Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ouch, That STUNG!

Baby Pea, aka Chicken Mama, here . . . pinch hitting for Mama Pea. And, really, it's all Papa Pea's fault. He was out mowing by the beehives yesterday - something that ticks them off but good - and instead of exacting their revenge on him (okay, so he did sustain one fairly benign sting), they went after the very-allergic Mama Pea.

At precisely 4:03 yesterday afternoon (Mom seems to recall the exact moment) while working in the field garden, she got nailed by two honeybees. One on the back of her neck (so she can't comfortably lay) and one just under her left eye. She's starting to look pretty ready for Halloween - no swollen face mask required!

Anyway, she was squawking about needing to get a blog post up, but I assured her I'd take care of it. "Just make it funny!" she warned. "I don't want any sympathy!"
So, Dad and I have put her in lock-down until the nasty venom leaves her system. I know she'll be eager to be up and at her computer just as soon as possible, but, remember: NO SYMPATHY if you comment! ;)


Jennifer Jo said...

And there's no pictures?! Are you crazy??!! We MUST see this one!


(I hope you're feeling better soon, Mama Pea!)

Dirt Lover said...

I agree! Pictures, please! Oh, I'll bet the honey this year will be extra sweet!

And yes, Mama Pea, I really hope you are going to be alright very soon. I've come to enjoy your posts, and look forward to reading your blog. Hopefully that's not too much sympathy??

MamaTea said...

No sympathy here. Yep, that's right. Laughter. Because I'm sure your lovely swollen face is fab-u-tas-ticlly gorgeous. No sympathy. (I'm trying hard. Do you believe me??)

The Apple Pie Gal said...

Well shoot! How do you not have sympathy for that?

Toughen' up? Get back on the horse? That which don't...never mind.

Ok, Mama, hope you are feeling better soon.

Thanks CM for keeping us up to date!

Susan said...

OUCH! Well, they did go after the sweetest thing on the homestead (nothing personal, Papa Pea). Ice! Sleep! Someone to cook your dinner! Milk it for all it's worth and hurry back.

fullfreezer said...

No sympathy? Ok, I'll agree with a few others- we want photos so we can get a good scare from the no-mask-needed-for-Halloween.
If it makes you feel better- I had a Japanese Beetle crawl up my shorts this morning. Not as dangerous but evidently, according to my son, highly entertaining watching me jump up and down in the yard.

Honestly- take care and heal up quickly. I hope you feel better soon.


Sue said...

We want pictures.
We want pictures!

Jane said...

You should have stuck to your guns and stayed out of the garden ;) It think we are all getting hit with the crap stick as of late. But if people pay big money for bo-tox, the natural bee sting has got to be much better.

Erin said...

Oh no! Did you have the epi-pen? That makes me shudder since I found out I'm allergic to that LOL. Hope you are feeling better soon!

Sparkless said...

Hope the venom leaves quickly and the swelling goes down.

Piecefulafternoon said...

If I give some leftovers can I also give sympathy - I'll be waiting to hear. LOL

And pictures - we want swollen face pictures.

Dr. Momi said...

Well those little buggers! Dangerous spots to be bit if you are allergic.....hope your doing better Mama Pea.

judy said...

well that picture CM posted scared me enough to stay indoors all day-----beeeeeeeeeeee afraid lol---the cartoon character of the bee

Mama Pea said...

Thanks to all of you for your lovely comments . . . while trying not to give me any sympathy. HAHAHAHA! I didn't want anyone to feel sorry for me 'cause I guess it's an inevitability (insects bites/stings) when one spends a lot of their life outdoors! BUT I must admit, this one knocked me for a loop and I guess considering my past history, I do need to invest in an Epi-Pen to have on hand. Thanks again for all your comments.