Monday, September 26, 2011

Can You Say "Too Busy?"

I know most of you reading can relate to having too much on your plate especially this time of year when we're all thinking about cold weather coming and trying to button up outside chores.

The last several days here have been difficult ones. No, no, no terrible, awful, very bad things happening at all. (Fear thee not.) Just those ornery old brick walls we all bump into now and then, crankiness without any real cause (must be something in the air) and trying to fit 10 hours of jobs into 5 hours of time. (No matter how hard we try, it just never works, does it?)

Methinks in situations such as this, if one can only get their mind (emotions?) in the correct place, everything would not only feel better but flow better.

So who knows, maybe right after my lobotomy scheduled for this morning, I'll be back to smooth sailing and be able to sit down and blog up a storm as I want to.

In the meantime, I'm sending out good wishes for a wonderful start to your week!


Dirt Lover said...

Ahhhh, I think we've all been there! Keep your chin up, and keep pluggin' along.

Anonymous said...

Praying the lobotomy isn't too painful...have been there myself. Hugs!

Judy T said...

I have been working on a machine to freeze time so I can get everything on my list done. Of course- working on the machine is on my list and I never seem to have time to get to it....


Sparkless said...

I think I had a lobotomy once but I can't remember. LOL!
Sorry to hear your week is starting out cruddy. The good thing is that it will turn around, it always does.
I always find making a list and checking off what I got done helps me to see that I am getting things done even when it doesn't feel like it.

Sue said...

I'm so looking forward to the crappy weather this fall so I can officially declare myself DONE. I'm so far behind right now it isn't funny. It poured BUCKETS this morning-and I'm glad. It's a chance to catch up and get reaquainted with some blogs!
Hope your brick wall comes down and all returns to normal (what IS that?)

Erin said...

Don't feel badly, I'm the same way lately, I have too many things I want to do and not enough time. I did manage to get a post up so I am happy to check that off the list, I feel more productive usually when I am actively blogging, like I'm being held accountable LOL....! Hang in there!

judy said...

You had ME going-lobotomy my foot,I'm gullible enough to believe you! but poor Rosemary Kennedy really did have one at the insistence of her father-watch out in that family if you didn't behave your self.I sighed on at the Uof M TO GET A LIST OF U-PICK FARMS,INSTEAD I got a list of useful books--not to me but for you for sure-newest book is"The Small Scale Poultry Flock" by Harvey Ussery [ I'm sure you know him well ] but in his book you can learn anything from making your own chicken feed to being shrink to your chickens---lol

Susan said...

I think that "Too Busy" and "Mama Pea" are becoming synonymous. There are nothing like those emotional brick walls - that can sneak right up on you and...WHAM. If you figure out how to get your emotions in just the right place to make everything go swimmingly, please send me an email! Better yet, write a book (in your spare time) - it will be a best seller!

Mama Pea said...

Lori - Yep, so many of us can relate!

Stephanie - Did yours help? ;o]

Judy - Drop everything and get to work on that time machine, Girl!

Sparkless - Yes, lists are good for me, too. I think they keep me centered and (more or less) sane.

Sue - I've found myself day dreaming about mid-winter weather when it's impossible to do work outside . . . well, other than get in wood and shovel snow, that is!

Erin - I keep wondering how I'd stay sane if I had the usual preserving to do also this year. 'Course, then I wouldn't be involved in the remodeling, right?
(I'll take the garden and preserving any time!)

judy - I'm sure the Kennedy clan doesn't make jokes about lobotomies. (Or, eeek, maybe they do!)

Susan - Geesh, I wanna change that, for sure! We've all just gotta learn to STOP trying to do so much. (How's that working?)

Anonymous said...

Dang, it is going around, isn't it? Schedule my appointment for that lobotomy and we can share a room. Step back, take a breath, write a short to-do list that you can actually accomplish. Then, pour a cup of tea (or a stiff drink) and sit down and relax.

Lisa said...

Hi Mama Pea!
After reading your post and these nice people's comments....I feel much more 'normal' today...and I thought it was 'just me' feeling out-of-sorts and too-many-things-to-do-to-even-get-started-on-the-list! Your kitchen is looking beautiful.

Mama Pea said...

Ruth - Gollygeewhiz, I just keep bumping into those brick walls! It's good (in a kind of sick way) to know there are others feeling the same way. Hope the black cloud blows away from all of us soon!

Lisa - What IS it that is creating the big, ol' load of way too much to do for all of us? Are we trying to do more than humanly possible . . . or is it something in the air??