Friday, April 8, 2011

Well, I'll Be Darned!

If I had had any idea I could write about a dull, need-to-do project and it would create such an air of tantalizing mystery, I might have tried to do so much earlier just to drum up interest in my blog.

The job/task/project/whatever you want to call it I was going to tackle this afternoon has, once again, been put on hold.

Okay, I have to tell you that you all got your knickers in a knot for naught (pretty good example of alliteration!) because all I was going to do was make some plastic "liners" for shelving units we have in the basement.

These units are for storage of "stuff" but the size of the grating on the shelves is so widely spaced (Who knew to check this before purchase? Was that why they were a good deal?) that when I try to stack cans or bottles on the shelves, the can or bottle tends to tip over with the slightest nudge.

Solution for the problem? A year or so ago, hubby went to a fella's house to purchase some used poultry equipment. The man was some sort of a contractor and had a storage building full of miscellaneous odds and ends, one item being 4' x 8' semi-rigid sheets of plastic. He gave them to Papa Pea free of charge who then brought them home and stored them in a back building that is not exactly dust/dirt/wind/rain/snow-proof. The sheets were a little dirty to begin with and have since become more coated with grit and grime. Basically, they are in need of a good washing before I can cut them to size to use as a solid covering for the shelves on our storage units.

Hubby and I went back there to retrieve the sheets after lunch but as so often happens, when you get to the nitty-gritty of just how a project is going to go, we realized the easiest way to clean the sheets and then cut them to size would be to have the flat bed trailer up by the house to use as a work table.

Problem #1 - The flat bed trailer is still quite "snowed in" and would require a lot of shoveling on our part to free it.

Problem #2 - It's been too cold yet to hook up the outside hose which would be super-handy to use in the washing process.

So we decided to (once again) put off the project for probably another week. Our area is warming up quickly and the snow is melting by several inches each day.

There now. I wasn't trying to be secretive or evasive but thought it was all so mundane and uninteresting that I didn't think it would even be worth writing about in my previous post. I hope you aren't too deflated to hear the boring details of my mystery project that is pretty boring . . . and didn't even get off the ground today.


Erin said...

You're a tease! LOL, you can tell Papa Pea I said that :)
You won't be snowed in much longer from what I can tell from your melting though!

Sparkless said...

Yipeee! Does that mean I win? I guessed something to do with shelves.

Mama Pea said...

Erin - We have had TREMENDOUS melting the last several days. Our pond is about to overflow onto the driveway (which it has never come even close to before) but that's because the spillway on the other side that handles overflow is still frozen and banked with snow. Help!

Sparkless - You are the unqualified weiner!!

Susan said...

Well, yes, we are fascinated by EVERYTHING you do. Scary, ain't it? I will admit that I thought it was something that involved ripping things down and lots of tools. So, I guess I lose. Brace yourself for the mud...

mtnchild said...

These comments must tell you that we really are interested in what you are doing - all the time!! LOL Does that make our lives a bit dull? I don't know, but it tells me that we are all living a simple life and any project is worth a good read. This one might just give someone a good idea ... LOL ...

Mama Pea said...

Susan - And, boy, did we make a lot of mud today! Actually, it was Mother Nature making the mud but it's all in the name of melting and letting spring arrive so I'll be big and brave and make it through another mud season. I think. I hope.

Yvette - Ya know, I get so many good ideas from the blogs of others. What seems like mundane to one person is a revelation to another. (But I still think my cutting plastic to cover shelves is dull, boring, and you and Susan must get a life! ;o})

Dirt Lover said...

Yes, I learn so much from reading the blogs of others, too! Besides, it's a comfort to see that other folks are mundane, just like me. Hope you survive all the mud. Not mixed with too much manure, I hope. Eww. I really don't like slippery muddy manure. Makes me want to hose everything off, which makes everything even more slippery and muddy.

Mama Pea said...

Lori - I don't like to think of all us like-minded bloggers as "mundane." I think it's more like we're out there living life (yeah, sometimes knee-deep in mud and manure) rather than living through TV programs, eating out all the time and losing all the skills to take care of ourselves. (Gotta go now; I see people picking up things to throw at me!) ;o}