Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Better Day Yesterday

Things seemed to flow better yesterday. Hubby got the kitchen ceiling completely done.

Seems to me being tall sure has its advantages. If I were doing this, I'd be on a ladder and up and down off of it moving it every couple of feet.

I got lots of polying done. It was simply a gorgeous day with no humidity and a lot of breeze. Sunny. Perfect for drying the applications. (I will spare you another of my Mrs. Darth Vader pictures.)

We got our third cuc from the garden. Crispy, crunchy, full of flavor, we both really like raw cucs. I tried to find an attractive background for this shot but . . . there are no attractive backgrounds around here right now.

This was dinner last night. I have no idea what it was. But I think it was the third night in a row we had it.


  1. Glad you had a better day, Mama Pea. Someday soon you will reflect back over this time and know all the craziness was worth it. It is coming along nicely. I just hate rolling ceilings. Hate cutting them even more. I have a pain in the neck from all of yesterday's cutting, but I think it is done! Oh, I hope. Off today to IKEA to get sons new bedroom furniture. Glory be, a day off. Hope yours is a good one.

  2. The kitchen is looking great.
    Dinner? Well................
    I love you , Mama Pea.
    That's all I'm gonna say!

  3. At least your eating something good. It is so easy to forget or eat something you shouldnt when your kitchen is in a state of transition. But your really making progress.

  4. You have no idea what it was.....LOL!!! At least it looks healthy and homemade, so who needs a name for it? That kitchen shot looks so bright and cheery with the yellow and white paint!

  5. you can still canoe,I haven't done that since I was a kid on lake Roosevelt-up north ,about 1/2 way to your place. the place is still in the family but my brother "the big shot" decided I no longer deserve a piece-long story,enough said already. but it was so gorgeous yesterday I even turned my oven on to make blue berry muffins , 24 and not 1 one left for breakfast this morning----hmpfff ,the ants must have got in!

  6. I admire anyone who can paint a ceiling without a ladder. It goes so much faster! Glad you had a better day and some nice weather to celebrate mystery dinner over!

  7. Are you going to give the birthday boy the day off today or does he still have to paint???

  8. oh oh some let something out of the bag well, if its papa pea's birthday tell him happy birthday from a far off friend, I'm sure papa pea doesn't want anything to do with all these silly woman having a coffee clutch oh and tell him he's doing a terrific job and all

  9. It doesn't matter what you ate, as long as it was good and keeps you going! You're gettin' there, MamaPea....

  10. Your meal looks better than what we've been eating.

    Looks like lots of progress is being made. When you see the drop cloths you know it's going to be done soon.

  11. Lorie - Hope your son's bedroom is DONE! Or at least closer to it than our kitchen is!

    Sue - What would I do without your support???

    Jane - Well, there's not much in the house that's junk food. But brown rice and veggies get a little boring after several days!

    Erin - Thanks, m'dear. Our dinners have been 'bout as simple as can be. Something easy like rice and whatever veggies I can find to throw in with it. Enough soy sauce and it goes down pretty easy.

    judy - Isn't that always the trouble with a homemade goodie like blueberry muffins? They are gone before they've totally cooled down!

  12. APG - This shortie will be on the ladder again tomorrow . . . priming the new sheet rocked spots and the spots that my masking tape tore the old paint off of!

    dr. moni - It was healthy . . . just kind of boring for the third night in a row. ;o}

    Marty - No painting, but I did work him pretty hard shopping in the big city for supplies!

    judy - Papa Pea reads all of your comments to my posts. He doesn't get to it every day, but he eventually gets caught up. So don't say anything you don't want him to hear!!

    Mama Tea - One of these days really soon, I just know YOU are going to be painting in your very own new farm house. You are, you are, you are!

    Sparkless - Done soon??! Ha! If only! But then again, we're a lot farther along than a couple of months ago, so I'm thankful for that!