Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Here and Now

In a funk


Full of energy
Eager for the future

Change habits
Change thought patterns
Sleep more
Read more
Relax more
Live in the moment

And You?


Tombstone Livestock said...

I know the feeling, the to do lists keep getting longer and longer and fewer items getting checked off. Part of it is weather related, too hot, too cold, other part is body is getting older. Funny how the body ages faster than the mind. Today I bought 18 brocolli plants to go with the seeds, peas, beets, lettuce and chard to plant plus 24 foxgloves. Still have not got the 50 daffodils planted yet, plus have snapdragons to plant too. Saved seeds from last years veggies, and never planted them, maybe take one pasture spread out seeds and then let the sheep and goats have whatever comes up. I did start taking some iron pills, that seems to help me keep going longer each day.

judy said...

I thought for a min. you were describing me?I know the feeling well-matter of fact he was a buddy for a long time till I met you-you hang in there momma -get out of that funk,or I'm a gonna go ice fishing with my son in your area and stop by to throw you in the river-that should cool you off---I have not been ice fishing since 1966--feel better soon

Sue said...

Uh oh. Someones in a funk.
I'm making apple pie in the morning. Come over for a slice and a gallon or two of coffee. You can laugh at my skunk disaster, I shall force feed you two more slices of pie WITH whipped cream and you'll feel much better. I promise. Heck, might even send you home with a blue tarp.Gee--I MUST like you--LOL!!

Sparkless said...

You may be in a funk but I like your poem. We all have our ups and downs you just got to wait them out and eventually you'll feel better. We can't feel wonderful all the time or we wouldn't even know we felt good.
How is the endless renovation going?
My advise, for what it's worth, is to do something that makes you feel good for a bit. If it's sitting around reading, quilting or gardening then do that. We all need a break now and again and you and Papa Pea have been working very hard lately.
Bake a pie, buy a nice bottle of wine then you and Papa Pea enjoy a quiet evening at home giving thanks for all that you have.
And if all else fails there's always therapy and medication. (wink)

dr momi said...

That's how I felt after we built the house. Time to lay low for a while....maybe have a cup of green tea :-) (that's just to make you laugh)

Mama Pea said...

Tombstone Livestock - With all you have going, I can understand why your lists keep getting longer and longer! It's tough when you have so darn many interests, isn't it?

judy - You, m'dear, are always a ray of funny, whacky, sparkly sunshine!

Sue - (Whine, whine.) Could I please have ice cream rather than whipped cream on my pie? (Whine, whine.) I sure wished we lived close to each other. I have a feeling I could come over, sit in your kitchen, mitch and boan, you'd laugh at me, kick me in the rear and make me all better.

Sparkless - How's the endless renovation going? Endlessly. All your suggestions are good ones. You probably couldn't prescribe me medication, but I do believe you could provide therapy.

Mama Pea said...

dr momi - I read your blog today on making the lovely, soothing, healthy pot of green tea. You a-l-m-o-s-t convinced me I could do it. Almost. ;o}

Judy T said...

Have some tea, curl up with a good book and go to bed early. Things will look better in the morning.

Mama Pea said...

Judy - Yes, mum.

Freedom Acres Farm said...

It's really erie when someone can get in my head and write a poem about what I'm thinking!

I'm right there with you... only, I'm not as creative in the funk! You're one up on me there.

Jo said...

When my soul gets dreary, some things that sometimes help are: long walks; extra sleep; old British TV comedies or Agatha Christie mysteries; going outside and taking pictures of simple beauty. When I, or the kids get sick is usually when the drearies hit me. Wish I could come and visit!

Unknown said...

Geeze yer as miserable as I am!
That does it we need ah pity party with icecream (will help my aching tooth) and complain and compare who's got it worse. Ya well Ma always said 'pull yerself up by yer bootstraps'. You don't have to make all those changes ya know. Alright I was gonna give ya ways to git outtah da funk, but my mind went blank. I hate gittin old!
Alrighty then...wing it kiddo!

Jenyfer Matthews said...

Count me as another one on the funk list. I have a million things to do every day, make a list of the most pressing - usually overestimating on how much I will get done - and then end the day having accomplished a couple of things but having added many more things yet to be finished. Ugh. I've been going to bed early (for me) but only because I'm exhausted. And here we are heading into the holidays... Double Ugh...

I did have pie for lunch yesterday though :)

Anonymous said...

I think a lot of people are feeling that way these days Mama Pea. Big hugs and love to you!!! You have no idea how much your posts here on your site, and your visits to my site, brighten my days:) Thank you for being you!!!

Mama Pea said...

Freedom Acres - I sense a support group forming! ;o}

Jo - The door is always open.

Nancy - Ha! I suspect I would be a lot better if I DID make all those changes!

Jen - Well, ya had to go and mention the upcoming holidays, didn't ya! (Good goin' on the piece of pie for lunch!)

Stephanie - What an lifter-upper you are! I think you're right about a lot of people feeling kinda funkish these days. Must be something in the air.

judy said...

as I left my stupids on the computer for you to find -it haunted it me all night sitting at the VA-shortly after I wrote that Jerry says come here ,there's something all over the floor-ya-blood because he is a diabetic and the chemo acts like cummiden-he nether felt his wound on his toe and did not know he was leaving trails for me-pools of blood just 5 stitches-but it looked like he almost severed his toe-such fun-now what takes out blood from the carpet?

Susan said...

Mama Pea - There must be a contagious funk-dition going around. Can't do much about the guilt (by now it's part of our DNA, isn't it?) but knowing that you are a sweet and stubborn woman, just force yourself to be positive. Hate to say how many times I have to do this myself. But it works! And we all love you to pieces, funk and all. xoxox

Mama Pea said...

judy - Oooo-ouch! So sorry Jerry got such a bad owie. You two sure didn't need that. I'm no help with getting the blood out of the carpet but I'll bet you could find good hints on the ol' Internet. Good luck!

Susan - Funk-dition! Love it. May have to add it to my vocabulary. Right along there with funkdom, as in the land of . . .

My positive mind power must be operating with a battery or two short because my dreams these nights have been full of circumstances where I'm working so hard on some dumb thing that I wake up exhausted. But as soon as I get it under control in waking hours, I know the restorative sleep (ha!) will get better, too. Either that or I'm hiring someone else to do my sleeping for me.

MaineCelt said...

'Tis the season. Days are getting shorter and we rarely get a chance to do what our Northern European ancestors all did so well: acknowledge that The Dark is getting to us, invite a bunch a friends over, get out a bunch of great food, build a bonfire, celebrate uproariously, then light candles and spend some time just acknowledging the grief and fear and anxiety of the season until we're ready to get up and face the season again.

Here;s what I learned the hard way: in the Dark Time, I need to make extra room in my schedule for both fellowship and honest emotional wrestling. Otherwise, it gets easy to spiral into a messy maelstrom of isolation and anxiety. Been there. Don't want to go there again.

Mama Pea said...

MaineCelt - Wise words from a wonderful woman. Thanks. :o}