Sunday, July 24, 2011

Belated Birthday Cake and Reading Aloud

Our daughter's birthday was way back in the first part of this month on July 5th. Last night we finally managed to coordinate a get-together where the three of us could sit down for a meal and birthday cake.

Sorry the cake doesn't show up better . . . not that it was anything to brag about anyway. (You know me and my cake baking [non] abilities.) But it was the cake she requested: Coconut Creme and it was yummy. We all dove into it with more gusto than usual putting a hefty dent in it.

Last night was also Family Reading Night. This is turning into a tradition we started sometime last winter. (Last fall? Can't remember for sure.) It was at Chicken Mama's suggestion that we get together on the 15th of each month at which time each of us would read aloud anything of our choice. We try to set a time limit of 20 minutes reading for each person but frequently the subject matter is so interesting that the two of us listening clamor for "just a little more, please."

Just as lighting candles on a birthday cake gets postponed from the actual date of the birthday, some months find us scrambling to congregate for Family Reading Night long past the 15th of the month. But it's an extremely enjoyable evening that none of us wants to give up so even if we miss the "proper" date, we squeeze it in somewhere in the month.

Papa Pea was the last to read last night and he had some lofty and esoteric quotes to share which were totally lost on me because by that time the hour was late and I was nearly comatose in my recliner. But apparently my participation in the discussion was not missed as daughter (Ms. Philosophy Major) and her pops went at it with relish with me weakly interspersing the occasional comment of, "I don't understand that at all," or "Huh?" or "My mind is totally unable to grasp that concept," or near the end, "I don't even care; I have more basic things to think about." To which my dear husband said, "That's okay, you're just too concrete." (Did he imply I'm thick-headed?")

Ah yes . . . good cake, good communication, good company. Except for me at the end there . . . Z-Z-Z-z-z-z-z.


  1. Oh I do like that idea, family reading night. We may have to try that.
    I'm glad to hear that you aren't upset with Papa Pea for calling you a cement head. That's like me and my younger sister who works at a spa. She did a manicure for me once and went on and on about how dry my cuticle were until I finally said I had better things to do than worry about dry cuticles. That was my one and only manicure. LOL!

  2. I think the fact you have a 'family reading night' makes you all very intellectual just by attendance. Far superior to family funk night that we participate in here. It involves sitting around in pools of sweat, grunting about various current evens such as who will go out to close the chicken coop or how long has that crack been on the wall.

  3. Family reading night? What a great idea! I wonder how that would go with the four adults here.... :)

  4. Your funny also--you drive yourself into unselfish comatose cond.Talk about birthday cakes.So my daughter gets this brain fart to order a birthday cake for dad. [ his birthday is in his scheduled visit to the oncologist ]she saw a blog with a woman who made fancy birthday cakes and would be convenient to pick up. Near the U of M ,somewhere 1/2 way between our homes, she e-mailed the cake maker and she says --"oh that is way too far".she said" I am near the u of m-"--- Manitoba

  5. I love family reading night! In the winter months we try to read aloud every evening before the kids go to bed, sadly in the summer we don't do it as often as I would like.

  6. Sparkless - Well, your one manicure beats my never a manicure! Or pedicure. (What a deprived life I lead!)

    Jane - Somehow, I just can't believe you have a family funk night. I can't imagine you two sitting around much at all . . . period!

    Mama Tea - I think you four adults should definitely try it. But I'm betting you'll have two boys who want to join in!

    JJ - I know your family gets in lots and lots of reading together. What a simple thing that can be so entertaining, informative, educational, humorous, insipring, on and on.

    judy - Guess the birthday cake fiasco goes to prove we have to read the small print! That was kinda funny.

    Erin - But you know, doing different things in the different seasons is good, too. Something to look forward to in the winter time!

  7. How I wish we could have family reading night. I love to read, but Don does not. (If he did, I'm sure I would have to listen to woodworking or mechanics manuals-ugh!)
    You have the neatest ideas.

  8. Sue - Just another reason it would be wonderful if we all lived in close proximity. We could ALL join in on Reading Night! Tell Don he wouldn't have to read. He could sit and do some hand woodworking and just listen. Or we would even let him read from his woodworking or mechanics manuals. We might learn something!

  9. Sounds like a fun and relaxing evening.
    I don't do birthday cakes too well, either. Or any cakes. My family starts to snicker if I offer to bake a cake for them. I guess that kind of gets me off the hook.

  10. HA! Too concrete! I love that he didn't come out with it. Had to make you think on THAT even. Sounds like you had a great time and that is such a wonderful thing that you get together and do. Any cake left?

  11. odiie - I really should swear off trying to bake cakes. Even though daughter's birthday cake tasted good, I completely forgot to put the whipped cream layer on the cake before the coconut topping! Geesh. (Cakes don't like me. ;o\)

    APG - I've always maintaining I don't do well with subtlety. You can't even insult me with it; it just goes right over my head! ;o}

  12. I"m with you on the concrete front. Pierre and friends will sometimes start spinning out into the galaxy regarding physics and computer programming....and my mind just starts going, "lalalalalalaaaaa!"

  13. Claire - Well, who the heck COULD understand Pierre's intellectual mind's wanderings??! (But don't give me that stuff about you not being one very smart cookie. You couldn't be in the profession you are if you didn't have lots of brain power going for you!)