Monday, July 18, 2011

More Progress and Hot, Hot Weather

Hot. Muggy. Sticky. Oppressive. We aren't supposed to have weather like this up here. What's goin' on, folks?

Doesn't do any good to complain and the high temps aren't going to kill us so why be grumpy and grouchy about it? Just keep drinking lots of liquids and be thankful for a refreshing shower at the end of the day.

Good progress today. Papa Pea started on the built-in storage unit that will go behind the door in the pantry. I worked on making room in various nooks and crannies of the house in which to store the scads of boxed up books and the contents of various cabinets and storage areas that are going to be torn out and/or moved in the next step which will hopefully start tomorrow.

B, our carpenter/friend, was here to put the top and doors on the pantry cabinets.

Here's the beginning of the tops being fitted.

Viola! Counter tops on and B installing doors.

There it is! All done except Mama Pea forgot to get the knobs for the doors when in the big city last time. Duh. (It wasn't the only thing I forgot. Brain on overload.)

I had B make the doors just like the units she built for us fifteen years ago in the kitchen/living room area. I just love the look of them.

The cabinets in the pantry are now ready to be stuffed with miscellaneous things I have to empty out of the kitchen/living room area so we can start on the remodeling of it.

Tomorrow we want to get all the wall shelves up in the pantry and start on the kitchen/living room demolition. Wish us luck . . . and some cooler weather, please!


  1. Oh, that is looking absolutely fabulous!! I do love the wall color with the cabinets.

  2. It's looking wonderful! Beautiful! You will enjoy it so much.

  3. Oh, my goodness! The cabinets are gorgeous!! Tell your friend B she did a great job. When it's all finished, I'll bet you walk in and just look.

  4. Beautiful cabinets. How exciting for you. Hang in there in that heat. It's sounding pretty bad! I know I'd be sicker than a dog. Keep hydrated for sure!

  5. Oh it's coming together lovely! I hope it cools down for you and you get a ton done tomorrow.

  6. I'm willing to bet you keep going in there and just stare and plan and smile like crazy. It turned out beautiful! What a terrific space that is. I'm looking forward to seeing it "stuffed" with goodies!!

  7. The room is really shaping up-its nice of you to listen to me rant. I know how busy you are.I have been through so many different kinds of illness's with Jerry ,I'm just in a fog on this one because there really is not a cure. When he needed stents in his legs and neck, when he had open heart surgery,a defibrillator,diabetic disasters like losing a toe and mrsa. That might get him before the cancer. i don't know everything yet since they just did a positive from the lab on sun. we are waiting for a call from the cancer Dr. but everything is going through my mind like how can they offer chemo when he already anemic [maybe transfusions ] will they offer anything because of his overall ill-health.after all,this is the VA we are talking about!my sister-in-law has caring bridge web site with a zillion entries-Jerry and I have each other I am going to go out and water my tomatoes because I actually have a couple. thank for letting me rant. hopefully the Dr will let us know something today.I mean ,how long can they wait,pancreatic cancer is suppose to be the worst one!

  8. LOVE the cabinets. I cant believe it is just going to be the pantry. You are going to need to put a few chairs in there so when people visit you can have drinks in the pantry. It's just so nice in there.

  9. I love knotty woods! It adds character and looks so real. You guys are coming along so nicely!

    B probably loves working with you guys regardless of the heat cuz I'm guessing you feed her too!

  10. Awesome! You'll be able to store away PLENTY of things for another day. I'm sure you'll be looking forward to next summer's gardens all winter. :) I'd love to be able to create a good flow for canning jars, full and empty. Looks like you'll easily be able to make a good system work in your new space (when it isn't doubling as your kitchen storage, that is).

  11. This really looks amazing! Kudos on the remodel project in this heat...and you and Papa Pea haven't killed each other or ANYTHING!!!! lol

    The wather is certainl;y strange...we are in Day 4 of a dangerous and oppressive heat wave, it sucks. Burning up the gardens and flowers before their time...sigh...

  12. Looks GREAT!!!!

    The thing I love about this insane muggy hot weather up here is that the news people act like we don't have a clue how to handle it. I love it when they come on with their reports advising us to drink lots of water and everything else they say. Seriously? We weren't smart enough to know that?

    city folk, I tell ya... ;)

  13. Your pantry is looking better every day! You will have to have a party for all of us to come see this magical room you have created. We can also help you put things on the shelves and in cupboards ...

    It is looking wonderful. I'm happy that you are finally getting your pantry. You will have to show pictures of the living room/kitchen remodel too! It will feel like a new house. Just don't do anything to your quilt studio (except maybe expand).

    Happy day to both of you.

  14. It all looks simply grand! Can't wait to see how quickly you fill the space. And does all the space belong only to Mama Pea?

  15. They look fabulous! I'm already so jealous of those "walls of cupboards" you have going on in the other rooms I could just faint from seeing this pantry! At least forgetting the knobs won't hinder your ability to get on with filling your pantry. The room is so light and cheery, I'm excited for you! Stay cool - I fully understand that heat thing, although at least I can stay in the A/C when it's really too hot to be out, take it easy in those temps.

  16. Hi, Everyone - Sorry I've gotten so far behind in replying to your comments. Not enough hours in the day. Right now, the pantry will hold basic kitchen stuff while we're tearing into that area. But I am so anxious to get to the time when it will be used and stocked as a bona fide, real pantry. I'm going to be having conversations with my grandma (I loved her old-fashioned pantry) as I work in there.