Saturday, July 16, 2011

Is Tomorrow A Day Of Rest?

We woke to another foggy, ishy, gray, humid day today but lucky for me and my polyurethaning, around 11 o'clock a lovely breeze came by and blew the humidity away. It still wasn't sunny but I went for it and set up in the back yard to do my polying.

Pretty soon the sun did come out . . . and it got HOT. Whew-ee, did it get hot! As long as I kept my insulated mug of cold liquids handy for frequent swigs, I was okay though. I got the two coats on the inside of the pantry cabinet doors which is all I planned for them and the first coat on both sides of the big pine pantry door.

The way the day started out I felt very fortunate to be able to get that much done. Now I can stop worrying that the cabinet doors won't be ready for B to install on Monday.

Papa Pea and I even managed to get up one set of tracks and brackets for some of the wall shelves in the pantry.

I also got just a little shy of half of the strawberry patch picked. We both had a BIG bowl of sliced berries and vanilla ice cream for dessert after a veggie sandwich for dinner. Oh my, did the berries and ice cream ever taste wonderful! After that, I sat and cleaned and processed (smooshed and put in containers for the freezer for use in smoothies later) the rest of the berries. My total strawberry harvest to date so far this year is 48 pounds and 4 ounces. Looks like it's gonna be another good strawberry year!

On a sad note, the hawk that has been harassing our poultry succeeded in getting one of our Light Sussex chicks earlier this week. The hawk had killed and was starting to eat the bird by the time Papa Pea got out there after hearing the alarm set up by the rest of the birds. Does this lend strength to the theory that light colored chickens are easier prey for hawks to spot and kill? The only good thing was that the bird was a rooster and would have gone into the freezer this fall rather than being one of our new laying hens.

Boy, this day zoomed by in a flash. Papa Pea did a lot of outside puttering including getting all the lawn around the gardens mowed which is a big, big job. Before I picked berries, I did some weeding at the ends of the rows where I was short on sawdust for mulch. B had given me a big garbage can full of wonderful sawdust from her shop so I spread that where the berries were getting splashed with mud when it rained. I was just about upside down on my head in the garbage can trying to get all the sawdust out and since I was really hot and sweaty at the time, I'm sure I now have a light coating of sawdust all over my body.

It seems like it should be about six o'clock but it's nearly half past 9. Time for me to think about getting a shower and cashing in to be ready for another fun-filled day tomorrow. Oh, but wait! I have a new bottle of sangria in the refrigerator that I want to open and try . . . anybody ever drink in the shower?


Chicken Mama said...

Yes. I have. Drunk (drank?) in the shower, that is.


Mama Pea said...

Chicken Mama - I always knew you were talented!

Sparkless said...

There's no rest for the wicked and the good don't need any. So which are you?
My sister and I processed over 20lbs of strawberries today. We managed to can 8 big jars of jam and the rest is cut up in bags ready to be made into jam or used on something like cake or ice cream. My hands and nails are stained pink.

LindaCO said...

"ishy" That's so Minnesota! :)

Sue said...

Now that I'm no longer picking , I sort of miss it. And fresh sliced strawberries. Hmmmm. That's sounding pretty good again. How quickly we forget...........

Hope you didn't drink IN the shower---you don't want to dilute the goods!

Susan said...

Rest? Whazzat? I think you and Papa Pea need a day of rest. And what is "ishy" exactly, not being from Minnie-soda? Finally, I think that you can drink sangria anywhere your little heart desires.

Stephanie said...

Bravo on a great and productive day!

Jane said...

Ususally you feel like it is later than it really is. You thought it was earlier. That means you 'made' some time. How wonderful. It is to hot everywhere. Glad your berries dont mind.

The Apple Pie Gal said...

Sorry to hear about the loss of your birdie. :(

Can't wait to see the pics after tomorrows round of hangings. And if drinking in the shower is the only chance you have to multitask, just don't confuse it with the shampoo and you'll be just fine.

Jennifer Jo said...

A glass of wine and a bath go together perfectly.

Erin said...

I'm thinking that in a heat wave, a nice cold sangria would be perfect in the shower LOL! The heat is arriving again here too, after 3 days of lovely temps I'm quite grumpy again :)

Sorry about the chicken, darn hawks.

mtnchild said...

I go camping for three days and your pantry is close to being done! You two have been working very hard, and it really shows.
Sorry about the chicken ...
Try a nice relaxing bubble bath with a tall Sangria ... and call Papa Pea when you need a refill ... LOL.

Mama Pea said...

Sparkless - Wicked. Wicked, wicked, WICKED! (And dirty and sweaty and sticky and stinky tonight.)

Love those jars of strawberry jam!

LindaCO - Well, that's what I've been told but I grew up in Illinois saying it. Curious.

Sue - But because it WAS diluted, I got to drink twice as much. Hic.

Susan - Okay, "ishy" is yucky, awful, gross, "get that away from me," disgusting, unpleasant . . . wanna hear more?

Mama Pea said...

Stephanie - Thanks, Stephanie. You're such a good cheerleader!

Jane - You're right. I think my warped time concept yesterday meant I had a good day. Don't ask me about today.

APG - So THAT'S why my sangria had so much "fizz!"

JJ - We don't have a bath tub. When we originally remodeled this small place, it was a choice between room for a tub or a washer and dryer in the bathroom. Since there was absolutely nowhere else to put the washer and dryer, it won over the tub. (Now I take tub baths at the laundromat. HAHAHAHA!)

Erin - I don't think you ever get grumpy. You just get busy and work yourself out of it!

Yvette - Well, not exactly close to being done, but a lot has been accomplished. I hope to show some pictures of more progress tomorrow.

Claire said...

Drinking in the shower? Absolutely. ;)

Mama Pea said...

Claire - Thaash whot I thot!