Monday, August 15, 2011

The Big Unveiling

I finally just a few minutes ago got the photos Chicken Mama sent me of her slowly and carefully (sort of like a strip tease if you ask me) unwrapping her present.

Unloaded from her car into the wheelbarrow for the trip to the house.

The box is opened . . .

The box is gone.

Slowly the wrapping slips to the ground . . .

And there it is, Folks. One handcrafted, wooden kitchen cupboard with slotted plate racks. She's got just the spot in her kitchen picked out for this unique piece.

I haven't talked with Chicken Mama since she sent me these pictures. So I'll ask here and now. Do you like your present? Is it all you expected? When do we get to see it mounted on the wall and full of your pretty dishes? Should we all come for dinner, too?


  1. Ohhhhh nice. That means you have to have nice pretty dishes to put in there. Can't wait to see it all set up and full of dishes.

  2. Yep, I'd never have guessed that. Very nice.

  3. Didn't see that one coming at all! Thanks for the final reveal!! I can finally drink my coffee without tapping on the desk...waiting...and wondering.... :)

    Can't wait to see it all filled up!

  4. Very pretty! Loved the strip tease! Now to see it in use with dishes. Uh, is Sven going to install it on the wall??

  5. Oh my-that's gorgeous. I wish I had the wall space for a dish rack-I really like that.

  6. hey,I was close-looks like Ole's toothpick holder ! but in all honesty I can't wait to see Lena's taste in dishes and is this" nice piece " to be finished or does lens go "l'natural"?

  7. Now that is cool. I want one! That was one hard thing to guess. Cute idea and fun to read the responses. Congrats to all the winners. Good work gals.

  8. Nice! Hope she puts up a photo of it when she fills it up!

  9. Sparkless - She DOES have some lovely dishes!

    Trailshome - It would have been REALLY hard for anyone to guess correctly!

    Jane - I have to say I loved your answer. I just know you're such an un-materialistic person . . . been when it comes to a tool or technique for enabling us to live more self-sufficiently, you SHOULD have it!!

    Mama Tea - Good golly, we didn't mean to cause such anticipatory tension!! ;o}

  10. Judy - Thank you! (On behalf of Chicken Mama.)

    Lori - You and I could only hope!

    Sue - I always think my dishes would get too dusty in a cabinet like that . . . but if you put dishes in it that you used every day, I suppose they wouldn't.

    judy - Ya know, I never stopped to ask her if she'll put a finish on it. I'm guessing so.

    Lorie - We both really got a bang out of all the responses, too.

    Erin - I'll encourage her to do so!

  11. Mom (and Dad!) - I *DO* love it! Plus, it smells wonderful: fresh pine and all that. Now, I just wish I had time to stain it, paint the wall it goes on, and hang it! Just have to get a fewwwww other things taken care of, first, and then I can work on it. Maybe on my days off next week!

    Sparkless, yupper, I am an All Things Kitchen fanatic - I have such a weakness for dishes and, most particularly, glassware! If anyone tries to have a cocktail around here in the WRONG GLASS, I have a fit-conniption!

    Mom, I have a sneaky feeling this (the reveal) was a little . . . underwhelming for your readers! ;) But, they have to understand that I only have ONE cupboard and one plate rack in my ENTIRE KITCHEN! This is only my second one!

  12. Judy, it will definitely get stained with the same that is on my existing kitchen cabinet and all the windows and trim in the entire house!

    And, yes, I will post pictures as I stain it and get it mounted!

  13. Ohmigosh...a plate rack?! I was first thinking more along the lines of jail/bars/Sven in them. Cuz ya know all I saw was the dowel rod thingees. But a plate rack was not what I expected.

    I think I will stick with the first impression and let CM have her fun.

  14. APG - Jail, bars, whatever doesn't sound like a bad idea to have on hand for . . . who knows what? Or whom? ;o}