Saturday, September 24, 2011

One Thing I Forgot . . .

Something I forgot to add to my post of last night regarding tasks to be done to complete the kitchen remodeling . . .

- An outlet in/on the kitchen island. I initially thought (foolishly) that I wouldn't need an electrical outlet there. Well, pshaw! I sure do.

I can turn around and use a choice of two outlets on the counter on the wall behind the island but since the surface of the island is my main work space, it's inconvenient to transfer everything from there to the other counter.

There are likely one or two (or 6?) other things I've neglected listing. It's amazing how many little things, some major -- others not so much, are needed to wrap everything up and say, "Done!" Maybe we never reach that point . . . ?


  1. I had to grin because our to-do list still takes up a whole notebook, LOL. Still, isn't it amazing how the list grows longer, the closer in sight the end becomes?

  2. WHAT are you people doing awake????? (I have to nanny today - that's my excuse. But, it's p-a-i-n-f-u-l!)

  3. your getting there, I saw the last post too--A yellow toaster,I might have to change my idea about red all the time yellow looks cheerful. PLUG-INS ON THE ISLAND,OF COARSE .IF YOU COULD SEE ME LUGGING MY HEAVY FOOD PROCESSOR,ITS A LAUGH , BE NICE TO HAVE EVERYTHING AT YOUR FINGERTIPS.

  4. Leigh - Do you think it's ever possible for people living our kind of life to get it all done? Truth be told, I'd hate to be in a situation where there was nothing else I wanted to try or do.

    Chicken Mama - Whatsa matter with your brain, Little Daughter? You knew we had an early alarm this morn. Dad was up at 4 and away by 5 and I got up with him 'cause I wanted to have a good, long, super-productive day here by my loney.

    judy - That yellow toaster was a Christmas present from Chicken Mama several years ago. In the past I've had unbelievably bad luck with toasters so she got me this really nice one . . . and it's lasted! Quality pays?

  5. You don't want to "just try" to stretch a stick blender cord across the walkway to the other outlet while you are making some messy sauce and have Papa Pea walk into it before you make that outlet decision? Haha, good call on the island outlets!

  6. Good idea on the outlet on the island. I have to use an extension cord in my kitchen if I plug anything in. I only have two outlets and the microwave and fridge are plugged into those.

  7. After my 1906 house in Omaha with only 2 outlets per room, this old (1972) trailer house has a minimum of 4 per room, and that was wonderful when I discovered it! In today's modern world twice as many might be enough ... LOL.

    In my kitchen there are 5 - one exclusively for the fridge, but the rest are open to use, oh, yeah and the microwave ... love it.


  8. One day... I hope to have a kitchen big enough to have an island. That would be a dream!

  9. Your kitchen is looking good, great, wonderful!!! And you should have a great kitchen what with all the time you spend in there. Some people who have these McMansions and huge kitchens talk about how they eat out a lot. So why do they need the big one? You do and glad that you are finally getting it. It will get lots of use for sure.

  10. Erin - I know, I've been tempted to stretch that cord across the walk way but know it would be a big mistake!

    Sparkless - Especially for a kitchen you don't have enough outlets! Baaad situation.

    Yvette - Isn't it amazing what we "make work" when we don't have any other choice?

    meemsnyc - This is my first one and it feels soooo good! (Good to hear from you again!)

    Karen L. Thank you, thank you! I'm already thinking ahead to holiday baking and having enough counter space to work on and spread things out!