the harder you try to get good sleep, the more it eludes you! :o\

    JJ - Well, I did enjoy finally spending a couple of hours in my quilt studio. (Not that I was worth much!)

    Mama Tea - The crazy thing was how REAL that single bark was over and over. Our (even unconscious) minds are a dangerous thing, eh? :o}

  9. Good Morning Mama Pea ~ Love the way you share your stories... only you can begin with the telling of bad dreams, then move into a wonderful recollection of Zoey... then somehow pull it all together to be very funny! Having said all that, I do hope you got better sleep last night and have a better day today.

  10. Awe :( Maybe by chance is it time for a new Wonder Dog? After the remodel job that is.

    I hope you had a restful night and all cylinders are firing.

  11. Lisa - You make my head swell.

    I DID get a great night's sleep last night and, oh my, what a difference it makes in the way one feels in the morning!

    APG - Time for another pooch? After the remodel, after winter, after we have some time to spend with each other! (Don't cha remember how much time a new puppy takes??)

  12. I know those types of dreams well. Unfortunately I have lost a lot of people (and animals) along the way. I actually like those dream because for that first few seconds when you wake up you believe that they are still alive and the death was the bad dream. I am sure Zooey is still very much on your mind and in your heart, blame it in this month of december. Brings up all those raw nerves.

  13. I think you're right on both counts - 'tis the time of year and you HAVE been cramming two-days' worth of work into one. I 'hear' distressed sheep. Of course, there are no distressed sheep, but it can wake me out of a sound-ish sleep. It is enough to make one doubt their sanity, I tell you. This time of year may trigger thoughts of Zoey, too. I am dreaming a lot about Tippet and I could have sworn I heard her pathetic mewling outside of the bedroom doorn last night. Hang in there, friend. Maybe we can get ajoining rooms at the Funny Farm...

  14. Jane - An interesting way to think of it . . .

    Susan - Adjoining rooms at the Funny Farm? Great. Then Zoey's barks, Tippet's mewlings and the cry of distressed sheep would keep BOTH of us up all night long. (I am working on change so things are better here in the Land of Chaos. Stay tuned.)

  15. I call those anxiety dreams where your daily anxiety gets played out in your dreams some way. You are afraid of forgetting or losing something. Stop focusing on what you "want" to get done and just enjoy getting what you "need" to get done. The joy is in the doing not in being done, or so I'm told. I've never got there yet myself.
    I hope your sleep tonight is a long refreshing one filled with wonderful dreams.

  16. I know what you mean about weird dreams....the other day I woke up all upset because I forgot to feed the horses -- for a LONG tme.

    It was a long time alright -- it's been 10 years since I had
    horses! :-)

    ...and I'm with Apple Pie Girl -- time for a new Wonder Girl. Maybe a grown shelter dog?

    I really didn't get to know your Zooey, sounds like she was big time loved.

  17. Sparkless - You're right on, my friend. I know what's bothering me in my waking hours; finding a way to change it is the challenge!

    dr momi - We've never gotten anything but a puppy but I do think about getting a dog that is past that puppy stage. I really don't enjoy having a "toddler" around!!

    Your forgetting to "feed the horses" has got to be related to the fact that moms are basically in charge of feeding their "kids," human or animal! A never-ending task.