Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Is This The End Of The Week?

Even though it's only Wednesday, it feels like we've put in a whole week on the remodeling during the past three days. Tomorrow we're giving ourselves the whole day off which is much needed and will be greatly appreciated by these two (feelin' kinda weary tonight) home owners.

We got the wall covering of the living room stairway finished today.

This is the wall from the living room side. The horizontal slats on the right are the "pocket" for the pocket door. Doorway (without door) is farther on down the line. I have to set up in the garage (now that we have a break in using the saw to cut in there) and get the finish put on the door so it can be hung.

We have stairs! Kind of. We got the three stringers up but had to reinstall the old treads temporarily because I need to put a finish on the new treads (cut and ready) and the risers (which aren't cut yet) before installation. But at least the crude ladder access is no more.

From the living room we will take a step up onto the landing at the foot of the stairs. The door you see straight ahead leads into my quilt studio. Turning immediately left on the landing takes you up the stairs.

Big glitch encountered today . . . we found out we're not going to be able to use the ceiling material we had decided upon. Long story, but not interesting enough to take the time to relate. It simply means we have to go back to the drawing board to find another material we will use.

Here I thought we had the ceiling, wall and floor materials all figured out so time and effort could be put elsewhere.

During this remodeling, I've found that I don't enjoy the process of picking out materials. I know what I like and I know what I don't like but spending the time researching, shopping and deciding isn't my cuppa tea. I'm so much of a concrete person (my husband has intimated on occasion that the "concrete" is in my head) that I want to get on with the DOING and being able to SEE the efforts of a day's work.

So, we're back to coming up with material for the ceiling that we both can live with (let alone actually be excited about) and that fits into our budget. We'll find something. In the meantime, there are paaa-lenty of things we can do to keep the forward momentum going. AFTER tomorrow's day off, that is.


fullfreezer said...

You deserve a day of rest and celebration tomorrow. You have done an amazing amount in a short time. Enjoy your day off!!

Sue said...

Hope you have a nice, relaxing day today! You certainly need it.
I so understand about just wanting to get on with it. I get so stressed "having to" pick out things. When I'm not in a project, I see lots of things I like. Unfortunately, they don't exist when I actually need them-LOL!
Anywho, best thoughts going out to you and Papa Pea for a great day-you truly have much to be thankful for ---it's just hidden in the rubble right now!

Sue said...

PS--Have you ever seen the "beadboard" they sometimes used in farmhouses? Maybe an option for the ceiling?

Jenyfer Matthews said...

Have I ever mentioned how much I love pocket doors? Why don't more houses have them??

Jenyfer Matthews said...

Oh yes - and enjoy your well earned day off!!!

Mama Pea said...

Judy - Thanks, ma'am. I know you realize full well how much time and energy remodeling takes!

Sue - The thing is there is SO much stuff out there now. It throws my brain into instant overload when there are, for instance, hundreds (heck, thousands!) of faucets to choose from. We almost have too much variety which definitely clouds the picture.

Speaking of rubble, I ran into town to do a couple of errands yesterday. When I was in our organic co-op, the produce manager came up to me, turned me so my back was facing her and pulled a slivered piece of wood about 4" x 1/2" out of my hair. Yes, I had been holding up some boards right before I left.

P.S. Bead board for the ceiling is exactly what we're working on now!! You're so smart.

Jen - My grandparents house of which I have such fond memories had two floor to ceiling pocket doors that closed the living room off from the dining room. And it was not a "fancy" house. Good memories!