Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Short Weather Update

I meant to get this post up first thing this morning, but then things started happening on our destruction working toward construction (!) in the new kitchen area and I haven't had a second to get back here until now. And the only reason I'm at the computer is that I knew I needed to sit down before I fell down.

No sleep does not bode well for anyone in the midst of remodeling. We were up and awake most of the night last night hoping we weren't going to wash away in one heck of a storm.

The good thing is that we didn't have high winds but did have thunder, lightning and the heaviest rain I've seen in a long time. At one point I turned on the back outside light and the rain was coming down so hard I could not see through it.

This morning we had 3-1/2" in our rain gauge but we've heard reports of more than that in the county. Many gravel roads are flooded, culverts are out, streams are way over their banks and some roads have been closed because of wash-outs. The main highway had water running over it in spots and is littered with debris this morning.

We had no real damage, but have lots of standing water around. Our driveway through the protecting woods held up well. The sun came out and the humidity has become like a steam bath. Temp is 79 in the shade, but 90+ on the south side in the sun. Why didn't I plant a half acre of corn this year?

First thing Papa Pea and I said to each other this morning was, "Thank the powers that be our remodeling doesn't include tearing off any part of our roof!" THAT would have been disastrous last night!


Sue said...

We just arrived home from a short trip to find a half inch in the gauge, and I WAS thrilled with that. Lucky you for all the rain-hope it's what is needed to provide some relief. Hot as the dickens here, but it was far worse in Iowa---humid, humid, humid. Ugh!

Jenyfer Matthews said...

So glad to hear you guys weathered things okay - we got about 3 1/2" at my dad's place and it took til noon for their gravel road to dry out enough (plus some help from the county grader) for me to get out. I put a few pictures on my blog. It's also crazy to see how muddy Lake Superior looks at all the points in which creeks and rivers drain into it!

Jane @ Hard Work Homestead said...

Is it just me, or is anyone else scared of what this next winter will be like. Cause it just keeps getting worse.

Mama Pea said...

Sue - It's feast or famine this year. We're either too dry or being deluged by torrential rains. Take your pick! (I'll take a lovely, sunny, balmy day with a temp about 70 degrees and then a slow shower all night long. Yeah, right.)

Jen - I'm imagining the closer your road gets toward the highway, the more washed out it was. You've got one really steep hill there!

Jane - I've been thinking exactly the same thing about this coming winter. If our 3-1/2" of rain had been snow, we'd be digging out of 35" of snow today.

Susan said...

Seems like you should have put a rice paddy out back. I'm with Jane - this winter could be downright scary. Glad you two were okay - except for the loss of much-needed sleep, that is.

Erin said...

I saw photos earlier, incredible! Hope the wet and humid conditions don't send the mosquitoes into overdrive, they have taken over here!

Mama Pea said...

Susan - Sure hope we can get a good night's sleep tonight. I was like a zombie all day today. More than usual, even!

Erin - The mosquitoes, unfortunately, have been in fine feddle. We've been sleeping under netting to avoid being sucked dry at night. Ish!

The Apple Pie Gal said...

Oh boy! Even tho you aren't gardening this year, how did they make out with the downfall? Glad to hear you didn't have a roof under tarps too! Oh, that would be soooo bad! You'd have to cuss and laugh. What else?

Mama Pea said...

APG - Actually, our garden areas didn't look too bad after the deluge. They are all in pretty good drainage areas so no standing water.