Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Sight You Don't Want To See In Your Yard

Or maybe you do want to see the well drillers arrive. At least they were here to investigate and repair the situation.

It was not an emergency (we still had water) but knew there was a potential problem or two with our well so called for help. Better now than mid-January, right?

Two really nice guys, brothers who took over the business from their dad. Papa Pea said they were a pleasure to work with.

At first we thought we were going to have to replace the submersible pump, but it turned out there was just some haywire wiring that needed to be replaced. Five hours of work in the rain (lots of strong, hot coffee in thermal mugs and assorted goodies to keep up energy) for three guys and all is now well. We're just hoping the bill comes in under a thousand. Gulp.

The terrific winds we had this morning brought in a rain storm which was good because we're still under dry conditions and the fire is still burning northwest of us. I didn't lay out my 14 cabinet doors this morning for their final coat of poly because the wind was so strong I was afraid they'd blow off the sawhorses. Then the rains started and I thought of painting inside but decided drying wouldn't go very fast (nor would the fumes disappear) because of the high moisture content in the air. So I got to work on arranging pantry shelves and new storage space in the kitchen. Papa Pea came inside a little after six p.m. cold, wet and very tired. Dinner at 7 for us and now we're winding down for an early bedtime, I think.

Just another laid back day on the homestead.


Sparkless said...

Glad to hear they figured out the problem with the well. Here's hoping the cost won't knock you over!
Organizing cupboards sounds more fun than polying the doors to me.
Hope tomorrow is clear and you can get that done.

Lynda said...

It's always something on a farm! Our well used to "suck sand" every August...hasn't done that for a couple years...told my husband it was Global Warming...he says it's just good luck! Thank goodness they could fix yours...they can be pretty pricey!

fullfreezer said...

Glad you made good use of the rainy day. The wind was crazy today. And of course, we were making a lumber run. Hauling 12 foot lumber in a minivan with high winds is not an adventure for the faint of heart!
At least you got your well problems straightened out. We had well work done before we moved. Ack. And now our pressure tank has a slow pressure leak... It just doesn't seem to end.
Have a good night. Sleep well. Tomorrow is another day.

Dirt Lover said...

Good thinking to get the work done now on your time instead of an emergency! From what I'm hearing, Fall and Winter might be early this year. I'm not ready for the bad weather yet!!

Sue said...

When we re-did the house, we lived in a trailer down the road. After 6 months, we were FINALLY ready to move in. The well went that day. We had to stay with a neighbor for 2 more nights until the new well got dug. I'm so glad your trouble wasn't THE BIG ONE...and hopefully your good hot coffee and treats will hold the bill in line. Maybe??

judy said...

The wind yesterday was something else-I keep chasing the kids kiddie pool which hasn't been stored in the correct place yet[ don't think I have a politically correct place] I know where Dan thinks is politically correct-in the dumpster we are renting this month-good bye yellow brick road---isn't that a song? I wasn't singing really- [ oh so what if I was its only 6:00 am haven't had a drop--glad you got something important taken care of!

Mama Pea said...

Sparkless - The forecast this morning is calling for sunshine but temps only reaching into the 50s. That's okay, I can poly in that!

Lynda - We seem to have a little bit of a sand or gravel problem, too. Every year or so we have to take apart the shower head and degunk it. All part of household maintenance, I guess. :o]

Judy - Gak! Minivans being notoriously light I'm glad you didn't take off with the wingspan of the 12' lumber!

Lori - I'm sure not ready for winter! Have hardly touched what needs to be done outside.

Sue - OH! What a terrible letdown your moving into the house that must have been. Talk about taking the air out of your (hard won/had work) balloon!

judy - Yep, that wind yesterday we could have done without. We've had to cover the apple trees with netting to keep the Blue Jays from pecking the apples and some of it came loose and I thought was gonna end up in Canada!

Erin said...

That photo strikes fear, talk of submersibles, motors, anything of the like for me! Am I the only one who obsesses if I hear the well pump running for a little longer than normal? LOL... now I'll worry all day :) Glad you have everything running but am sad for the bank account!

Mama Pea said...

Erin - Yep, it's all part of home owning but how do you ever budget for things like that? I had paid a couple of biggish bills just yesterday morning and ended up with a negative balance. (Not really, as I keep a "secret cushion" in the account but still . . . ) Now it's waiting for the well repair bill. :o\ The good thing is we're assured the well is in good shape for a long time. (A really long time, pretty please?)

Susan said...

I am so glad it wasn't the pump! Those things are expensive! I go into full panic mode everytime something water-related happens. I finally got it through my very thick skull that the automatic switch goes off when pressure drops. It does not mean the end of the world, as I often think. The brothers should knock of 10% just for the hot coffee and goodies provided!

dr momi said...

Our electricity went out last night at 8:30 with all that wind. We went to bed early --slept till the same time. That felt good!

You are right -- better to check the well now, rather than the dead of winter! Hope the bill doesn't make you faint :-)

Mama Pea said...

Susan - Would you write a note to the brothers for us?

dr momi - Yep, our lights flickered a couple of times yesterday afternoon but our luck held and they didn't go out.

I'm preparing myself for the worst re the bill so I'll be pleasantly surprised if it's less! (How's that for fooling myself?)

The Apple Pie Gal said...

Oh no! Between this and a septic issue, I am always terrified of either! I think it's one of those things you just forget to think about or plan for...geesh. I hope it's not that expensive for you.

mtnchild said...

I agree with APG about wells and septics ... scares the begeezus out of me. I don't know what I'd do or where to turn for help on those ...

Glad it was something simple (?) and not the pump itself. Is this one of those things that should be checked periodically? or do we just live with it until it goes "poof"?

Mama Pea said...

APG - Bless the brothers' hearts! Their charge was extremely fair considering they drove that big rig 80 miles one way to get to us in the first place!

Yvette - The boys checked the submersible pump out and said that although it's old, it should be good for a long while now. We so appreciated their honesty. I mean, they could have told us we needed a new pump and how would we have known to question them? There are still good, honest, hard-working people in this world. Bless them.