Monday, July 4, 2011

Just Shoot Me

Okay, you asked for it. I have no pride. Here are a couple of pictures of me in all my bee-stung loveliness.

This was taken yesterday. I'm not as swollen up as I was a few years ago when I got zapped by a wasp on the eyelid but the difference this time is that I've felt sick along with the sensitivity at the sting sites and the swelling.

See any improvement? This is today and gives me a good idea what I would look like if I gained a hundred pounds. I've sure got that "jowly" thing goin' on. When I walk it goes into motion . . . ba-lup, ba-lup, ba-lup, swinging side to side. Really attractive.

The best thing today is that the vomitous (sorry) feeling is subsiding.

Many, many thanks to my dear little daughter who took time out from her busy schedule to give me two lengthy, good massages in an effort to get the poisons moving through my system.

Yeah, I know I should have gone in for medical treatment, but it would have meant an Emergency Room visit (this holiday weekend) and I didn't want to incur that expense. I am seriously thinking about checking out the advisability of getting an Epi-Pen though.


  1. Oh my goodness you are swollen up! Did you take anything for the bee stings? I'd have a couple bottles of Benydryl on hand at all times and an epi pen in case things got really bad and your throat started to swell.

    I guess botox isn't for you.

  2. Jimminy Crickets, you got hit bad! :( Trying not to give sympathy like you asked, but wowsers. I would definitely look into having something on hand to help next time it happens. And tell Papa Pea to keep the bees to himself next time :P

  3. Geez, I look like I have a mustache in that picture. Photogenic, I'm not!

    And, I don't know if I'm proud of or worried for you that you posted those pictures! ;)

  4. Dearie, please go get an epi-pen, 'kay?

    (And actually, I think you look cute all swolled up like that. It makes you look ... rustic.)

  5. Ditto the requests for you to get an Epi-pen. Reactions like this have the tendency to get worse rather than better. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  6. Sparkless - Chicken Mama commented that I didn't have one single wrinkle on that side of my face! Cheaper than botox maybe, but NOT fun!

    Stephanie - Funny thing is hubby got stung right above the eye about an hour before I got hit and it didn't phase him one bit!

    Chicken Mama - Yeah, sorry about the mustache. That was the best of the pics your dad took. You ARE very photogenic . . . just not with your Army cap on apparently. (Tee-hee.)

    Thank heaven you thought the pictures looked bad. I was afraid you would say a looked nearly normal!

    P.S. Get rid of that awful profile pic of (supposedly) yourself!

    JJ - Yes, Mother, I plan on doing just that.

    I look cute? Yeah, sort of like the Pillsbury Dough Boy in a bubuska. Or is it a Cabbage Patch Doll?

  7. Judy - Well, I have to admit that the last three times I've been stung, it's been pretty bad. Guess it's time for me to drop the tough woman stance and be prepared. Epi-Pen, here I come!

  8. Oh Mama! That's a doozy. Yes, I really think you ought to get an epi-pen. Knock on wood and tongue in cheek, but up till this point you may have been lucky this was as bad as it got. Always better to be prepared!

    Hey...I think we just found your "tool". What YOU, Lady Homesteader, should not be left without.

  9. This must be the week of the mishap. I'm typing my quick reply before I go back and lie on the nice, hard floor. I,too, am on the side of epi-pen-ness.

  10. APG - I will be a sorry representation of a Lady Homesteader if all I can wield is an Epi-Pen!!

    Susan - You can't write that brief note and than go back flat out on the floor! WHAT did you do this weekend, my dear????

  11. I just about cried! Definitely get that Epi-pen - if the dr. gives you a hard time about getting an exam and all that nonsense first in order to get the prescription, just show him the photos! I hope you are doing better tonight and are able to get some rest.

  12. Oooooh! Mama Pea! please get that epi pen and for goodness sakes....tell Papa pea to BE MORe CAREFUL!!!!

  13. I have never seen--------dash,dash,dash, take that back-my son Dan when he had poison ivy---I asked him"where you rolling in the stuff" he could have made a mold for a Halloween mask.ditto- on the epi

  14. Oh dear. I had NO IDEA folks with reactions end up in such shape. Wow. Not good.
    I was telling hubby what happened to you. He was going to run the mower around the back field by the bee boxes. Of course , he didn't listen. He being a man and all, but it sure got ME thinking.
    Heal, my bloggy buddy. Hope you feel much much better soon. And stop kissing bees!

  15. I had the same thing happen to me last June a few days before I had to be in my friends wedding. I was a site with only one open eye. SO I feel your pain. I am wishing you a speedy recovery.

  16. Just let the grass grow around the hives. The bees don't mind. :) I sure hope you mend quickly.

  17. No more gardening after Papa Pea mows by the bees!!!! I'm also on the band wagon for you to get an epi-pen. Just like Erin says, show the doctor the pictures and remember to tell him that they were taken several days AFTER the stings.

    Hugs to you Mama Pea!

  18. Ditto! And, what a look! Hope you get to feeling better soon. What a sweetie you have for a daughter, for her to spend time giving you a massage.

  19. Erin - Gosh, I didn't mean to move you to tears! ;o} A lot of the swelling went down yesterday -- thank heavens!

    Beth - Thanks, Friend!

    judy - Advice about getting an Epi-Pen taken!

    Sue - Your hubby really should wear a head net when mowing near the hives. The do NOT like loud noise and definitely go for the head of the noise-maker!

    Jane - I remember that picture of you from last year. You were a brave woman to be in the wedding. I think I would have had to wear a bag over my head to do such a thing.

    odiie - How 'bout if we just give the bees their own little pair of scissors and they can do their own clipping?

    Yvette - Thanks, Yvette! Points well taken.

    Lori - When I thanked CM for taking the time out of her busy day(s) for my massages, she said, "Well, it's not like you need it everyday!" THANK GOODNESS!