Thursday, September 29, 2011

Will I Ever Stop Being Such A Clutzy Cook?

B said she was going to stop by yesterday to drop off the last of the cabinet doors she had made so I could get going on the polying of them.

A few weeks ago she had given me the harvest from her cherry tree that she knew she wouldn't have time to do anything with. (And the little dear knows Cherry Pie is just about my favoritest!) I made a pie shortly thereafter and although it was good, I found her cherries to be just a smidge more sour than I had expected so I made a note to myself to add a bit more sugar to the next pie.

Anywho, back to B stopping by . . .

I got up early to make and bake a pie with her cherries so she could take half of it home when she stopped.

You all may recall my talent for boiling fillings of pies over in the oven and the mess that makes. Not gonna happen yesterday! No, sir. I strategically placed a sheet of aluminum foil on the shelf under the pie which (hip-hip-hooray!) caught all the considerable amount of burbled over drippage.

So what did I do in the process of removing the laden foil sheet out of the oven?

Tilted it at a precarious angle and dumped a puddle of the ooey-gooey cherry goop on the oven door where it ran down into the broiler section of the stove. Then made more of a mess (if possible) trying to wipe it up before it hardened.

The good part of the whole operation was that the pie was pronounced perfect by both households, so 'twas not for naught when all was said and done.


  1. Geez, I hate it when that happens! But, given the pure deliciousness of that pie, I must insist you forgive yourself! You know what "they" (and just who are 'they'?) say: Life is Messy. Go eat pie.

  2. Greetings from the Amish settlement of Lebanon,pa. I was just passing through and thought id say hello. Richard from Amish Stories.

  3. But it looks delicious! The other night I turned on a burner, the wrong one... there was a tupperware lid on it... I yelled, hubby comes running, grabs it and flings it across the kitchen into the sink screaming OW and part of it then landed on me LOL... my parents were in the other room! I'm sure after smelling that and hearing us yelling they probably thought we were a couple of teenagers cooking our first meal :)

  4. You sound just like me-I keep telling everyone because my mother told me"A ounce of prevention is worth a pond of cure' only around here it lies on deaf ears except my own of coarse-one less mess to clean.....I made a dump bread pudding today I call it dump because I had to use up that 1 loaf ,still have apples and I threw in raisins and topped it off with home made glaze/icing---me bad --me bad

  5. Susan - I've also heard, "Life is short. Eat dessert (pie) first!"

    Richard - Hi, and thanks for stopping by!

    dr momi - Seems things like that happen a lot around here!

    Erin - Did they ask to take the boys home with them (out of harm's way) when they left?

    judy - You can be bad and make dump bread pudding here any day! Sounds good!

  6. I always put a few slices of butter on the filling before I put the top crust on - and make slits - seems to help with the boiling over thing - probably you already do that.

    Sorry about the oohey gooey mess - but bet the pie was delicious.

  7. You can't make a good pie without making a bit of a mess. At least you only spilled a bit of the drippings.
    I hope you had great weather to get your polying done.

  8. Oh well - looks like it could have been MUCH WORSE!


  9. Jo - I always put slits in the top crust, but does the butter keep it from boiling over? I've seen recipes calling for pats of butter and sometimes I do that and sometimes not but I had no idea it might keep the filling from burbling out!

    Sparkless - I got two coats on yesterday and wanted to to the last coat today but we had tremendous winds first thing and then rain! Maybe tomorrow?

    Jen - Do you know, every time I take a pie out of the oven I think of a friend who was taking a blueberry pie out, lost her grip and flipped it upside down on the floor!

    Freedom - When you think of how messy and fraught with possible "accidents" cooking really is, it's a wonder we don't make more of a mess on a daily basis!

  10. Oh yum, does that look good. My oven has been down for almost two months now. I'm hoping to finally pick up a new one tomorrow. I hope I still remember how to use it. :)

  11. odiie - Two months! Oh wow, I would miss my oven so much! (There must be a little cookie shortage around your house lately.) Hope you get one and are back in business tomorrow!

  12. Awww, don't you hate when you make all these elaborate plans, and with one "oops" it all goes down the drain?? Hopefully that wasn't what the rest of your day was like. Good thing it was yummy!!

  13. Lori - When I make a mess in the kitchen I always think back to that period when people were putting carpeting in their kitchens. How dumb was that?

  14. My grandmother on my mom's side had indoor/outdoor carpeting in her kitchen, but she had clear vinyl runners in front of the oven and the sink :)

  15. Jen - I'd have to cover the whole floor with plastic!

  16. This is why I have an old icky rotten jelly roll pan. Never gets really cleaned, just for spillages. Or as you say "burlbled"! And don't you know Julia Child was a disaster in the kitchen!? You go girl!