Friday, August 19, 2011

Send In The Replacements

Can you say "e-x-h-a-u-s-t-i-o-n?" We should feel energized and ready to do double time on this mess of a remodeling adventure today because we had such a good day yesterday.

We pulled out of the driveway at 6:15 yesterday morning and arrived back home a couple of minutes before 8 p.m. It was another trip to the big city for supplies and happily, one thing after another kept falling into place as we worked our way down our list during the day.

We came home with a kitchen sink (I was truly beginning to despair of ever finding one I was happy with let alone really, REALLY happy with).

Faucets for said sink . . .

Tile for under the wood stove . . .

. . . and the one custom-made counter top and laminate for B to make the others. A range exhaust hood and oodles of little miscellaneous stuff needed, more drawer slides and handles for the new cabinets and good ideas for the ceiling, walls and flooring of the living room. (That would be, of course, if we ever get done with the kitchen.)

We sat up a little late after getting home and unloading (thanks to our dear daughter for all her help) talking with her and unwinding. As she said at one point, "Oh, Mom, this is so much more of a mess than comes across on your blog!" Thanks, hon.

So as I said above, we should feel very good about our day full of accomplishments yesterday (and we do), but jumping back into the labor this morning feels like the last thing we want to do. At one point yesterday we were trying to make a decision on some one thing or another and the salesman said, "Is this a house you will be considering for resale in the future?" Papa Pea and I looked at each other and said almost in unison, "After we get done with this remodeling? No way!" (Actually, I think the "no way" came out as something more like, "Hell, no!")

To top it all off, yesterday was Papa Pea's big 70th birthday although he doesn't feel (or look!) like he's 70. (Okay, maybe this morning just a little bit.) His daughter wrote a wonderful post on her blog yesterday in honor of his birthday that brought back a trillion memories to all of us.

Perhaps if I fortify myself with another latte I'll be able to get up and face the day with renewed vim and vigor. Anybody got any extra vim and vigor to loan me?



  2. I love your tile! And your faucet is wonderful! I would never go with anything other than the long neck again! So handy for getting big stuff up under it.

    Well I really wish I lived closer or I would be there picking you back up and digging in. Seein' as how there isn't much keeping me at the stove that is! At least I could help.

    Have another latte and just put one foot in front of the other. Eventually it will get done. Sometimes we make our own worst timelines, so be gentle on yoursleves.

    And again, Happy Birthday Papa Pea!!!

  3. I don't know what I would do without my goose neck faucet - it is one of the best inventions ever!!!! Now I wish I could find a one handle, cold water only for my camper ...

    I want to wish Papa Pea a very happy birthday! I bet he'll never forget what he did for his 70th birthday.
    Hugs to you both

  4. Not surprisingly, I love ALL your choices! Gee, I wonder why you don't have any energy this morning...on the road for over 12 hours, followed by another hour or more of unloading. Snort. So, what's Papa Pea's secret to eternal youth? Mama Pea? I could use some of whatever he's got! Fresh out of vim and vigor myself, but I vote for another latte! I tell you, that house is going to be Geeorgeous!

  5. While you are tired from your forays, please know that you are all pretty darned amazing! You really stick to it and get a job done. Enjoy the latte - I am going to take a coffee break, too, and then maybe go under the house - this morning an outside faucet on the wall of the house simply quit giving water - am worried that there is a flood going on under there and am not sure I can wait for Tramp 1 to get home tonight and check it out. He is going to be so bummed about this. Plumbing is not his forte...

  6. Love the tile and faucet! My "newer" pull out faucet completely broke off yesterday and when I turned it on it shot water all over my face and across the room and all over the fridge behind me LOL! Looks like I'll be faucet shopping too, yet another "new" purchase where I'm already going back to the older, cheaper style! I'm sure the mess is worse than it looks in the blog since I'm familiar with kicking boxes and styrofoam packing and paint trays around trying to walk hahahaha! And 70??? To that I say "NO WAY"!

  7. I love the stuff you picked. It's going to look amazing! Hang onto that thought "It's going to look and be amazing when it's done."

    It is hard to sustain that kind of energy every day even for younger people.

    I'm sending you tons of cyber energy today.

  8. I seem to have misplaced my vim and vigor, but as soon as I find it, I'll send some up your way. Are you having a big party when you're done? ;)

  9. Looks like you're coming into the home stretch---hooray!!
    Are we all invited to the big revealing?????? Do we bring wine???
    Happy Belated to Papa Pea!

  10. judy - This is the first time I've had a "modern" faucet. Looking forward to actually using it.

    APG - Not only will I have the long neck faucet, but I'm getting a sprayer attachment on the sink, too! Such luxury!

    You are such a sweetheart, I know you would be here helping if we didn't live so far apart. Just having so many of you express that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. And very, very grateful.

    Thanks for the b-d wishes for Papa Pea.

    Yvette - I think he WANTS to forget what he did on his 70th birthday! We're both so tired/out-of-it today it's almost comical.

  11. Susan - Thanks, my staunch supporter. (Geesh, that sounds something like an Ace bandage . . . or a good corset.) Eternal youth? Don't know 'bout that, but we both do believe in staying active. And you've got that in spades!

    2 Tramps - Have been thinking of you on and off all day and hoping you really didn't have a bad leak under the house! We've got some work to do in our crawl space in the next day or two also. No fun under there, is it?

    Erin - This faucet set had better hold up 'cause I've never spent so much on one. I, too, usually have the cheapest model that looks okay. Papa Pea says thanks for your compliment!

    Sparkless - Sorry to say that cyber energy must have gotten lost of the way. We've had a very draggy day although we took time to clean up several messes which makes me feel lots better. A good night's sleep tonight and maybe tomorrow will see great things accomplished.

    odiie - Are we having a big party when we're done? No, that's when we succumb to total collapse! ;o}

    Sue - You can see the home stretch? (I'd better go clean my glasses so I can see it, too.) If you bring wine, you can come anytime, reveal or no. ;o} Thanks much for the wishes for Papa Pea.

  12. Your tile for under the wood stove is in my shower! (really!) lol (I love it)

  13. That is one fancy looking project now that you show the faucet (I love) and the tile (I love even more).

    Happy Birthday to Papa Pea! You're only as young/old as you feel!

  14. Happy (belated) birthday to Papa Pea!

    And everyone needs a day off once in a while. It's bad for morale not to mention vim and vigor to work *all* the time. The weather will turn soon enough - get out and enjoy the sun and breeze while you can!

  15. dr momi - Hey, you have good taste! I have good taste! We BOTH have good taste! :o}

    Mama Tea - Thanks, bloggy friend! Papa Pea says thank you for the b-d wishes! We celebrate his special day tomorrow.

    Jen - That's exactly what we're afraid of . . . that the weather will turn soon! We still have a vent pipe to put out through the side of the house and a chimney to install in the roof. Not things you want to be doing in sleet, snow, rain or hail!! And (can you believe it?) I still have days and days and days of finishing boards and new cabinets doors to do outside so as not to pollute our inside air. The fun just never stops. ;o}

  16. All we've managed to remodel in our house is the upstairs (only two rooms, very small) and it took a long time! I guess we've done quite a bit of work outside too. But everyone time my husband talks about the resale value of our home, I get really mad. Don't you dare talk about selling this house!! =) So I totally know what you mean. =)

  17. Aimee- Sorry your comment got lost in the shuffle. When you invest so much of yourself in a house (including blood, sweat and tears) it is really hard to think of letting it go. But at the same time, should you ever have to your improvements do raise the value of the place. Maybe that was what your hubby was referring to. (But don't sell it!)