Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What We Did This Morning

One of the main objectives in our remodeling is to give me a bigger kitchen and a bigger living room. Up until now our kitchen and living room has always been all together, divided by a half wall.

This is the living room side of the half wall. This side of the wall we designed and used as a bookcase.

This gives a peek of both sides of the half wall. Our tiny kitchen table was butted up against the end of the white cabinet and half wall.

This was my main work counter in the kitchen which stuck out into the room backed up against the half wall.

This cabinet unit went this morning.

Taken off completely.

Here's the empty bookcase side which we took out also.

This all took a bit more grunting, groaning and muscle power than you might expect. Considering the humidity inside the house was hovering around 210%, it wasn't much fun. BUT with that section taken out, I can really begin to see what the room (all new kitchen area to-be) is going to look like. I. Am. Excited.

More pictures (and sweat) tomorrow.


  1. I LOVE remodeling pics! Especially kitchen ones...more pictures, more pictures!!

  2. I hate when the humidity gets that high in the house and all the furniture is wet. Makes you wonder why it doesnt rain IN the house. You just get moving right along though.

  3. I can't wait to see the finished product! I was surprised, it seemed a little less humid here today- only 100% as opposed to the 150% we had yesterday.

  4. Carolyn Renee - Okey dokey, comin' up tomorrow!

    Jane - I always wonder how folks living in Louisiana or Mississippi keep things from getting moldy when it's constantly so wet and drippy. I gotta say I'm mighty thankful for a lovely shower at the end of these sweaty days!

    Judy - Ha! Everything's relative! When yesterday was 102, today doesn't seem so bad at 90, huh?

  5. So, what does B think of working in 210% humidity? She must be a pretty good sport. Today is only supposed to be in the upper 80's. I'm up at 1 am because the inside of the house is 85 and quite tropical. Ugh. I couldn't imagine adding a remodeling into that mix. You're a tough one, Mama Pea!

  6. Oh that is going to really open up things. I can't wait to see the before and after pictures as I'm sure you do too. Nothing better than sitting down with a cool drink at the end of a renovation and looking at all the work you did. I hope you get to that stage soon and without too much more heat and humidity.

  7. Nothing like a new kitchen!!!
    I'm happy for you...and I think the people down in Mississippi and Louisiana just let it mold and mildew and then clean it up as they go! It's just part of their life. LOL

  8. Uh-oh... I know from experience that once those kitchen cabinets go, life gets pretty hard! BUT, it will be over one day LOL...

  9. Ok, I am eagerly waiting to see how this goes. Trying to visualize ... but I need to see!

  10. When you remodel, it's the packing of stuff that takes the most time not the demo. Well, you know what I mean ... LOL. I love your kitchen as it was, but I can see wanting more space with everything you do in the kitchen. I can hardly wait to see the next batch of pictures ...

  11. There will be no holding you back with that big kitchen! Papa Pea will have to take up running! What a difference that will make - all that room!

  12. Sue - B is such a hard worker (always has been) that she works under some really difficult situations. Without complaining. Except in a humorous, joking way. She's a gem.

    Sparkless - You're right, it is gratifying to stand back and see things taking shape!

    Akannie - Like all of us, I'm sure people in the humid south get used to what they have to deal with. Not many people want to live up here with nine months of winter! ;o}

    Erin - At the moment, I can't find ANYTHING I want in the kitchen!

    APG - I think that's what's so hard for me in this remodeling . . . I have to SEE it before I know if I'm gonna like it or not!

    Yvette - Believe me, I am being very careful not to lose the efficiency of my small kitchen in this remodel!

  13. Susan - We've been so cramped in kitchen and living room that I know it's been uncomfortable with having people in. For them AND for us! So I am so looking forward to having a more hospitable space.