Friday, July 22, 2011

Duh . . . The Light Dawns

My delphiniums were reaching record-breaking heights this year. And then one day I noticed them bowed, broken and hanging their heads in woebegone sadness.

What the heck happened? I figured it must have occurred during the night this past week we had the torrential rain, thunder and lightning storm. Remember the 3-1/2" of rain in our gauge?

But there was no wind with the storm. The rain was coming down harder than I can ever remember seeing, but it was coming straight down. Plus the delphiniums are close to the house in a protected spot that doesn't get much wind anyway.

Well, duh. It finally dawned on me today what must have happened. A couple of weeks ago we spotted this chunk out of one of our plastic rain gutters on the roof. How in the world that came about we don't know. But with everything else going on around here, we haven't taken the time to repair the broken section of gutter.

Where is that "hole in the dike" located? Why, directly above my delphiniums! I can just imagine the rain coming off the roof during that bad storm. The torrents would hit that hole in the gutter, shoot directly out about 18" and hit the delphiniums dead on like a mighty waterfall. It's a wonder it only broke them in half!


fullfreezer said...

Poor things. They are still beautiful.

You Can Call Me Jane said...

Just think of them bowing or curtseying to you as you pass by. After all, you are their Mama Pea:-).

Erin said...

That's too bad, but like Judy said, they are still gorgeous! I've never planted them before, I'd probably have to stake them in the wind but they look like they'd be worth the trouble, very pretty!

Sue said...

The stalks on Delphiniums can be as big around as corn, but they snap under their own weight a lot. I had my stakes in place this year, but didn't get them tied up until it was too late. Too much other stuff going on.
I just love the color. And I guess Delphiniums are just one of those things we have THAT ERIN CAN'T!!!
Erin-sorry --they HATE heat. I couldn't grow them in Illinois to save my soul. Sorry. You'll have to just enjoy the BRANDYWINES that we have trouble growing!!

Erin said...

Figures LOL, I hate the heat too!

judy said...

What did you do? call in old man winter!! I see your temps are dropping tonight-be careful what you wish for---lol

Mama Pea said...

Judy - I so enjoy the outstanding colors of the delphiniums!

Jane - Only you would come up with a lovely comment such as that! (But methinks their Mama Pea doesn't take as good care of them as she should!)

Erin - Even though Sue is taunting you about not being able to grow delphiniums, YOU could probably find a way!

Sue - I remember you chastising yourself for not getting yours tied up in time. Wouldn't it be nice for the rest of us to find something Erin can't grow? (Oh, we are so evil!) Truth to tell, I'd trade my delphiniums for her tomatoes. ;o}

Erin - I know you hate the heat, but you do so well in it!!

Mama Pea said...

judy - We can hardly believe what a drop in temperature we've had since last night. It's only in the low 60s right now and it feels WONDERFUL! What a relief. Wish we could send some of our cool weather to the rest of you who are still suffering in the heat and humidity!!

MamaTea said...

Good thing you figured it out. I had a moment like that with some zucchini plants here recently. I tell you, sometimes that light bulb is pretty dim above me... :)

Mama Pea said...

Mama Tea - You're not the only one running around with a dim light bulb. Seems like it's pretty prevalent around here lately!