Monday, November 21, 2011

Wall Up, Kindling Done

Lady Carpenter Extraordinaire, B, was here today lending her professional expertise in getting the wall up in the living room that will close off the stairway going up to Papa Pea's office. It was a little tricky because 1) getting anything squared up and level in this place is challenging to say the least, and 2) the new wall will have a pocket door in it.

This is the temporary stairway we've been living with before work started.

Here's as far as we got today.

After lunch I was told my services were no longer needed (waaah!) and to go find something else productive to do.

Well. I knew where to go. To the kindling bin! Prior to today, I'd put in one long session and one short session in an effort to get it filled up for the heating season.

Here's the picture I posted last week . . .

. . . and here's what it looked like when I staggered back into the house late this afternoon.

I did misjudge how many bundles of cut-to-length slabs I'd need to completely fill the bin. I could have used two, maybe three, more to legitimately call it filled to the brim.

But I split all I had and even though it is a scant bit short, I'm pretty sure it will last us through this heating season with no problem. I think.

More work in the living room scheduled for tomorrow. It sure does help keep the enthusiasm going when one can actually see progress rather than the seemingly endless work on all the necessary stuff that doesn't show. Maybe we'll get to the new stairway tomorrow?


  1. Oh Wow! You did all that in one day. You put me to shame. I got the budget done and some laundry. Oh and I bought a couple of things online for Christmas presents.

  2. I'm so impressed! That's just a fantastic job.

  3. Congrats on the house project and the woodshed... I love finishing projects like that.

  4. Wow, finished and apron, help put up a wall and filled the woodshed, that's amazing..... I did split kindling for tonight's fire, as for the apron duct tape stuck to my fingers.

  5. do you ever rest,that wood stack would have taken me 6 months,so now ,although the winter I'm gonna ask for a pic. check on that stack---hope we have a mild winterrrrrrrr.....--------------------God judy,go bake a pie or something useful!!!!!!!!

  6. Sparkless - The thought of getting some things nailed down for Christmas sounds like a good task accomplished to me. Laundry and budgeting are also biggies!

    Trailshome - Thank you very much!

    Ruth - Since I usually have the kindling bin filled by end of summer, it really DID feel good to finally be able to cross that one off my list, for sure.

    Tombstone Livestock - Dang duct tape. Stickiness is one of the hazzards! Especially when constructing clothing. ;o}

    Stephanie - Ask me if I feel all that splitting in my shoulders this morning. (I do.)

    judy - Listen here, Lady. You, my friend, carry one of the heaviest loads of anyone I know . . . so stop selling yourself short. I would buckle under what you handle every day.

  7. Where is the button on this blog to place my order for a shed of kindling? I would like a rush order please

  8. Oooh, pocket door! When I started designing our woodshop-to-farmhouse conversion, I really, really wanted to put in some pocket doors, but I was told they were beyond a novice carpenter's expertise. Harrumph. Anybody with pocket doors is automatically cool.

  9. You and your little hatchet were sure busy! My gosh!!! That looks like a shinola load of kindling there, you busy beaver. Now, if someone told me I didn't have to help with WORK, I would be scuttling off to knit something, not doing a Paul Bunyan routine. You are awesome!

  10. Jane - What? You can't find the button? Heeheehee.

    MaineCelt - And that's the very reason we needed B's expertise yesterday! If we did it by ourselves, I can just see us shoving it into the "pocket" and it falling off the track inside the wall!! Ooops.

    Susan - No, not awesome . . . I would have just had too much guilt sitting knitting when B and Papa Pea were working so hard. (Note to self: Must learn how to ignore guilt.)

  11. Boy, you seem to work rings around normal people .... not that you are abnormal. I did not mean that!!! But, well, ..... maybe I had just better quit here. (I do so love pocket doors. No worry about which way they open or if there is enough space to do so. Just love them!)

  12. What about my suggestion that you could get more in if you STACKED it? ;p

    - Your Ever-Lovin' (and Helpful!) Daughter

  13. Karen L. - I'll take abnormal! No problem. ;o} I've always thought pocket doors were cool, too.

    Chicken Mama - Ppppthhhhhfffftt!

  14. Wow, look at all that kindling, you are set! I'm thinking that new wall would look FANTASTIC with one of your quilts hanging on it, and visible from the kitchen/living area too!

  15. Erin - I've also thought of hanging a quilt on that wall for sound insulation . . . thinking it might cut a little of the "noise" downstairs from going up into hubby's office.

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